With trade likely, Jets give permission for Darrelle Revis to visit Bucs

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The Jets trading cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers just got a lot more likely.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Jets have granted permission for Revis to visit Tampa Bay and undergo a physical with the Buccaneers.

Obviously, there’s no reason to do that except that the Jets and Bucs are planning a trade, and the Bucs want to be sure that Revis has made sufficient progress from the torn ACL that cut short his 2012 season. If the Bucs’ doctors clear Revis, it’s highly likely that Revis will be a Buccaneer within the next few days.

Now the biggest question is how much compensation the Bucs will give up for Revis. It’s expected that the Jets will get Tampa Bay’s first-round draft pick, No. 13 overall, and additional picks beyond that.

If this trade goes through, the Jets will be loaded in Thursday night’s first round. And the Buccaneers will have the NFL’s best cornerback.

50 responses to “With trade likely, Jets give permission for Darrelle Revis to visit Bucs

  1. Smart trade for both sides if it finally goes down…..Jets need as many pieces as possible and the Bucs need a shutdown corner

  2. Huge mistake. Docs clear him? For what? To take a hit in a full speed game?

    Seems like a lot on the line for a maybe he comes back as good as he was…….or not…..

  3. The Bucs are going to have a salary cap mess next year. Especially if Freeman plays well and earns a big contract

  4. The Jet and Bucs might be planning a trade but Revis is planning to make a lot of money to get on the field and play. The Bucs may not want to pay Revis more money than any CB coming off a major injury.

  5. jets trading him makes no sense you arent getting anyone better at pick 13 so you better make sure you get a cant miss prospect on atleast 2 of the picks you are getting back or the trade is a failure and better atleast ask for blount back in the trade too

  6. He was the best before the injury, and hopefully comes back at the same level.
    If he does come all the way back it is a great deal for the Bucs, if he doesn’t…not so much.

  7. Somewhere is all of this people have forgotten that the Bucs are trying to tade for 2014 picks. If the Bucs have no competition for Revis, the Jets may not be getting everything they wanted.

  8. So when the Bucs sit down with Revis and his agent and hear their contract demands and they ask if this will prevent future holdouts… Revis and his agent will say yeah maybe…. He’ll be back on the first plane to Jersey. I really don’t see how he’s worth a 1st round pick… To much risk.

  9. Don’t do it Tampa. Revis is putting on a good face now because he has to. The Jets are a cancer team and Revis is the T.O. of cornerbacks and now with a bum knee. Even if he came back as a #1 player the are not ready for a superbowl run. When they are he’ll be slow and old. Buc’s need to keep the picks, stay young, and grow as a team.

  10. 1st – Tannenbaum gone / Idzik in
    2nd – Revis going, going, gone / 3 draft picks in
    3rd – Tebow gone then Sanchez

    Hey, things are beginning to look up in Jets Land!

  11. Both teams come out winners here. The Jets can’t keep Revis past this year and they got a lot of holes to fill. Tampa has got the cap room and need an elite corner, in a division with Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, and to a lesser extent Cam Newton.

  12. This may not be a bad trade…I mean if they are gonna use a first round pick..may as well be on Revis…pick up another corner in the third round. This defense is comin together!

  13. The Bucs will not offer him $16 million annually. They will offer $10 million with a big bonus and a guarantee. He’ll take it too. It’s more than he’ll get from the Jets and still top paid.

  14. The Bucs are asking for trouble here. They are getting a diva CB coming off a major injury. You know he will be difficult to deal with when it comes to a writing up a new contract, or even his existing contract for that matter. Does the reward really outweigh the risk?

  15. Nooo. Not a first a third and a fifth. That is waaaay too much. The first better be next years. Plus the 15 mil? Pass Dominik. Obviously ima love some Revis if we get him n he back to his old self. But man. To overpay when we can get the dude for “cheaper” (no draft picks) after the season…

  16. Could be a good trade for the Bucs if Revis can play like the all-pro he once was. It all depends on the compensation. Anything more than one pick is overpaying.

  17. Said it once and I’ll say it again: if Revis isn’t the same player after this trade, Dominick needs to be fired immediately. There is more risk than reward in this foolish transaction.

  18. The Bucs are quietly becoming scary good if this happens. If we sign him and Ronde comes back you are talking now about a top flight group of corners (Revis, Wright, and Ronde at nickel). A top flight pair of safeties, Gholston and Barron, and a very talented D-line (Clayborn, Bowers, McCoy), our weakest positions are nose tacke and strong side linebacker which are 2 down players in our system. Remember we had 2 all pro guards out for the year last year. With some luck with health this team can be dominant. Freeman is more than capable if he doesn’t have to score 30 pts a game.

