Elway says he’s glad he’s not in the QB market


It’s kind of funny, actually, the way teams needing quarterbacks seem compelled to justify this year’s draft class.

But what might be hilarious is that John Elway’s not above gloating.

Asked about a group of passers that have created mixed opinions, at best, the Broncos executive replied, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today: “I’m just glad we’re not in that market. Let’s put it that way.”

Yeah, that’s a nice way of saying, “You enjoy Matt Barkley (or Ryan Nassib, or Geno Smith or whomever), I’m going to let this Peyton Manning kid throw it for my team.”

The Broncos even drafted their quarterback-of-the-future (or not) in Brock Osweiler last season, so it’s easy for Elway to sit back and chuckle, as those around him scramble for answers where there might be none.

54 responses to “Elway says he’s glad he’s not in the QB market

  1. lol…What happens in a year or two when Peyton is done and Brock is garbage?

    You probably should be in the market if youre planning ahead. Unless youre sure Brock is going to be decent. It doesnt hurt to always be in the QB market though. You never know when your star is going to get hurt.

  2. You know what makes me chuckle? The Manning-led Broncos made it no further in the playoffs than the Tebow-led Broncos. And I’m no fan of Tebow.

  3. steviemo says:
    Apr 22, 2013 3:17 PM
    Then again, if Manning goes down, it’s sayonara to the Broncos.

    Hey captain obvious…Really dude? Just like when NE loses Brady or GB loses Rodgers. They’re done.. Of course he’s the centerpiece and if he goes down then we definitely won’t be picked to go to the SB.

  4. Yeah, I’d much rather hang my hat on an aging guy that has had multiple neck surgeries, diminshed arm strength and a history of issues in cold weather and post season games. Sure, that Peyton Manning “kid” is going to be in the Hall of Fame. Yes, he’s going to go down as one of the greatest of all time. However, he’s on the downside of his career and Osweiler is not getting first team reps in practice, I can promise you.

    I wouldn’t gloat all that much when you are one good hit away from the Brock era in Denver.

  5. Easy there Horse-face! PM is good enough to get you to the playoffs, no further. What they should be in the market for are, a new fax machine and a working clock……not the one attached to your aging QB that is rapidly ticking off it’s final seconds. 🙂

  6. steviemo says:
    Apr 22, 2013 3:17 PM
    Then again, if Manning goes down, it’s sayonara to the Broncos.

    They seemed to do fine with Tim Tebow.

  7. Ha ha Elway…you can sit back and smile because signing Manning has basically made your team the Miami Heat of the NFL…er no, wait, that’s right, the Heat won a championship.

  8. Manning is a playoff choke artist and wasn’t osweiler only drafted for hail marrys and other throws that manning can’t make?

  9. How come no one believes that Manning can go to a Super Bowl? He’s been to two and won one. I wouldn’t label anyone who has won a SB a Playoff Loser. Get real and all you guys are taking what he said out of context. He’s just saying he’s glad that he doesn’t have to draft one this year, next year? Yeah maybe that will surface. But why reach for one of these guys this year? Osweiler would have went number one out of the QBs this year.

  10. Soooo apparently no one likes what Elway has to say, regardless as to whether he has a good point?

    This years class is trash. Seriously. Nothing like last year, so of course he is going to be happy having a HoF right now, rather than having to rely on one of these rooks. Is there a single one of you that would choose otherwise? Barkley over Peyton? Geno over Peyton? C’mon now.

  11. The QB guru’s on here are probably the same ones who doubted Russell Wilson. Brock hasn’t played a down, has had an entire year to learn under Manning, and has a cannon for an arm. If the Broncos could win a playoff game with a 47% completion percentage QB, what makes you geniuses think they can’t win with a QB that can actually throw?

