Revis does unique deal with Bucs

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The deal is done.  Now, the terms are coming in.

First, the money.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, cornerback Darrelle Revis has signed a six-year, $96 million deal with the Buccaneers.

In an intriguing twist, it’s a pay-as-you-go, $16 million annual contract.  None of it is guaranteed.

It therefore becomes a one-year deal with a series of five one-year, team-held options.  If the Bucs choose to keep Revis, they’ll pay him $16 million per year for the privilege of doing so.  If/when the Bucs decide that Revis isn’t earning his keep, the Bucs can cut him.

As a practical matter, it means that Revis will earn $16 million for this year, and probably $16 million for 2014.  Beyond that, if Revis isn’t performing at a high level, the Buccaneers will have to decide whether to cut him or to try to re-do the deal to reflect his level of performance.

Then there’s the possibility that Revis will play at a very high level, and decide after a year or two that he deserves greater security.

Which could result in, yes, a holdout.

UPDATE 5:21 p.m. ET:  Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the $16 million per year comes from a $13 million base salary, a $1.5 million roster bonus, and a $1.5 million workout bonus.

52 responses to “Revis does unique deal with Bucs

  1. Great deal for bucs.. We live up to the pirates that we are! I love the fact that if he wants to get paid you gotta play or go somewhere else.. We don’t lose on this deal, even though would have been nice to have a first rounder this year I’m sure we can trade up or still grab out CB in the 4th round.. Honey badger welcome to Tampa Bay buddy. Revis will show you how its done.

  2. That is what i call putting your hand where your mouth is prove it deal. I like it, none of that guaranteed crap if he stinks up the joint.

  3. Guaranteed this guy isn’t happy and holds out again soon. If he plays well he will want to be highest paid player in NFL before long.

  4. Absolutely idiotic deal for Revis, a no risk but lost reward (13 overall pick) for Tampa. Its “the highest paid defensive back in NFL history” in terms of annual average, but ZERO guaranteed money.

    This also brings a distraction to a team, with a still unsettled QB situation, a somewhat volitile my way or the high way coach, and a big time free agent with media baggage from a much larger market.

    The Bucs are early winners, but with a reconstructed knee, even if they have no guaranteed money, what do they really get, even if they cut him in 2014?

  5. That’s a huge contract but it shows a lot about what Revis feels he can do taking no guaranteed money. He’s sure not short on confidence

  6. I don’t think the Jets got the best deal they could have with this. A first and a fourth (possibly becoming a third)? Seems like pennies when you consider the fact that the Bucs finding someone like Revis in the first round of this years draft is very improbable. Lets be honest, Milliner, Trufant and company aren’t going to be Revis. This is GOLDEN for Doug Martin fantasy owners that were scared of teams racking up a huge lead on the Bucs.

  7. 6/96…. wow how can you pay a CB that much coin? ???
    Can’t blame Idzik a bit for taking what he got there’s no way I’m giving a CB that much of my cap don’t care how good he was.

  8. The Bucs hardly ever give out Guaranteed money. I think the owners are too cheap. I’m surprised they got Revis to sign without it.

  9. I’m sure this will work out because Revis never complains about money. Also, His new head coach seems like the type who loves players who are divas.

  10. You got to look at it though as the Bucs looking to protect themselves financially. If he plays the year and the knee becomes a long-term problem, TB can cut him without penalty. They lose the draft picks. But they can use the money to sign more free agents.

    If the knee is fine and he plays like Revis….he’ll make a million a game and it’s worth it for both sides. If after a few years, all is good, both sides may be willing to restructure anyway.

  11. The only problem with that strutcure is that every single year Revis will count as exactly $16M against the cap.

    But otherwise it’s a genius contract. It give the Bucs security if the knee doesn’t hold up.

  12. I dont understand this deal. Revis has some leverage because if he doesn’t like Tampa then his salary is so large each year that he could force his way out–no way they’re paying him $16 million to sit on the bench. Also, what if his play is just ‘good’ and not All-Pro level? The Bucs can try to renegotiate but, again, Revis could just force his way out of TB and go to a team willing to pay him more than the Bucs, just like he did with the Jets.

  13. That’s cute the Bucs got Revis. More importantly who is going to rush the passer? Seriously? If you’re going to say Bowers and Clayborn, I’m going to ask you to be serious.

