Bucs could trade LeGarrette Blount during draft


We noted a month ago that the Buccaneers were trying to trade running back LeGarrette Blount. Nothing has happened on that front, but that could change this week.

Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Blount is still in play in a potential trade, and that a couple of teams are interested. A trade during the draft is possible.

It’s not surprising that the Bucs are still looking to trade Blount. Reports out of Tampa have suggested that he and coach Greg Schiano don’t see eye to eye, and the arrival of Doug Martin in last year’s draft reduced Blount to 41 carries last season.

The question is whether any team is willing to give up a pick for Blount. It’s possible that a team that hopes to draft a running back like Alabama’s Eddie Lacy or Wisconsin’s Montee Ball will decide to trade a third-day pick for Blount if Lacy and Ball get snapped up.

If that’s what happens, the team that acquires Blount will be adding a running back who’s 26 years old, who didn’t get much wear and tear last season, and who is only three years removed from a 1,007-yard season. That wouldn’t be a bad use of a late-round pick.

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  1. Why trade him? He signed for next to nothing and he is a decent back so long as he only gets 7/8 carries a game(nothing short yardage though) it gives the Bucs a guy who can give Martin a breather once and awhile and he has that chance of breaking one every now and then.

  2. Unless his mama is a GM for a team I dont see how anyone else would want to trade for this bum. Maybe if my team had a 8th round pick then and only then I would trade that pick for him.

  3. If the Bucs expect to make the playoffs they are going to need some kind of insurance for Doug Martin. Blount may not be the goal line back everyone wanted him to be, but there is no doubt the guy has put together some pretty good tape. I personally would love to see him as a down hill runner to relieve Martin. A guy like Blount running behind Joseph and Nicks could be fun to watch.

  4. Could they? I mean, they’re willing to, sure… but, who’s going to want him for a pick? Even with the low stock in RB’s this draft, nobody is trading for Blount. They’ll let the Bucs cut him first.

  5. He’s somewhat of a finesse back even though he’s a bigger guy and he’s not that good on passing downs, but Blount is a solid RB worth taking a flier on in a trade for a 5th or 6th round draft choice.

  6. When Blount is in the game the other team knows what’s coming. I would love to get anything for the guy. He’s not a punishing back. He goes for something like: -1, 0,0,0 1,25,-2,0,0. Not the kind of player that moves the chains.

  7. Blount is probably the only guy more untradeable than Revis (and the Bucks cant trade him to themselves) nobody else wanted this guy in the draft what has changed?

  8. C’mon Raiders make a move!, we need that 1, 2 punch that the team use to have with McFadden and Michael bush behind him!

  9. Not the Giants style to take on a player like Mr. Blount, but I do see a little Brandon Jacobs in him, which would compliment Wilson nicely and provide insurance against Andre Brown’s injury history….

  10. He’s somewhat of a finesse back even though he’s a bigger guy and he’s not that good on passing downs, but Blount is a solid RB worth taking a flier on in a trade for a 5th or 6th round draft choice.
    Saying “he’s not that good on passing downs” is like saying “the Pacific Ocean is kind of wet”; Blount is a massive liability on passing downs. He doesn’t catch well and, more importantly, he’s an abysmal blocker. I mean, absolutely inept as a blocker. His presence on the field screams “We are running on this down, probably off-tackle, and we’re getting two yards at best”. He simply can’t be on the field on passing downs.

  11. Why would they trade him after just resigning him? Doesn’t make alot of sense for either side.

  12. I love how no one ever mentions Le’veon Bell in any of these conversations even though he’s better than Montee Ball and will probably be a late first round pick. I would also be willing to bet that he has a better NFL career than Lacy. Where does the bias come from?

  13. The bucs 2nd, 7th and blount to move back up into the 1st round if they see somebody they like in the mid 20’s. Dom likes moving around during the draft.

  14. Wouldn’t he have to pass a physical of the receiving team?

    What if they gave up the pick during the draft and find out afterward that he failed a physical?

  15. Why would any team want him? He can’t block, he can’t catch, he sucks at short yardage and at the goal line, he has a bad attitude, been in trouble with the police for beating up a dude at his sisters apartment in the parking area… Etc.. I would rather have Tebow as a back than this chump.

  16. Chip Kelly might be able to get Blount rolling again but Mike McCarthy is the best coach for Blount. I think he could be a 1000 yd back again with the packers. Aaron Rodgers is as good as they come and Blount could run wild there…. As long as he gets past the line of scrimmage, his number 1 foe.

  17. A pack of Camels and a quart of Old English 800 for Blount would be a good deal for the Bucs

  18. I wouldn’t mind if cincy got him for the right price. The law firm was decent last season but I feel we still need some help at that position. And I thought Blount was a tough runner when they actually used him.

  19. What everyone is forgetting is the Bucs signed Brian Leonard. He’s a much better short yardage back, blocker and receiver out of the backfield than Blount. And of course he played for Schiano in college, you can see how that’d make Blount expendable. I like Blount for the most part, but I think Bucs upgraded at the 2nd string RB.

  20. Straight up trade, one decent blount for a pack a swisher sweets and a bag of seeds and stems.

  21. Jerry and the Cowboys want to trad south of the first round, they need a bruiser to go with Demarco Murray. This would be overpayment, but it accomplishes 2 agendas.

  22. Dude has a wicked right cross !
    Dude doesn’t wake up until 9:00am and is always late to meetings from what I hear.
    Dude played for chip Kelly in college .

  23. “only three years removed from a 1,007-yard season”…three years in the NFL may as well be measured in dog years

  24. Blount has character issues. He’s is a classic case of personality disorder.

    Scouts noted this as Blount came out of Oregon.

    It was sweet justice to see Blount replaced by a Boise State back, the team he hated so much he lost his temper after a game and went berserk in front of cameras and the world.
    Plus the fact that Doug Martin is a better back and a better human.

  25. Team Needs: A dentist to replace Ozzie Newsome’s gold teeth and a nice trophy case to display Ray Lewis’ bloodstained suit.

  26. Holder is talking out his rear. The guy always makes things up to stir the pot and get hits on blog page he does for the paper. NOT a reliable source.

    On Blount, there are many misconceptions here…first, he can run very well. The few time he ran last year was behind oline backups. The bulk of martins carries were with a more solid oline. His performance dropped with the backups.

    And Blount CAN catch. In his limited opportunities he had zero drops. Zero. But it is true he can’t block. This is his biggest weakness…but then it was for Mike Alstott early on as well.

    The Bucs need a pounder as a backup, and although Blount may not be the best player…he is the best the Bucs have available as a backup. Michael Smith certainly is not an option.

  27. Or a team with need could sign Ahmad Bradshaw off the street. Just turned 28 and ran for 1,000 yards last season in 14 games. His foot will be better this year than it was last year.

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