  12. So funny to hear the same old crap. Just wait till your qb gets hit. Your one hit from starting your back up. No crap!! every team is in same situation. Manning isn’t the first player to have his surgery nor even the first qb to have that surgery. He is most famous which is why you only hear his name. Also to even mention Manning to Tebow is such a idiotic statement. Just shows your Football Knowledge. Besides the comment isn’t justified based just on qb play. You can’t even try and compare the stats between the two qbs. Its funny reading the same copied old comments that are over a year old. Or comments that show the lack of maturity to actually post something worth while.

  13. Translation:
    Our coaching staff cannot develop a quarterback nor is our scouting department smart enough to evaluate a quarterback properly.
    John Elway will be in the quarterback once Brook Osweiler becomes the starter.
    As good as Elway was, he needed Terrell Davis to win the Super Bowl.
    Besides, we are still not sure John Elway is a good general manager. You are not a genius for having salary cap space and signing Peyton Manning.
    Picking between Demaryus Thomas and Eric Decker next season will make or break Elway. Losing Elvis Dumervil is bigger than people realize right now.

  14. “I like that everyone’s argument is that Manning is potentially one snap away from his career being ended, news flash, so is every single NFL players career”
    Obviously so. But other teams’ GMs and Presidents are smart enough to not rub in the fact that their team has a QB while other teams do not.

    Future relations or karma— it’s just a bad idea.

  15. elway is absolutely right .. makes no sense to say ‘one play away from Brock’ .. fact is he isn’t there. PManning is playing QB and that is pretty good.

    i think elway knows a little more about QBs than the hacks reading this board .. don’t cha’all think?

  16. steviemo says:
    Apr 22, 2013 3:17 PM
    Then again, if Manning goes down, it’s sayonara to the Broncos.

    Kreedos says:
    Apr 22, 2013 3:17 PM
    Dont gloat/rub it in Elway. You’re one snap away from Brock “Too Tall” Eisweiller(sp)

    If we’re all honest, it’s this way for any team with an elite QB. While I don’t consider Flacco elite, I do think his backup can probably throw up lollipops just as well as he can. So the Ravens would probably be ok as long as Bold… wait a minute…

  17. You know who wouldn’t gloat?….

    Arizona, Philly, Minn, Chicago, TB, Rams, Dallas, Miami, Jets, Bills, Browns, Tenn, Jax, KC, Oakland

  18. Who knows quarterbacks better than one of the greatest QBs to ever play?

    Elway is just stating the obvious here. No Andrew Lucks, RG3’s, or Russell Wilson’s in this draft.

  19. that’s ok everybody else will be laughing at the broncos again at the end of the season and another 1 and done playoff record.

  20. Why so butt hurt? Elway is just stating the obvious here. what you you think Green bay/PAT/Seahawks/Falcon/Colt/RedSkins/teams with a Good + QB would of said?

    “We like them, we are going to draft them to replace our starting QB, because we feel Tom/Roggers/Eli/Luck/RG3/Ryan/etc… sucks so we need a QB this year.”

    That dumb. Elway isn’t dissing them, hes pointing out that hes glad he doesn’t have to be desperate for one like 2 years ago when the Broncos had 2 vrappy QB and a full back.

  21. Obviously the Broncos are screwed if Peyton goes down, but what’s with all the Osweiler bashing? Is anyone in this class really more of a sure thing than he is? Let’s wait until he plays in a meaningful game before we write him off people

  22. i would be glad too, there might be maybe one or two QB’s in this draft that might make some noise in a few years, but none that u would want to start from day one and will be yr franchise saver, i like this kid EJ from florida state, but he will take time

  23. as howard once said down goes fraszier, down goes frazier, i can hear it now, down goes manning, down goes manning…

  24. Manning one Super Bowl in his whole career, yet he’s a “winner”…wins just enough to get your beat in the playoffs. Elway would know, he always lost when it counted till T. Davis showed up. It’s the funniest thing in the world to me that team made it exactly as far as Tebow took them, yet Manning might have another year or three left…

  25. Reading these posts makes a bunch of people look jealous, refering to payton. He is no more likely to get knocked out for good than any other player. Either that or no one likes elway. Stop hatin, elway did the right thing takin manning over “can’t throw” tebow. Only an idiot would keep him around (see ny jets”

  26. I’m not saying that Elway is incorrect in his evaluation of this QB draft class. I’m not saying that one of the top QBs of all time cannot evaluate the position…what I AM saying is that what he should’ve said was NOTHING. Keep your mouth shut!

