Decatur, Alabama police share some details of Rolando McClain’s arrest


We knew early today that Ravens linebacker Rolando McClain was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and now a lieutenant in the Decatur, Alabama police department has shared some details of what led to McClain’s arrest.

Lt. John Crouch was a guest on the Norris and Davis show — hosted by former Baltimore police commissioner and sometimes actor on The Wire Ed Norris — on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore and said that police had been called to a park in Decatur because of reports of a disturbance. When police arrived, they heard someone in the crowd yelling “f— the police” as they tried to get the scene under control.

“It appeared that whoever it was was trying to get the crowd stirred up,” Crouch said. “They eventually identified the person in the crowd, moved in and told him he was under arrest for disorderly conduct. At which point, he tried to jerk away. The officers grabbed his arms, he continued to struggle, trying to pull the officers further into the crowd. They did eventually get handcuffs on him. At that point, they recognized him as Rolando McClain.”

McClain is well-known to police in the area as a result of his previous brushes with the law, some of which are still pending and Crouch said it was possible that this arrest could threaten bonds posted in those cases. Crouch also said there was no sign of intoxication and that he felt McClain brought this arrest upon himself.

The Ravens, who signed McClain to a low-risk, non-guaranteed $700,000 deal for the 2013 season have yet to make any move regarding McClain’s status, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they decided to look elsewhere for help at inside linebacker while leaving McClain with plenty of free time to address all of his legal matters.

72 responses to “Decatur, Alabama police share some details of Rolando McClain’s arrest

  1. But the last LB they had also had brushes with police and he just retired after winning a SB en route to the HOF. This incident didn’t involved drugs and had nothing to do with anything other than Rolando being a smart mouth. But they already knew that about Rolando and this shouldn’t cause them to cut him.

  2. This guy is stupid…his agent should put a shock collar on him and everytime he got close to the Decatur line it zap the hell out of him. It would be for his own good. What a waste of talent

  3. Dumb dumb dumb. You can’t coach that. Say goodbye to your career Rolando! I hope your hatred of the police serves you well the rest of your life as a former NFL player. A complete inability to learn from your mistakes……

  4. So this is the new face of the Ravens. He’s got a mug (shot) that only Ozzie would love. Nice move Ravens!

  5. Hilarious…just frickin’ hilarious. Thought he was going to try and stay out of Decatur? You just can’t fix stupid.

  6. It’s been said but when Rolando said “I’ve moved away from my hometown to stay away from those issues,” moving a mere 15-20 minutes down the road is really not the answer hoss. He needs to relocate to the state of whichever team he’s on and stay put. That’s assuming somebody takes him because the ravens will absolutely dump him on his ass any day now.

  7. There should be a rule that when you knowingly sign a player with a long rap sheet, you can’t cut him for one year no matter what.

    That would certainly make teams think twice before giving these guys second, third and fourth chances and eventually might even make the players think twice before acting like common street criminals.

  8. I’m not sure we are accurately noticing how absolutely insane this is…..he just signed a contract 12 days ago in which the entire agreement and talk afterwards were about staying out of trouble. He then goes back to this hometown (the only place he’s ever been in trouble) and somehow decides in the last 12 days that his best move was standing in a crowd yelling “f the police” and not getting stuck in something Decatur but being the something giving Decatur a bad name…..he must be a sociopath of the highest degree. The GM of the superbowl winner just had him in his office and believed in him enough to give him a shot! And in 12 days!!!

  9. This clown is a real zipperhead…a true Raven thru and thru. Now, where’s the body?

  10. i call b.s. on the police story…somebody said f… the police ..once..u didn’t know who…but then all of the sudden u proclaim it’s mclain after u realize who he is….

  11. I’ll believe a police report when pigs(the real ones) fly.

    Come on, we’ve all had the brush with the law and they end up completely fabricating half their story trying to add on other charges in case one doesn’t stick. Or we know someone who has.

    I’m so glad they stopped this guy from yelling “eff the police.” That time and a jail cell definitely couldn’t be better spent on people running around with weapons murdering people, could it?

