Dominik confident Revis will be ready for Week One and never hold out


On Monday, cornerback Darrelle Revis officially became a member of the Buccaneers.  The man who pulled off the biggest acquisition of a veteran player since Peyton Manning was cut by the Colts and signed by the Broncos joined Pro Football Talk to discuss how the deal came to be.

Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik also spun things forward, addressing two key questions regarding the future of Revis in Tampa.

First, Dominik offered a bold prediction regarding the ability of Revis to suit up and play come Week One.  “One hundred percent he’ll be out there,” Dominik said.  “Everything’s on the right track in fact.  I’m confident he will walk out the first day of training camp with pads on and go do work, so we’ll be smart with him. . . .  Much like Adrian Clayborn had an ACL about the same week that Darrelle did, and we’re encouraged by where he’s at and expect him to be ready Week One as well.”

Second, Dominik was equally bold (in light of the player’s history) regarding the possibility that Revis will try to re-do his deal if he performs at a high level in 2013.

“That won’t happen,” Dominik said.  “It won’t.  Every year he’s going to walk out of his contract and say, ‘I’m the highest paid defensive back in the NFL, I’m one of the highest paid defensive players in the NFL,’ and there’s a lot of peace with Darelle right now, as there should be.  But at the same point, he bet on himself and believes in himself and that’s why we were willing to extend up to that number of $16 million, but every year he walks into a new year with $16 million in front of him.

“This isn’t one of those more traditional contracts where . . . in year four or five he’s down to four or six million dollars in [base salary], he stays at 16 [million] consistently.  So there’s no big signing bonus at the front where the player forgets about it in year four or five and says ‘I’m underpaid,’ this thing’s heavy all the way through and I think that’s going to stop him, in fact I’m confident that it’s going to stop him from his chances at ever holding out with Tampa Bay.”

Of course, this assumes that Revis won’t decide at some point that he’s worth more than $16 million per year, whether because of his performance or a change in the market or a potential increase in the salary cap when the new TV money hits the calculation.  And it assume that Revis and his agents will decide to remove the holdout and the threat of a holdout from their effort to get more for a player who, if he’s healthy, will be giving plenty of value.

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33 responses to “Dominik confident Revis will be ready for Week One and never hold out

  1. dont be so sure, but 16 mill a year, as a CB, i wouldnt holdout either, 90+ mill over 6 years

  2. I don’t buy the hold out part. He proves he’s healthy and he will want something with more guarantee’s than basically year to year 16 million dollar contracts.
    He has set the standard in NY and I expect it to continue.

  3. Revis won’t be playing cast off wr that Brady makes look good, or the no bodies in Miami and Buffalo, when he was matched on Stevie Johnson he had good success.

    Expect Revis to get exposed! He actually regularly has to cover top tier wr that have an actual QB. Bring his big head back down to earth.

    *hell recover but the media will blame that when he doesn’t look soo good after not getting 4 games with teams that have no QB to WR combo.

  4. Oh, he’ll be holding out. You can bet on that. I’d be surprised if he is not currently holding out.

  5. if he ever says 16 million a year isn’t enough then they should say he is free to find a job that pays him that much in real life because he will either play for that or never play football again. screw trading him or paying him more,they own his rights and either plays for them at that price or nobody.

  6. “So there’s no big signing bonus at the front where the player forgets about it in year four or five and says ‘I’m underpaid”

    Revis response “Who me?”

  7. Biggest signing since manning?!?! Are you serious? Not even remotely close..broncos got a future hall of famer, the bucs got a clown who is overrated and overpaid..bad move for Tampa

  8. Good luck with that. As soon as he puts a good year in he will complain he wants guaranteed money going forward or he wont show up. I give him one year in TB to prove he is healthy and then the annual off season drama with him will start up

  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Don’t they see how desperate the Jets were to get rid of this guy?! He may prove to be the best CB in the history of the game. But the price comes way too high for any CB who can, at best, cover 1/2 the deep field for a few more years. What about the rest of the field? If you can’t cover the other 10 players, what does it matter?! And with Revis’s salary, you either can’t cover everyone else, or you have no depth for even one injury, or you have no offense. Most likely, they go with no depth and look a whole lot like the Jets. Why do you think they are so ready to move on? As a Patriots fan, I am sorry to see the Jets succeed at this AND get draft picks to help recover the depth they’ve missed so long. Something tells me that the genius defensive coach will be able to come up with schemes to make them forget about Revis Island.