  14. He’ll be holding out next offseason asking for $25 million per year. He’ll be back to the same Mevis in no time.

  15. He might holdout, but is he really going to do better than $16 million a season in a state with no income tax? The Bucs were the only ones giving him $16 million a seaosn, is he really gonna risk getting cut to almost certainly make less just to holdout?

  16. Now, I understand why Revis holds out every year…he never commit to long term deals and base his production on a yearly basis…very unique, he can ask for more money if he exceeds his 1yr. production..slick, but smart.

  17. If anyone thinks Revis is going to play five years with no guaranteed money, they’re stoned.

    He’s going to play one season to show that he’s healthy, and then he’s going to demand guaranteed money out his rear end.

    Book it.

  18. Why aren’t more contracts done year-to-year..this guy might be decent when healthy, but man no player is worth the hassle n headache that he is..I wouldn’t have given up the pick for next year

  19. Revis is gone and Jets can build for the future. Great move for both.

    Revis can come back to Jets in two years for half the price, when we have Johnny Football.

    Love you Idzik..wished you hosed Tampa for a little bit more, but who cares, Jets suck with or without him.

  20. rickastleydancemoves,

    I think Clayborne was having a very good year before injury and Bowers has shown flashes, I think the Bucs will address D-line and another Corner in the Draft

  21. Great deal for the Bucs. I’m surprised more teams don’t try to negotiate similarly structured deals. Yes, 16 mil per is a high number, but Revis was going to get paid regardless and the Bucs still have a ton of cap space so they could afford it. By eliminating the guarantees, the Bucs have the ability to cut Revis and avoid any dead money if his production should fall off a cliff within the next few years.

    Also, by agreeing to this deal, it shows that Revis is so confident in his play, that he’s willing to forgo guarantees with the idea that his level of play will warrant the salary.

  22. LMAO. Feinsod and Schwartz are not this stupid. They’re going to take the 16m this year, and as soon as Revis shows he’s back to full strength, they’re going to demand every guarantee they can get their hands on.

  23. When you give up a first and a third, it would be pretty hard to cut him after two years. That’s makes 3x$16 million =$48 million guaranteed.

  24. great deal for both..but i can see a headache coming if revis goes back to form where hell hold out in 2 years. if he doesnt hes cut…i honestly see revis only being a buc for 2 years tops

  25. Pay as you go…

    This deal is going to bring in a new wave of contracts.

    Want to get paid?

    Then take a bunch of team option payments.

  26. Again why I say Mark Dominik is one of the smartest GM’s in the league. This deal is genius for the Bucs. They got him for less than I thought they would with the 1st and conditional 4th. Then the deal with no guarantees gives the Bucs all the leverage if he underperforms. If he produces, $16 mil a year is more than he was asking for so he’s happy. As was stated above, if he holds out, he takes the chance if being cut at no future cap implications for the Bucs and not a chance he’ll see an annual salary close to that again. Kudos to Mark D.

  27. @robertjamis – Feinsod and Schwartz have a good working relationship with Dominik, as evidenced by Vincent Jackson’s deal last summer and subsequent contract restructuring at the end of the season. Dominik is a pro, and the New York media circus won’t be following Revis, so I doubt we’ll see Revis in a public contract squabble in Tampa.

  28. Darrelle Revis’ agent must be an idiot. Letting his client sign a contract with no protection (and thus money guaranteed to him) is… well, the single dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in sports.

    If your client goes down and never plays again, you stand to lose hundred of thousands of dollars. Years of salary could go down the drain if someone takes a shot at Revis’s knee or something happens in the weight room. Or anything.

  29. With no commitment from the team, why would Revis allow the team to hold the option of each year?

    If the Bucs didn’t want to commit to Revis, why not sign him to a one year contract?

  30. Shrewd move by the Buccs – if he plays well & decides to hold out – they don’t have to cut him – they fine him (he’s under contract) for every mandatory day he misses & will lose $1mill per game

  31. Why does Revis need an agent and pay him 3% when you sign a dopey deal like that?

  32. This is either going to work out beautifully for the Bucs, or end in the worst, most embarassing manner possible. I don’t see any middle ground here.

    Only time will tell

  33. Is this a record for a DB? $16m is a lot to pay 1 player who never sees the ball. Yes, he takes away 1 offensive player, but its hard to contemplate a relative value for that service when Seattle pays less than that for their entire backfield – and shuts teams down virtually.

  34. With the salary cap where it’s at, you can’t pay a CB $16M/yr and still have a playoff-level team unless you get real lucky with a bunch of minimum wage guys……ain’t happening TB.

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