Clock now ticks on Branden Albert trade


We pointed out on Saturday that the window was closing on a trade that would send Darrelle Revis from New York to Tampa.  And the deal went down on Sunday.

We’ll now point out that the window is closing on a trade that would send Branden Albert from Kansas City to Miami.

While the physical isn’t as critical in Albert’s situation as it was for Revis, the physical still needs to happen before any draft pick is surrendered and used by the team trading the player.

As of Sunday, it had been at least five days since the Chiefs had heard from the Dolphins about a possible trade.  Albert’s asking price on a long-term deal could be the problem.

For Albert, the reality is that he can play out the 2013 season under the franchise tag (which at $9.8 million pays out much more than current market value) and hit free agency in 2014.  So why agree to a long-term deal now when he’d have a shot at the first day of the 2014 spending spree?

Of course, if Albert isn’t traded he risks being moved to right tackle, or possibly being benched.

Then there’s a chance that the Chiefs will decide they simply don’t want the headache of a guy on a one-year deal who doesn’t want to yield the left side to the first overall pick in the draft.  Since it’s too late to rescind the franchise tag, the Chiefs could decide to trade him without an extension.  Though that arrangement would generate less compensation for the Chiefs, a condition could be added that would give Kansas City an extra pick or two if Albert signs a new deal with his new team.

Regardless, if Albert is going to become a Dolphin in time for a second-round pick (or whatever the 2013 draft compensation will be) to go to Kansas City, it needs to happen pretty soon.

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  1. When he either plays bad, maybe good, at G or RT for the Chiefs he then becomes less valuable. If he chooses not to play those positions then he’s not a team player. Either way Chiefs own this guy and if he causes them a headache, they in turn could cause him to lose millions.

    Albert, you’re a top 15 LT, not a top 5, everyone in the League would choose Joeckel or Fischer over you. Get over yourself and take the money you’re worth, $6-7million.

  2. a 30 year old w/ a bad back just isn’t worth $9m/year. Miami would be better suited trading up and nabbing one of the 3 LT’s in the draft and paying roughly half what Albert wants.

  3. Dolphins would be fools to trade a 2nd rounder plus pay huge $$$ for the 25th rated tackle. KC is moving on for a reason Miami.

  4. As reliable as “Old Faithful”…..JoeToronto with an anti-Chiefs posting. Did Lamar Hunt take your mother out for a seafood dinner and not call her again?

  5. Albert has no motivation to sign for less now when he can make $9.8 mil this year, play well & show that the back is good and see if the LT market improves next year. It’s not likely to be any worse.

  6. This deal and the Revis deal make a lot of sense. Plenty of washed-up has-been players end up retiring in FL once their careers are done, and these two are both done. Might as well get a place close to Boca now.

  7. For Miami to give up a high pick and sign a malcontent with back issues to a long term deal is borderline insanity. The draft is rite with tackles this year and they would be better served to forget about Albert. Let the Chiefs keep him.

  8. If the trade doesn’t happen the Chiefs may not select a tackle which makes the phins chance of getting a tackle better if they trade up. If they do draft a tackle I imagine they would just want to get Albert out of the locker room unless he changes his tune about playing right tackle. The phins could probably give a 4th or 5th in next years draft and I bet they would take it to get him out of there if the Chiefs draft a tackle.

  9. Honestly, what would be the point in the Chiefs trading Albert then just taking another LT with the top pick of the draft? Even if the guy turns out great, all he would be is a cheaper version of what you had before, right back to square one. They should be looking to add talent, not replace a quality guy with someone you hope will be quality as well.

  10. Don’t like the idea of trading a 2nd rd pick for Albert. Miami needs to keep their picks and find their own players. Ireland and Philbin keep talking about building through the draft. So lets GO! Practice what you preach!