  19. What good does another #1 pick do for the Jets? They have shown they have no idea what to do with them anyway. Aside from drafting Revis, what do they have to show for their top picks since?

  20. Isn’t there like a chart showin what each pick is worth? Like a point system. People sayin jets want like what minn got for Percy, isn’t the 13th pick alone just as valuable as what they got. For an injured player.

  21. When this goes bad, and it will, Mark Dominik will be fired. Then, everyone will look back and say, “hey, Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen went 9-7 two years in a row, and they were fired. They replaced them with Raheem Morris and Dominik, two guys with less experience than Bevis and Butthead. I wonder why no one bothers to attend games anymore.”

    You cannot give up a #1 and “other picks” for this guy and pay him $15M a season. How are you going to re-sign any other players, who will want a lot because Revis got a lot? The cornerback market, as proven this year, is much less.

    Dominik, keep your job by this formula: Draft a lineman with #13, or make a slight reach and grab a guy like Trufant, and wait a year. The team will be 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7 and everyone will say, “just wait until next year!” Tehn, you can pay Revis less than $8M.

  22. If Revis checks out medically, look for the Bucs to give up their #1 and #4 this year and a #5 next year for Revis. Then the Bucs will sign him to a 6 year $80 million contract. Good deal for both teams…Jets get picks to help them rebuild, Bucs get a revamped secondary (Revis, Goldson added along with Barron, Wright and probably Ronde Barber as the nickel back) to make a playoff run!

  23. The Bucs still have no pass rushers and will now give up their draft for an injured corner. Even if Revis is healthy, it probably won’t make their D good enough to really slow down the Falcons and Saints, who have numerous weapons they can use. Put Revis on Julio all game, Ryan will just throw to Gonzo or White. Shutdown corners are overrated, especially injured me-first corners.

  24. I’ve played LB’r with a shutdown CB behind me. It is UNREAL. Real hard to explain unless you’ve been there.

    You get to play what is in front of you like never before. I guess it would (sort of) be like having an Outfield fence so you can scoop line drives in front of you, in lieu of playing CF like a goalie…

  25. I will say again…what good is a shut down corner when the D-line does not have a good pass rush. what has that d-line shown us from last year that merrits such positive attitudes? Last in the leage in pass rush, and now Bennett, who lead the team in sacks is gone, along with miller. Were bowers,mcoy and bolden that good that we can all breath a collective sigh of relief knowing they are up front? Forgive me but i am not that optimistic. This team has so many holes to fill that giving up all those draft picks really does not make sense. if they were superbowl contenders and needed only a couple of pieces i would say fine, but they are far from a super bowl, and now might have a cancer of a player in the locker room. In some ways I have to question the decision makers on this team…and then againg i could be all wrong, but i don’t think i am.

  26. Bucs obviously know what it’s like to have a Hall of Fame corner, so Ronde Barber will retire knowing he can pass that torch to a worthy recipient.

    On the other hand, the Jets just wrote Rex’s walking papers. His defense was entirely based on Revis Island, and his blitz-from-anywhere schemes will no longer work because QBs will not fear throwing the ball downfield. And since he’s assuming the DC duties as well as head coach, a failed year could cost Rex a chance at being DC anywhere else.

  27. The Buccaneers will regret this. He can’t pick off Sanchez the first game of the year–he won’t even be on the field. He will be on PUP list for 6-8 weeks of the season. While taking Tampa to the cleaners with his contract demand. This isn’t a good trade at all, especially for multiple picks. It would be one thing if they just gave up this year’s first rounder and personally, I’d rather Tampa trade this year’s second, and next year’s first or second. Ugh…buccaneers fans will see.

  28. “the Buccaneers will have the NFL’s best cornerback.”

    I’m sorry, I must have missed the paragraph where the Bucs are trading for Richard Sherman?

  29. People watched Adrian Peterson and think that everyone recovers like a Superhuman. He may check out but to give up the amount you would give up for him healthy with 1 year left on a contract is bad business. Early 1st pick there isn’t a good CB that can play with those 2 beast safeties?

  30. Brees is the reason the Bucs feel they need him to compete in this division. Brees > Revis. Saints win division again.

  31. Can’t wait for week #1 when Revis injures himself AGAIN and is out for the season.

    Idzik can run for mayor of Moonachie, NJ!

    Revis – good luck and good riddance – all NYJ fans.

  32. Revis is plagued to waste his career away playing on teams with awful QBs.

    However, you know your QB situation is bad when going to Tampa Bay is an upgrade.

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