Bucs welcome the risks of the Revis deal

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Sending the 13th overall pick in the 2013 draft and most likely a third-round pick in 2014 to the Jets for cornerback Darrelle Revis entails plenty of risk — especially when throwing a bare minimum of $16 million and a more likely cover charge of $32 million for a guy with a new ACL.

The Buccaneers know it, and the Buccaneers welcome it.

“We decided there was not enough risk to not do it,” Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik tells Peter King of SI.com.  “At the end of the day, you trust your doctors to tell you as much as they can, but it’s a decision really that came down to me and Greg.  We had to be comfortable with the risk, and I can tell you we are.”

There are two distinct types of risk.  If Revis can’t cut or change directions or otherwise move like he did before tearing his ACL, he won’t be the guy he was.  And so the Bucs will have wasted two draft picks and at least $16 million.  If they stick with him in 2014 under the assumption/hope that he needed the 2013 season to fully recover and they assume/hope wrong, the loss doubles to $32 million.

The other risk comes from Revis having an Adrian Peterson-type recovery, and then demanding more money and/or some/any guaranteed compensation come 2014.

While that arguably would be a good problem to have, it won’t feel that way if he’s holding out deep into training camp.

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  1. How can anyone coming off an ACL tear be worth $16mil for one season, as well as a first round draft pick and another next year? This just smells of failure. The franchise tag for a corner is what, $8-9mil? It’s like Russian Roulette.

  2. OK…enough of this story, please don’t add anymore about Revis until training camp….it’s all the same ol’ story at this point!

  3. “The other risk comes from Revis having an Adrian Peterson-type recovery, and then demanding more money and/or some/any guaranteed compensation come 2014.”

    Forget the “is he worth that kind of money?” argument for now. How is this any different than any other player under any other contract? Can’t they just hold out at any time and accept the league-mandated per-day fine?

  4. Well gee maybe he should hold out from Day 1 after the trade is complete. What’s TB going to do, cut him and lose those picks? If they are in for $16MM, surely they would pay a 17th million to avoid the embarrassment of Revis holding out and making this the biggest story in the history of NFL transactions.

    That 17th million is a gimme putt from 2 millimeters out if his agent wants to take the shot! Let’s just call it 17 million for all of those years and then we really promise not to hold out in the future. Trust us, cause you don’t have much of a choice now, it’s either play ball or take a head on crash from this game of chicken.

  5. Just don’t see a hold out happening (as the talking heads predict), Domenik is not Tannabumm, you can bet this was covered with the agents beforehand, and if he holds out the Buccs will call his bluff. Do you really think He’ll blow $1 million per game?

  6. The warning signs are glaring with Me-vis. If he makes a full recovery, you know he’ll hold out next year and demand even more money. But thankfully that inflated ego is no longer a concern for the Jets.

  7. No team ever made it to the Super Bowl by paying $16 million for a cornerback. Even if he has an All-Pro year, which he won’t, his is a laughably bad transaction and no one should be surprised that Tampa took the bait.

  8. Even if he comes back fine, is it still worth paying a cornerback 16million/yr???

    Does anyone really think TB is now a SB team with revis? I’m not sure they even make the playoffs, even with revis.

  9. This is crazy !! 2 draft picks and 16 mill/year for a CORNERBACK ???

    Cornerbacks are important, but they do NOT make or break a season (like say a QB does).
    I could see them doing this for a franchise QB (like trading for Tom Brady) but that’s it.

    This is a terrible decision by the Bucs.

  10. The Bucs had the most available to spend this off-season so who cares how much they paid. And oh yeah, it’s not guaranteed money. And for those that say how could the Bucs pay so much for a DB, they play in a division against Drew Brees and Matt Ryan which both have lots of weapons. Love the trade. Yes, Freeman is the key. The Bucs go as far as he does. I want the Bucs to draft a QB because despite this and any other free agency add or draft picked, it won’t matter if he is inconsistent throwing the ball.

  11. buddysguys:

    Stevie Johnson? The guy averages 4 catches for 40 yards and .5 TD’s per game against Revis in 7 games and all of a sudden Revis cant cover him. Those are the best numbers any WR has put up against Revis, but the thing is they are still well below even average.

  12. revis impact if healthy is tremendous, ask rex ryan who had pretty much bunch of scrubs and revis make it to the afc championship game twice how much he means to a team

  13. Being able to lock down half of a field allows you to be so much more creative with your pressure packages because you don’t have to worry about keeping a safety over the top of a healthy Revis. And that worked out great for Revis in the AFC North where he was up against Tom Brady, but no #1 WR, Stevie Johnson without a QB, and the Dolphins that haven’t had a QB or a WR for a good long while (yeah, yeah, we’ll see what Tannehill looks like throwing to Wallace). The NFC South is a different animal. I give the edge to Revis in the Newton/Smith battle, but Jones and/or White with Ryan chucking it around and Drew Brees throwing everyone open? Revis could have a miracle recovery, get back to 100%, and still not look worth the money.

  14. Revis is giving Tebow a run for his money on reports on PFT, i have been a reader of this site for about 9 years and us others have expressed this is puerly overkill. The Tebow reports are sometimes spaced out but the Revis seems endless and back to back. I know you have a quota +\- and views but please spare us this endless dribble on mevis.

  15. Thank you, Jets! Saddling this malcontent and his bloated salary with the Wannabe Bucs is fantastic news!
    Signed, Mike Smith

  16. Listen, if Revis was a free agent, I think it would be hard enough to find a team who would pay $16m a year.

    For the Bucs to give a 1st and 3rd round pick – utterly nuts. They may have been the only team to pay him that next year and they wouldn’t have to give up any picks.

  17. If he’s the Revis of old there is no downside whatsoever to guaranteeing some of his money. Mevis can’t be stupid enough to stage another holdout, if he does that no one is going to trust him enough to give him the type of cash Tampa Bay will.

    If you believe in a CB being worth $16M then this was a slam dunk deal for TB.

  18. money bets that he will hold out for more guarantees. he’ll ve the same no question but his attitude will never change. I say it was a bad deal for the bucs because they will never fully enjoy having a talent like him.

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