  27. NFL Karma has decided…

    One of the teams which takes a QB this year will knock the Broncos out of the playoffs.

  28. There are a minimum of 6 QB’s this year better than Osweiler, and frankenhead is one hit away from done.

    Brag away donkey. Your team will be back on the bottom in a few short years, and there ain’t another QB savior on your horizons.

  29. What he means is that with the QB class not so good this year he is happy that they are not looking for one Why all the hate ..you have one of the greatest QB’s to ever play football. I dont get you people. If necessary they can get though the year if Peyton gets hurt and go for one next year. The guys in front of Peyton will keep opposing players away from him or else they will be gone. Surely you all know that. I see alot of Brady fans here. Too bad. I like Tim Tebow great person but he cant play the game anywhere near the level Peyton Manning plays Hall of Fame 1st round.

  30. @broncoguru WHAT!! Why are we ripping manning? If you were truly a guru than you would know. So let me break it down for you mannings playoff record is 9-13 yes he won a super bowl. But fact remains he has a by far losing record in playoffs. Any legit HOF qb who you put in that top 5 of all time range they all have wining playoff records. Or at least my top 5 does, plus guru his record in the cold in playoffs is 1-4 so he signs with a team who plays in the cold during playoffs lol. This is funny hey guru look that word up plus ok so manning won a super bowl. Well great he has only had like 10 tries in AFC game to finally beat pats. But he is 50% in super bowls half.

  31. Report comment
    broncostevenp says:
    Apr 22, 2013 3:59 PM
    If the Broncos could win a playoff game with a 47% completion percentage QB, what makes you geniuses think they can’t win with a QB that can actually throw?


    How about the fact that they didn’t win last year with this “QB that can actually throw”?

  32. You have to admit, he’s right.
    Pretty slim pickings at quarterback this year.
    I sure hope the Raiders don’t bite on one. Unless its in the later rounds.

  33. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict next season’s Super Bowl winners will once again be quarterbacked by a non-elite quarterback who will immediately become elite the minute his team wins the trophy.
    Peyton Manning recruited the Broncos, not the other way around, and he knew he was choosing a good team that plays in a weak division. If Manning had a shred of courage, he would have signed with the Jets, or the Bills, or even the Titans.
    Nope. Instead, he decided to become another Phil Jackson.
    I’m still waiting for the day when a free-agent quarterback signs with a team that might make him less successful, which even more proof that TEAMS still win in the Ultimate Team Sport.

  34. The guys gives his honest, blunt opinion & gets dumped on (by toddlers comparing him to a horse, no less)…I wish more nfl owners, execs, coaches & players were blunt as opposed to the usual canned garbage we get served.

    Oh yeah, he’s right about the qbs.

  35. You people are so stupid, ignorant, no football knowledge at all and your comments makes no sense. You say you hate Peyton manning but you’re quick to read articles that has his name in them and comment. You wouldn’t know what a choker is if he choked on a chicken bone, theres not even a hand full of QBs that can accomplish what manning has in his career. That is so yesterday news with manning being one hit away grow up. Yeah manning has a 9-11 playoff record, more than half the QBs in this league is not even close nor sniffed the playoffs yet. And how can you knock osweiler before he even takes a snap in a game, nobody knows how good or bad a QB gonna be until he plays. I doubt brady has his successor sitting behind him or brees.

  36. @bobzilla1001, oh will you please stop your whining. Is that the problem with most of you? You mad because Peyton went to a competing team and not a bad team. Who are you to dictact where he should have went? If these bad teams weren’t so bad, they would draw some attention from FA. Manning to the jets? They couldn’t even keep their best player. Bills? Brady wouldn’t even play for them. I rather a guy sign with a team to compete for a SB than to just sign for less a paycheck.

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