Gambling charges against Quinton Carter dropped


Prosecutors in Las Vegas have decided to drop felony gambling charges against Broncos safety Quinton Carter.

The Associated Press reports that Carter did not appear in court on Monday when the decision not to prosecute him was made. Carter was facing three felony charges related to an allegation that he added $5 to a craps bet after the dice had been thrown. Andrew Leavitt, Carter’s attorney, said that his client agreed to forfeit $1,000 in bail money as part of the agreement and that there were no official charges ever filed against him in the case.

Leavitt also told the AP that Carter was confused when he added to his bet and that he never intended to commit fraud. With the charges out of the way, Carter will be free to spend the offseason working with the Broncos ahead of his third NFL season. He played just three games last season because of a knee injury.

In the spirit of the original allegations, we’ve decided just now to place a bet that Carter will avoid prosecution. It feels like a winner.

16 responses to “Gambling charges against Quinton Carter dropped

  1. Ok I’ll take that bet for $5. It’s worth it to see if I can become eligible to be a whistleblower for illegal gambling. I’d probably get a check for like a million. 😉

  2. Okay, so he through $5 on the table after the craps dice were thrown and because of that he faced 3 felony charges? Are you sure you didn’t leave something out of this story?

  3. Well, he’s on the right team for a cheater…just like they cheated the salary cap.

  4. I realize they have to protect the integrity of the game and protect themselves from cheaters. But prosecution for $5 seems like it would have been a bit extreme.

  5. jlinatl says:Apr 22, 2013 5:40 PM

    I realize they have to protect the integrity of the game and protect themselves from cheaters. But prosecution for $5 seems like it would have been a bit extreme.
    The casinos do not mess around. In the old days, they would have just taken you out back and let him “fall off the curb”. Nowadays, they just see you got lucked and spend thousands of $ fighting a charge over $5.

  6. “Capping” a bet, like taking a bet back after a decision has been reached, IS a serious violation in Nevada. Just like you wouldn’t like it if the casino changed the result of the roll/spin/deal, the casino doesn’t appreciate people trying to add to the bet after they’ve won but before they’re paid.

    The casino has to play by strict rules. The players are equally bound to play by the rules.

    Now, the casinos don’t really want to prosecute these cases unless it’s about large stakes or the accused has been a real d**k–but they do want the accused to change his/her/its ways. I think that’s what happened here–Carter got the you-know-what scared out of him, he said the right things, it cost him a little money, so the casino and DA’s office said, “OK, but don’t even think of pulling a stunt like this again”.

  7. That’s what happens when you try cheat a fine establishment like the Palace Station out of five bucks.

  8. Sweet! That allows him to stay with us and compete for the SS position over Mike Adams. I’m sorry to all of you Rahim Moore haters, but I think he will be amazing next year. The way Carter played rookie season and having Adams as a back up or Dime player? Man we’ll be ok. Everyone forgets that we were number 2 on defense and we only lost the over-rated Dumbervil

  9. Doesn’t matter if it was $5 or $500. You want to prosecute the smallest fish so the bigger ones won’t mess with you.

    The United States did the same thing with wheat production during the Great Depression.

  10. Reminds me of that Dave Chappelle joke.

    “Sorry Officer, I didn’t know I couldn’t do that”

    Of course, it might be more believable if it had happened once instead of 3 times, but hey.

  11. Really Vegas, you couldn’t make that up in the $25 resort fee you charge your guests so they can make toll free calls from their rooms?

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