  12. Those police are cowards. I thought we had freedom of speech in this country. “F*** the police” is HARDLY yelling fire in a crowded theater.

  13. I get not believing the police report BUT if even half of that was true he was still in Decatur at some sort of happening in which the police needed to get involved only 12 days after signing that contract.

  14. It was a smart move by Big Reg to cut him loose.

    It was silly of humbolt to drop by and say something stupid.

    The Raiders are moving in the right direction.

    The chargers, not so much.

  15. Giving the benefit of the doubt there is a chance that cops in a smaller town in Alabama might not look so fondly upon an outspoken man of color, all things considered.

    Even with that benefit of the doubt, if you know the town you are from is likely to get you in trouble…. Stay away!

    It isn’t rocket science. NFL > Hoodrat stuff with your friends.

  16. “Ozzie Newsome is the best GM in the world.”

    “McClain will benefit from a championship environment.”

    Bwahahahahahahahahahah! What a joke. Here’s a prediction: Joe Fluko and the Ravens are going to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

  17. Sounds like a pretty weak charge from an overzealous cop. So he wasn’t intoxicated, he wasn’t hitting anybody, he wasn’t doing anything but saying something, you know free speech, that the cop didn’t like. This is a crock.

  18. greysolon,

    Even the cop’s version isn’t compelling me to say he should have been arrested. McClain is an idiot to even be in this situation, but this arrest is garbage.

  19. I’m fascinated by all the “lock him up” zealots posting here for a guy yelling obscenities in a crowd (or not because let’s face it, how do they know it was him). yet, those same people wrote pages and pages of “just give Josh Brent another chance” after killing his friend while driving drunk. SMH.

  20. Well this news means the Raiders need to resign him once Ravens release him and give him a 3 year $30 million deal. Once a Raider always a Raider right?

  21. So basically he got arrested for ‘allegedly’ singing the lyrics to a song from the late 80s?

    I mean really, was what ever he is accused of doing enough for him to be ARRESTED when we have people planting bombs at marathon finish lines?

  22. donterrelli says:
    Apr 22, 2013 1:15 PM
    Ravens keepin it classy.


    This guy hasn’t even put on a Ravens uniform yet and they have not paid him a single dollar. I don’t think either will ever happen.

  23. I’ve haven’t seen behavior this bad since I was on the club level at Heinz Field.

  24. If Decatur Alabama is the ONLY place he’s gotten into trouble does it say more about him or where he is from?…. Either way McClain is just being a first-rate idiot they obviously have it out for him because most star players (from small southern football loving towns) would have such foolishness pushed to the side under a D.A.”s rug no headlines but the fact that he has managed to put himself in a position to have this happen to him is just beyond belief ..You have a wife and children on your last leg career wise and your in the last effing place in America you should be…You moved away for a reason now you might not have any other choice but to go back if your career continues to tank … Dude grow up…

  25. I think some perspective should be considered. He was charged with the same crime that demonstrators are charged with – one of the lowest charges you can get.

    I agree its DUMB. But lets not act like he committed a serious crime.

  26. I love that he signed 12 days ago and hasn’t spent time with the team at all, yet people feel obligated to throw comments out like he’s our franchise player. Anything to take a shot at the champs, even if its in no way accurate. Stay classy rest of the AFCNORTH.

  27. I very rarely agree with the raven trolls, but they are right . He has not been under the raven team influence so don’t blame the ravens on this one blame the dumb man child whose acts are embarrassing his future team.

  28. i guess i don’t understand. why all the heat on the Ravens. They gave the guy a shot. He got ZERO in up front money. He screwed it up. He will be cut. No harm no foul. Now lets see them spend a few more dollars and get a better player and person in Dansby.

  29. Yo RoMc, you either gotta stay outta town or become Mayor..
    Cops Hate Kids
    Kids Hate Cops
    Cops Kill Kids
    With Warning Shots

    What Is Crime
    And What Is Not
    What Is Justice
    ..I Think I Forgot..