  11. Why the hate on Albert so much he did his thang last year and its not a for sure thing that any of those tackles are any good Albert is at least a top 7 Tackles strong against the run and only gave up 1 sack with bums behind center watch one of those tackles y’all love sooooo much become Robert Gallery garage at LT but solid at right

  12. Albert can play on his Franchise Tag and then go into free agency next year….but what if he gets injured this upcoming year?? Even though the injury concerns aren’t major now, adding another injured year next year would kill his payday. Albert needs to realize that no one at his position got paid the money he is asking this year and nobody will next year either (Especially if he plays guard or RT). I dont see what he or his agent is thinking (besides dollar signs). Maybe I am too risk adverse, but I think it is highly unlikely that the Chiefs play him at LT, he stays healthy, and the pay will increase after the 2013 season. So instead of taking a 4 year 8 million dollar/year deal (what he wants), take the 4 year 6 million/year deal!! That is alot of if’s and chances for 2 million/year!

  13. The Chiefs would LIKE to get their 2nd round pick back but it wouldn’t make any sense to take anything less than that for Albert. If/when they take a tackle with the #1 pick, they play him on the right side this year, let Albert play LT. If Albert walks next year, they’ll get a compensation pick (end of the 3rd ?), so this year their line will be improved IMMENSELY to go along with a better skilled QB, Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe and a better supporting cast on offense and defense. KC has the potential to get to 8-8 after going 2-14 in 2012 (although I still think they’ll be closer to 6-10 based on their schedule). Still, they were horrible last year.

  14. The Dolphins should start bartering a trade up in the draft to get one of the top three OTs rather than giving up picks and big cash to get Branden Albert signed to a long term deal that will inevitably pay him too much money.

  15. What’s going to happen is Albert is going to realize he’s overplayed his hand and he’s going to agree to 6.5 million a year for 5 years with the Dolphins. If I was Dorsey I would let Albert know that the only position he’s going to play with KC this year is Right Tackle or possibly Gaurd. At some point Albert’s agent has to realize that KC can destroy any chance Albert has of getting his huge free agent contract next year.

  16. Why trade a 2nd round pick for this guy? I can’t see why a team would pay 9mill for him.
    Miami is better off using that 2nd round pick on the best tackle on the board like long or armstead

  17. Miami obviously wants the more proven player in Albert than a rookie, which is understandable. They would likely also take a project guy (Chris Faulk?) in the mid-rounds.

    But Albert has to understand he’s not a true elite player. Asking for Jake Long money at his age is understandable, but unrealistic.

    His choice is one year at 9+ that KC was foolish enough to guarantee by tagging him, and to work at RT which might hurt his long term value…or take 5-6 per year on a 2-3 year deal in Miami where he can prove his continued value by staying healthy and playing well.

    Balls in your court Albert.

  18. How does he compare to jake long? Dolphins need a LT …it sucked that long left. Hes still talenred, just played injured alot so thats why his production took a hit. I would feel better if we replaced him with a good veteran than a rookie. How does he compare to long? We need a good LT to protect tannehill.

  19. Albert can stay right where he belongs, at LT for the Chiefs.

    It’s senseless to create holes where they don’t exist.

  20. I dont think Miami was ever really interested in Albert they used him for leverage. They will trade up with Oakland and take the Best LT in the draft in Fischer. Its probably a gentlemans handshake that Oakland will get a 2nd round pick plus swaps firsts with Miami.

  21. What happens if he’s moved to rt in KC and then franchised again. Would he receive 120% of the rt tackle franchise tenure or is it 120% of last years salary? It would be crazy if he can be moved, franchised again and make less money next year. .

  22. I love that Albert is helping to stick it to Andy Reid by asking for an unreasonable contract. I guess that’s what you get when you can’t pick up the phone and call the player…lol.

  23. The Dolphins should just trade up to get one of the 3 best OTs in the draft. Forget Albert. He has a bad back and an attitude to boot. Not to mention he’s not even a top 10 OT in the NFL.

  24. FYI, thereis no distinction between RT and LT for the Franchise Tag….that is why no RT is ever Franchised….because the contract would be too high for the position they play.

  25. Trade up or go with out premiere LT this season, thats better then signing a malcontent, fat ass, who spends as much time in the tub as he does on the field. Dolphins could have signed Jake Long for less money and have a better tackle then this guy.
    This trade makes no sense….

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