Jaguars to unveil new uniforms tomorrow

Lost in the upcoming uniform adjustments planned by the Dolphins and Vikings is that the Jaguars will be unveiling a new look, too.

The Jags get a head start on the other two teams by pulling the sheet off their new stuff on Tuesday.

Apparently, it will be fairly dramatic.

Previously, the team unveiled a new logo.  Over the weekend, we pointed out that the new uniform will have a military vibe.  The helmet will be, according to the team’s Twitter account, revolutionary.

The photo posted at the team’s Facebook suggests it will be gold.  The Uni-Watch blog previously reported that the helmet will fade from gold to black.

Regardless of what it looks like, it’ll be a big change from last year.  It could end up being the most obvious example of Nike’s creative (or, as some would say, ghastly) college uniform configurations infiltrating the NFL.

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  1. A “fade from gold to black”…so, the new sheen fades and reveals the same ol’ Jaguars helmet. How apropos.

  2. I have a strong skepticism about the decision to do a gold helmet when the logo itself is primarily gold. I missed the gold last year, I think its a great accent color, but I think a gold helmet is going too far, the black/teal helmet was already loved by all the fans, and the logo would have looked best on that helmet and still satisfy the revamping of the gold in the unis. I was excited about the changes, until now:/

  3. As a Jags fan I can admit it does feel like they are unveiling a new uniform every 2 years but with a new coach, GM and owner this should happen. One Jags player already had stated that the uniforms are ” the dopest jerseys in the NFL”. So who knows, but I’m looking forward to the change. It’s a total rebuild of this franchise, so why not change the uniforms as well. Tuesday will start the rebuild, can’t wait. Go Jags!!

  4. Not too optimistic about this. Nike has a habit of making awful uniforms, and the Seahawks ones they made last year are craptastic too. These sound pretty bad already. I miss the days of plain uniforms when teams did their talking through their play instead of through their fashion.

  5. Jaguars are a high school team. The old logo at least looked classy Aztec. The new one reinforces the high school nick name and makes one wonder: why not the “pumas” or “cougars” or “wildcats.” I guess they couldn’t think of anything the city of Jacksonville is about.

  6. They are unveiling a new brand, not just a new uniform. They updated their old uniforms in 2009, and now they are completely revamping everything with the new ownership and leaders in Jacksonville. Despite all the naysayers, this is an exciting time for the Jags. Can’t wait to see the changes.. and helmet looks awesome.

  7. For those who don’t know.. the helmet fades in the front from black to gold – it’s not completely gold. The logo is supposedly larger than normal, but will likely be in the black area so it doesn’t blend with the gold.

  8. Not a Jags fan, but I think it is a good move. When the Bucks revamped their uniforms, it was a big improvement…..and it showed in their “on field play.” The Patriots went from the red uniforms to the flying elvis and we all know how that turned out. The Jags have to move forward….and hope for the best.

  9. dnelson21 says:
    Apr 22, 2013 2:17 PM
    For those who don’t know.. the helmet fades in the front from black to gold – it’s not completely gold. The logo is supposedly larger than normal, but will likely be in the black area so it doesn’t blend with the gold.

    If true, this sounds more acceptable. I cant really picture a front to back fade to pre-judge, but that description sounds more like fading from black to gold, and they keep saying its gold to black. But I guess that just semantics if it is in fact black in the front where the logo will be.

  10. the mascot should have always some Naval or Spanish roots.

    At very least there are ACTUAL Panthers in Florida

  11. I’ve heard that the new material for the uniforms is oddly similar to a weather-beaten tarp.

  12. It won’t be a full transformation until they dump play by play announcer Brian Sexton. He has had one memorable call in 16 years. Dude is about as exciting as eating a bowl of cold oatmeal while helping your grandmother pick out new carpet.

  13. Jaguars are my sleeper team of the year!! Elite RB 3 legit WR and if gabbert can improve, that’s a solid offense imho, better then solid. They NEED to get dion Jordan! And some other pieces on D!

  14. This is just as objective as music. Some will hate it, some will love it, and some won’t care.

    No point in crying over it.

    Uniforms change. Get over it.

    They’ve been that teal/turquoise for so long… It’s probably time for a change. I can’t imagine too many people being upset that they might finally have a jersey that fans can wear with jeans and not look ridiculous.

  15. I love the classic, old school uniforms. The one’s that have a long tradition and don’t change every 3 years to match the latest fad or whim of the equipment supplier to the NFL.

    Kudos to the teams that’ do not screw around with their logos and uniforms: Cowboys, Raiders, Steelers, Chiefs, Browns, Colts, Eagles, Bears, 49’ers, Packers, Saints, Browns.

  16. I was going to put some energy into saying a comeback to bobsacamano49 about the tarps statement.. but then I realized that it is the oldest joke and really doesn’t even upset me anymore.. I just feel bad for the uneducated.

  17. why hate on a football team changing their uniform? our unis were boring and our logo looked like it had downsyndrome. i wanna at least have the hottest flashiest jerseys in the league if were gonna suck. screw tradition the game gets changed every year so why cant a uniform. most of yall dont watch the jags anyway so what does it matter to u?

  18. It’s about time to see a revolutionary new helmet design. Kudos to the Jags I bet it will be awesome. I wish the Lions would do a metallic silver chrome helmet. Maybe the Jags will have something like that.

  19. I know most don’t care, but I’m really excited. I liked the original uniforms much better than the ones we have been wearing the last few years and I am looking forward to the change.

  20. Nike turned the Hawks from the worst unis to the most original and classy, last year. But the Jags haven’t looked too shabby, so it’ll be interesting to see if the new ones are an improvement. Jacksonville’s on a roll; new HC and staff, new logo, new unis. Now about the team,……….how new will they be?

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