  30. You can’t really compare him to Ray Lewis. Ray was on the team, established himself, and was convicted of obstruction of justice. Rolando probably hasn’t even met his position coach yet.

    Little known fact but the Ravens have the least number of arrests since 2000 than any team in the AFCN. He’s been a Raven less than two weeks and he’s already putting that at risk.

    I have to admit it is sort of sad when you use the “my team has been arrested less than yours” argument.

  31. Tell me again Mr. Kiper, how studious, savvy and just how much a “sure thing” this moron was coming out of Alabama.

  32. McClain must be dumber than a tree stump. First of all he’s already up on charges in that town. So goes out and hangs where and with people that are putting him in a situation where he can get into more trouble.

    You can whine and cry about “free speech” all you want – Do you really think that the NFL, The Ravens and Goodell want their players acting like fools and screaming “F” the police and trying to incite a crowd. The NFL is a business and McClain is a representative of said business. If I tried that with my job, I’d be fired on the spot.

  33. So, just to clarify here;
    McClain has been arrested multiple times in the same city, goes there once again, goes to a park where a large group is causing a disturbance that gets the cops called, hangs around with the group till the cops get there, and while the cops are trying to get things under control is yelling “f- the police”, and then when, surprise surprise, the cops single him out and try to arrest him, he resists. And some here think he is a victim. Precious.

  34. This all makes me wonder if this child hadn’t come into the NFL when big contracts for draft picks were in vogue if he’d still gotten himself in so much trouble if he didn’t hit the jackpot with his contract.

    I have serious doubts if that would matter at this point, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt based upon that scenario.

    Grow up and become a man Rolando.

  35. Something tells me he wouldn’t have been arrested if he was yelling “F-the insurance underwriters!” or “F-personal injury attorneys”

    Just a thought

  36. if anyone wants to read the truth about this read rockthered and nofoolnodrools posts. ravens took a shot and it looks like it didnt work. cost the ravens no money. this stuff happens quite often. so get over yourselves. go ravens

  37. Morganstan, wow talk about obsession, the Steelers werent mentioned in any way in this story, but you brought them up in your comments (like always). I think you need to see a shrink about your unhealthy obsession with the Steelers

  38. You are a multi-millionaire and have a dream job so you:
    1. Have a criminal record which you aquired in a certain town.
    2. After being excused from practice with your team, you hang out with hommies and shoot a gun next to one of their heads when you are supposed to be attending a relatives funeral.
    3. You get cut from a team for many reasons, including your arrests and behavioral issues.
    4. You blame “the devil” for your actions.
    5. You get another chance to resurrect your career with the Superbowl champs.
    6. In under 2 weeks after signing with them you manage to incite a riot in a park (near where you were arrested before) and have an altercation with the police.
    7. You are arrested again for resisting and disorderly conduct.
    8. You have placed what little was left of your career in jeopardy.

    That about sums up the life of a not very intelligent human being.

  39. Sounds like he was exercising his constitutional right to peaceable assembly and the local redneck cops tried to break it up.

    They didn’t recognize him until he was in cuffs, right?

    When he was pulled over for tinted windows, they arrested him for giving a false name. They already knew his name, and the car he drives, which is why they pulled him over in the first place.

    They should throw the book at him for getting “uppity.”

    For whatever reason, the cops in that town have it in for him. That being said, he’s probably a jerk, and is definitely dumb. He should stay out of Decatur.

  40. Not to defend this guy per se but many people are just homers. Where I live there are a lot of guys not famous, not football players who are warned by there families and parole officers to just stay away from your old homies; they got nothing going on and they will drag you down into their crap. Just don’t do it. But they do it, they do it all the time. Its hard to tell some people, ‘hey man you can’t go home no more’. As much as everyone on this board hates the following two names seek out Ray Lewis’s local interviews in the mid 2000’s about ‘going home’ and Micheal Vick’s first speech to the high school after he got out of prison. First speech – ‘sometimes you gotta know when to walk away from your home and your homies’. Its a problem for a lot of people beyond football players. Wish him all the luck, if he has any left, with that realization.

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