Bengals work out Reid Fragel


There’s danger in putting too much stock in any particular draft visit or private workout, but the late ones sometimes bear noticing for one reason or another.

A league source tells PFT’s Mike Florio that the Bengals worked out Ohio State right tackle Reid Fragel today.

The Bengals have an extra second-round picks (37th courtesy the Raiders, along with their own 53rd), and some think Fragel could be a top 50 player, despite the lack of technique that comes with converting from tight end and starting one year at tackle in college.

Of course, the Bengals might have been working him out, hoping to grease the skids on another negotiation. Right tackle Andre Smith remains unsigned, and at last word, they were “not close” to a new deal.

So there’s no harm in taking a closer look at a local prospect, and if it nudges Smith along, so be it.

19 responses to “Bengals work out Reid Fragel

  1. Anyone know if it’s pronounced like Fragile, or whether it’s Fraggle. Neither are associations I want made to my O Line. However in replacing a guy w the moniker Moobs maybe it’s at least worth a look for the Bungles

  2. He may be a second round pick? I’ve honestly never heard of this guy before.

  3. Andre Smith is a good player but he’s not so dominant that a comparable player can’t be found in the draft outside of the first round … He just started looking something like a first round pick this year his last year on his original rookie contract that he held out for and he didn’t live up to the expectation when he signed it period …. if he had the Bengals would’ve picked up his option last season but they didn’t because they know that he can be spelled by a cheaper younger and hungrier rookie period…You have to be a COMPLETE player to demand and get what he’s asking for especially from the legendarily frugal Mike Brown …. Get serious Andre sign for what is being offered and get to work winning a SB… or embarrass yourself when your looking at the rookie they drafted to take your place and you have to sign for the low money on a short term deal just so you have a job…it’s a new day in the League and no one is overpaying for hype anymore

  4. Welcome to the flat cap/rookie wage scale NFL.

    The Bengals have never been a free spending team to begin with. The ability to roll over cap space and treat the salary floor as your salary cap means that you can stockpile money for a few seasons to pay your 2-3 superstars and everyone else can play for the minimum or slotted rookie deal.

    I would not be shocked if Smith went unsigned and was replaced by this kid. I also wouldn’t be shocked to see him sit on the market for a long time before someone signs him for WAY less than he thinks he’s worth.

  5. Well, John Cooper is in the scouting dept., and he’s partial to Big Ten Olineman. He reportedly was the biggest pusher of Kevin Zeitler last year.

  6. Bengals please just give Andre the money. If you are concerned about his production, put a weight clause in his contract so he plays under 340# or doesn’t get big money. Remember big Willie Anderson? He never met a cheeseburger he didn’t like and was a pretty good right tackle for a lot of years. This guy can be the same in the short yardage game.

  7. Im tired of andre smith screwing this franchise over . If he would just take what he is worth the Bengals draft would be wide open to make this team a legitimate superbowl contender . But smith wants to be a baby and a pain in the ass just like his rookie yeat

  8. Smith holding out for more money just shows what kind of POS this guy is. he knows damn well he has only had one solid year here (last year). his rookie year and the year after were wasted bc he was fat and lazy and broke his foot bc hes fat. if he were dedicated to changes this perception he would be willing to take a contract with clauses for his weight and performance. but he doesnt want to have to watch his weight so he wont do that. please dont re-sign that bum Bengals. get someone in the draft.

  9. Not sure a developmental guy is what the Bengals need, if the plan is to start him right away. Everything I see written talks about his ability to get up over 320 and likely still play fast; that and he needs to learn the position. I just remember a lot of Bobbie Williams-esque penalties at OSU. Maybe a third or fourth rounder, but second sounds a bit high to me.

  10. Simply put; I am tired of Andre and his agents bull and it’s time for the Bengals to move on.

  11. I figured they forgot a comma and they worked out “Eric Reid” and some other guy named Fragel. I feel like the 2nd is high for him personally. But wth do I know.

  12. Great call on Reid Fragel! But man I sure didn’t see him lasting until the 7th round. Great value from that pick IMO.

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