Revis deal done, pending physical

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It’s official.  Sort of.

If/when cornerback Darrelle Revis passes a physical to be administered by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ doctors, Revis will be traded from the Jets to the Bucs, according to ESPN.

It’s the culmination of various Sunday reports pointing toward that tentative conclusion.  The Jets wouldn’t have allowed Revis to travel to Tampa for a physical if a deal wasn’t in place.  Per the report, the deal includes (to no surprise) the 13th overall pick in the 2013 draft and (to no surprise) additional selections.

Lost in the various reports is the reality that the Bucs and Revis necessrily have a tentative deal in place on a long-term contract.  Whether that agreement was negotiated with or without the blessing of the Jets is a fact that has been lost in the shuffle.

Regardless, this deal wouldn’t be getting done without Revis knowing what the Bucs will be paying him — and without a clear understanding that Revis finds it acceptable.

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  1. Bucs at 13 can’t get a starter at cb. To trade up to secure a Millner(still not a sure thing) would also have to include a 3rd and a 5th or sixth based on “The Chart”. Folks in Tampa Bay need to refrain from looking into the blinding light that is the destruction of your draft day festivities. Beer will still be there my friends. Draft or no draft. Revis no guarantee either. But if you plan to address cb via draft, unfortunately this is the cost. Try to think of it this way. Talib gave us back a fourth. Had to be replaced. Talib was a 1st rounder. Fourth is pretty equal in value to a 3rd and a 6th. Just have to essentially grasp we whiffed on a first rounder in Talib. Bucs fans, we know you are capable of swallowing that flavored sandwich.

  2. Won’t make much of a difference for the jets when they select the next vernon gholston…

  3. Great move by the Jets. Can’t believe a team would give up so much for a player they could have at The end of this season for no picks.

  4. Hmm I don’t really think this helps either team too much.
    Jets lose an integral part of their defense, which sets them back…Tampa loses draft picks that were much needed to fill some glaring holes.
    But, I don’t pretend to be an expert…we’ll just have to wait until the season to see!

  5. Dumb move Tampa. If he isn’t happy, he will implode the locker room in Tampa. This instead of Tampa building their team with young talent..

  6. I don’t know what the definition of a “shut-down corner” is, but he comes pretty darn close. I know I had to bench any fantasy football WR that played against him. If he really is as dominant as they say he was, this will EASILY be worth a first-rounder that may or may not make a difference.

    Honestly, I don’t know how the Jets give him up.

  7. Still would not be surprised if a player or players will be involved in this deal. Jets shopping for a RB in Ivory for a pick with no success. Blount is a pretty big back and not a favorite of Schiano. Would be surprised however, if expiring contract moves are included unless the compensation is not as suggested in this article.

  8. Well regardless if the bucs, do acquire Revis which looks like done deal. They might have the best all around team. With the exception being the QB so I still am gonna say the bucs don’t win the south and miss playoffs. So really what did they get a CB that costs as much as a lot of QB’s in this league. So good luck bucs but until freeman plays like a top qb your still just a good team. This is the problem, with the top CB is there salaries are same as a QB’s so for example seahawks think there all good to go not hardly because they have Sherman and Wilsion to pay. Who both gonna be 15-20 mil per so ya there making all these moves and what not but there in trouble next year. Now the bucs are in same position you just paid top qb monies to a cb but whatever. I know ppl think everyone does but not hardly if you have a top pass rusher like clay Matthews new contract he is only at 13 per year so I just saying I think it’s dumb to pay cb you can normally get away with average secondary if you have great pas rush. Example 49ers ya Rogers has been pro bowl but they have great pass rush.

  9. Great trade for the bucs. There is no sure thing in this years draft. If healthy revis is absolutely top 2 in the league at his position. With revis, Goldson, Barron, wright in the secondary this could be a fun season in Tampa!

  10. I’m afraid that this is only about trying to put fans in the seats instead of making a better all around team. I think the Bucs really need those picks to fill a lot of holes. Oh well, maybe next year, If they didn’t trade those picks too.

  11. So I guess we can expect Revis in two years to start whining about not liking this upcoming contract?

  12. If Revis were in this draft he would be #1 on everyone’s board. Whatever the Bucs gave up is probably close to what it would take to trade up to #1. By that logic it seems like a fair trade.

  13. Its done now…may as well get me a Revis jersey…wow..revis and wright at the cb position…ronde at nickel…leonard Johnson as the 4 the cb. Deshon Goldson and Mark Barron as the safties? That’s not bad man…not bad at all. Now we need a REAL mlb and move foster to the outside…lavonte david and foster as you olb’s …wow im excited.

  14. Very tough decision on the part of the Jets!!!

    I”ll be sorry to see Mevis leave given our D backfield is our core strength and don’t want to see that messed with. Offensive game plans are altered when he’s in the game, he limits half the field of play & keeps points off the board through the course of a game will all be missed. I’ll have to count on the Jets building off the strengths of last season’s secondary without him vs building around him as a key player.

    With the cap issues & exodus of starters to free agency we’ve been stuck between a rock & a hard place although that would have been cleared up some with Sanchez & Holmes off the roster next year, which would have freed up space to sign him for a longer term deal. I won’t criticize but rather see it as a judgement call to meet the practicalities in where we are & what is needed right now for the good of the team.

