Eric Fisher has visited three of the teams in the top five


Monday’s edition of PFT Live included a visit from Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher.

Widely expected to be a top-five pick, Fisher could end up being the first overall selection — especially if the Chiefs put any stock in the assessments of NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, who has Fisher ahead of Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel.

Fisher touched on various topics, including his pre-draft travels.  He said that he has visited the Jaguars, Eagles, Lions, Browns, and Panthers.

Here’s the full segment with Fisher.

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8 responses to “Eric Fisher has visited three of the teams in the top five

  1. which means the raiders are taking him, because nobody in the nfl likes to show their cards.

  2. Since the Raider coaching staff worked the Senior Bowl and spent a lot of time with him, you might as well include them in the list….4 out of the 5 teams

  3. Detroit makes sense. They can’t afford to have another injury to Stafford’s shoulder. I think finding a tackle this high in the draft helps at least solidify that. Then they can work on other areas such as defense. But watch Mayhew draft Tavon Austin just to make the fans angry.

  4. He had a week long visit with the Raiders, and even played in a simulated pro game against the best of the rookie class.. it was called the Senior bowl.

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