  10. Haha, naivety is so cute. Dominik also believes in the Great Pumpkin, Santa Claus, and puts his tooth under the pillow for a coin.

  11. Jets really do have to be so glad that this is somebody else’s problem. The Bucs will soon find out what this guy is all about.

  12. response from tampa: show me a better secondary. to the 4thqtr fans fans: see you in tampa in week 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. To me–it’s so far off into no-brainerland to trade Revis, I have difficulty comprehending otherwise. Add in what the Jets got for him–and it’s probably the biggest pocket-picking I’ve seen since Jerry Jones gave the Walrus TWO #1 picks for Joey Galloway.

    DB is all about speed… Revis won’t have his for at least a year after returning to the field–that’s almost a certainty. Beyond that–whether he ever gets it back entirely is a long-shot. They’ll have to keep him for two years just to hope to justify the picks they gave up–and financially–the bucs will be balls deep into the guy before they figure out he was overhyped to begin with.

  14. I bet the number of players in the NFL with a cap number of $16 mil is pretty small.

    I bet there are even fewer cases where the team is not desperate to bring that cap number down.

    It won’t be Revis that wants out of the deal before too long.

  15. Revis will get his asses handed to himself in the NFC South!

    I don’t hate Revis, I hate people thet fellate a scheme CB!

  16. Dominik forgot to add the TB always craps their collective pants against CAR and NO!

  17. Maybe Dom is right. Maybe the Jets were just a really crappy organization that didn’t know how to handle their talent.

    In Tampa Bay, rarely did their stars ever have to hold out for more money. Ronde, Sapp, Lynch, Simeon…even Keyshawn got paid.

    I think only Brooks held out one year and he got his due and never did it again.

    It won them a Super Bowl.

    Dominik has yet to have a player hold out on him because he works his contracts in a way that not only protects the organization but keeps his players happy, he’s been a cap magician and he now has a roster with 8 players who have been to the Pro Bowl recently.

    Which organization would you bet on being right?

    But hey Jets fans, if demonizing Darrelle makes you sleep better at night, go ahead.

  18. Revis Island in Tampa Bay sounds like a perfect fit. Probably name the party deck, Revis Island, on the other side on the pirate ship. Freeman gets 35-40 TDs and 5000 yds this year with more opportunities from the defense. #itsabucslifeforme

  19. Ok all you “haters”. This is a win win deal for the Bucs. 16 mill a year is the same as what Revis was getting from the Jets with no guaranteed money. Revis has no state taxes to pay, great Florida weather, golf courses and beaches. And don’t forget Revis can go to Disney World every week if he wants to! Seriously, Dominik has pretty much bet his GM career on this deal. This had better work for all concerned. GO BUCS

  20. The difference between Revis in NY and Revis in Tampa is that he is now making $16 Million Dollars

    He was holding out in NY because he never got close to this amount of money. I also tend to belief there are other details we have yet to learn of that Dominik included in the contract that would make holding out less likely

  21. This is a 1+1=4 if Ronde comes back because we signed Golston too. Ronde can still play nickel corner with the best of them and moves there from safety. I’m also wondering at what point people think Revis would not hold out??? What kind of fantasy land propeller hat world are you living in if you think the CB will hold out for 16 million. The Jets fans are so bitter that if we signed him to 20mill per guaranteed everyone would still be yelling and whining about his holdouts.

  22. BTW…This Jets fan loves Revis.
    If he never plays another down, 5 years from that moment, he gets into Canton.

    Unfortunately, Revis held out on his rookie contract, Woody didn’t like that, and Sanchez’ extension screwed everything up for the Jets.

    I wish Revis the best.

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