Tough to find a first-round match for Geno Smith

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West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith has been discussed at times as a possible first overall pick in the NFL draft. But with the draft now just four days away, another question arises: Could Smith drop all the way out of the first round?

That’s the consensus view of reporters in a mock draft compiled by Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times: Beat writers were asked to pick the players for the teams they cover, and Smith wasn’t picked in the first round at all. (Only one quarterback, Ryan Nassib of Syracuse to the Bills at No. 8, went in the first round.)

The problem Smith faces is that it’s tough to find a team that looks like a good match for him in the first round. The teams picking in the Top 10 don’t view Smith as a Top 10 value, and the teams outside the Top 10 don’t have a need for a quarterback.

The good news for Smith is that it only takes one team to make him a first-round pick: Even if most people think he’d be a reach in the Top 10 and that he wouldn’t fill a need for other teams in the first round, as long as one team sees him as a good value, that one team can make him a first-round pick. And if Smith is still sitting in the green room at Radio City Music Hall after 20 or more picks have been called, there’s a good chance that a team with one of the Top 10 picks in the second round will move back up into the late first round to draft Smith.

So Smith still appears likely to be a first-round draft pick. Even if it’s hard to figure out which team will pick him.

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  1. Why does he have to be a 1st Rounder? Does the media get upset if NFL teams don’t reach and over-draft a qb these days?

    Sanchez or Brandon Weeden anyone?

  2. It would be an unforgivable mistake for the Bills to blow pick 8 on Nassib. What did you bring in Kevin Kolb and that bloated contract for? Let Kolb have his final audition and even if it’s as lackluster as we all expect, that still puts BUF near the top to get a more dynamic QB next year. They’d be better served by an un-sexy pick on the O-line.

  3. vbe2 says:
    Apr 21, 2013 6:53 AM
    If Smith makes it past the first round, Chip Kelly will take him with the 3rd pick of the second round.

    As the great Lee Corso would say…”Not so fast my friend.” I think someone will trade up in front of Philadelphia and take Geno Smith and if no one trades up, then I look for Jville to take Smith. Gabbert is not the quarterback that Gus Bradley wants. Also I think Philadelphia likes E.J. Manuel more based on what I have seen and heard.

  4. If Geno had some decent pocket awareness, throwing mechanics, and football I.Q., he would be a first rounder. I still wouldn’t count out some schmuck team snagging him in the first.

  5. If the Eagles don’t take him at four, he could go 8, if he falls past 8, someone will likely trade up. I have a feeling there are going to be a TON of trades this year.

    Sincerely, Captain Obvious

  6. The Vikings have two first round picks and have a need at QB, they just won’t admit it to themselves. The other 31 teams can only hope their delusional thinking continues.

  7. The Jags have the first pick in the second round. If Geno is there for some reason and the new guys pass on him then I be donating all my Jags stuff to charity and picking a new team. I have already held off from renewing my season ticket because of Blaine.

    I don’t know why Nassib is looked at as the better QB. Starting to look like the Smith and Rogers draft from a few years ago. Clearly Geno played better in college. But I guess all those young QB’s that Chucky developed show how superior his analysis of a young QB is vs all of us arm chair GM’s.

  8. So one mock draft comes out and everyone thinks he’s not a first rounder? Come on. And by the way, Kolb is only guaranteed 1 million from the deal. “Besides the $1 million signing bonus, Kolb has a 2013 base salary of $1.65 million, and he can make $250,000 in roster bonus and $100,000 in workout bonuses. If he is on the roster all year, it’s a one-year, $3 million deal.

    In 2014, Kolb has a $2 million base, which is not guaranteed, and a $1 million roster bonus and $100,000 in workout bonuses. He also has escalators that, if achieved, would drive the value up significantly, but that’s a big if at this point.”

  9. I am sure teams like New England and Baltimore are waiting for a team to trade back into the first round to take a quarterback by giving up a 2nd and 3rd round pick.
    I hope the Texans trade #27 for a high (top ten) 2nd and 3rd round pick.
    The 2nd through 4th rounds add good players at favorable salaries to improve a team.

  10. Don’t be shocked if the jets take him at 13 with the pick they are getting from the bucs for Revis

  11. The Browns will come to Smith’s rescue.

    They are so desperate for a quarterback they’ll try anything and in the end, build on their “Factory of Sadness” legacy.

  12. Let him slide, I would love to have him in a Vikings uniform. I remember another QB thought to be a top 10 pick that slipped into the 20’s, now he’s widely considered the best in the league. I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin. Slide pleeaassseee.

  13. thesteelers says:Apr 21, 2013 7:46 AM

    If Geno had some decent pocket awareness, throwing mechanics, and football I.Q., he would be a first rounder. I still wouldn’t count out some schmuck team snagging him in the first.

    You do realize partner that you just described T.Tebow, yet he was picked in the first round….

    G.Smith is light years ahead of Tebow….

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