    Idzik’s been doing a good job so I can only put my trust in Him drafting & trading well & seeing how it pans out this & next season.

    So long Revis thanks for the memories.

    J. E. T. S. Jets Jets Jets!!!

  15. YES! Idzik has handled this negotiation like a Boss!

    Even though nobody else was in the running, Idzik knew the Bucs were already determined to get Revis no matter what, and he toyed with them as long as possible, milking them for picks. The Bucs will regret this deal.

    What if he’s not the same guy? What about his giant cap number? What if in two years he holds out again, you know, like he’s done for every other contract negotiation of his career?

    This was dumb.

  16. What locker room did Revis implode? I love every one saying he is a cancer, yet he is a great team mate. Just wanted to get paid his worth.

  17. Great move by the Jets. They get the 13th pick and they really don’t need to use it to address a corner, they really have needs on the offensive and defensive line in my opinion. Cromartie before the Revis injury was a top ten corner, after Revis got injured who really knows if Revis is even a top ten anymore, you don’t so in return you get a 13 and other picks.

  18. It’s official; Bucs are suckers. The only sensible way out of this trail wreck of a deal is to have the doctor give a no-go. Nobody needs a cornerback this bad, especially an injured diva cornerback.

  19. Thank God this is almost over, it is the most irrelevant story between two irrelevant teams. 1. Revis is NOT as good as he was two years ago, is on the decline 2. C/B s dont make or break a franchise (name 4 big name corners from the teams that played in the last 4 super bowls, go ahead ill wait- Julian Edelmen started for the Pats 2nd to last S.B.)
    3. There are two stories left to write about Revis: Revis out for year with injury, Revis to retire after no team picks him up in F/A.

    Now Florio time to get back to over reporting the Tebow / Sanchez drama!

  20. Cool. Get to see Revis Island v Megatron, Round 2. Featuring a bionically reconstructed Revis and a bigger, faster, stronger…umm, you get the idea…Calvin Johnson from three years ago.

    Should be fun.

  21. What a waste of talent. From one crappy team to another. Its so pathetic. Obviouslly he did it for nothing but money cause bucs have zero chance of winning with freeman.

  22. With Revis and Goldson in the fold, this secondary is immediately better. I’m willing to bet Dominik structures the deal as usual with it being frontloaded so if Revis becomes a malcontent, they can release him with little cap impact if they couldn’t trade him. The 13th pick doesn’t bother me so much as they’d have been stretching to draft a corner there if Milliner was gone. To trade up they’d have to part with picks also for an unproven albeit younger and cheaper corner, but it’s a crapshoot either way. I just hope he’s healthy and productive to justify the loss of the additional picks, which concerns me more.

  23. I’m no jets fan, by a long shot. But I’m eager to see this new gm’s decisions. I like that they brought pace back, and acquiring 13th overall pick is solid.
    Now draft some game changers, and fix the qb situation

  24. Revis passing the physical is not the same as Revis getting hammered by an offensive lineman or back. Come to think of it no one has ever seen him take on a lineman or back.

  25. I don’t know if this deal is good or bad. For the Bucks sake I hope the injury Revis had isn’t a problem. That would be costly. Better test that good during the physical exam. MRI style.

  26. I hate to say it but its the right deal for the Jets. Revis wasn’t going to get the Jets past the Pats anytime soon by himself. In all likelihood, those 2 first round picks will be set to be starters by 2014. The year the Jets will have restocked their roster with some talent, resolved most of their cap issues, and hired a new HC.

    As for the Bucs, nice talent addition, but between the questions about his health, the reports about the decline in his play, the $12-14MM/yr he’s going to want, and the loss of at least one high draft pick, I have to wonder if this is the right way for the Bucs to go.

  27. if I were a buc fan, I would be irriated

    to me why give the jets anything, he is going to be a free agent next year and if you can get him then you have your draft picks and revis….hey if they don’t get him next year, you still have your picks and cap space…I think the buccs over-reached


  28. Wow…hope he can backpedal, plant and change direction on a dime like he used to. You see bucs fans, you don’t know if he can yet. If so, great trade. Otherwise you just hamstrung yourselves with a huge contract to an injured player when you could have used those picks and cap space on younger players that may have contributed just as much, if not more so, for much less money. IMO

  29. Even with his talent, the Jets are probably better without “Me-vis” holding out every time his salary goes down in a front loaded contract. I’m predicting Tampa Bay will quickly tire of his antics too.

  30. Cool…..
    Hey, anyone want to buy my 2 tickets to the Pats home game against the Jets Sept 12th? It’s going to be even more of a blowout this year, not worth the drive in to Foxboro!

  31. To the people who say ” why didn’t the Bucs just wait a year and sign him for no picks?” Bucs need help at corner now. Couldn’t go into the season with wright, Johnson as only two corners with starts! Also no guarantee he would sign with Bucs next year!

    Side note: twice I have tried to tap 👎 and hit report post, when they didn’t write anything bad. Should put a second confirm button for reporting people.(or I could have better aim with my fat thumbs!

  32. they are going to trade the picks for a player that is going to sit on the bench the whole year like they did with tebow lol

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