Jerry Jones would like to trade down


Last year, Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones packaged his first-round pick and his second-round pick to move up to No. 6 overall and select cornerback Morris Claiborne. Don’t expect Jones to make a similar type of trade this year.

Jones told reporters today that if the Cowboys are going to make a trade in this year’s first round, they’re likely to trade down from their 18th overall pick.

I’m implying trading down,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “It’s probably more likely that you’d see something like that than you would [trading] up.”

This year’s draft is widely viewed as lacking truly elite players at the top of the first round but containing impressive depth, and Jones suggested that there isn’t much difference between pick No. 18 and a pick in the 30s.

“There’s enough depth in this draft that you sure want to keep your ears open for trades, because you could very well get as good or better player at another level,” Jones said. “And we will have our minds open. We won’t be doing a lot before the draft, fielding many calls. It’ll probably be happening right there on draft day.”

Jones will be hoping for his phone to ring when the Cowboys are on the clock.

54 responses to “Jerry Jones would like to trade down

  1. Millions of Dallas fans were hoping that the headline read “Jerry Jones would like to step down.”

  2. I think most at the top want to trade down. The lack of elite talent.

    I think that’s why teams were more willing to let go of 1st round picks, in trades this year.

    Maybe if the Redskins were looking that far ahead which is possible that’s why they were willing to part with this years 1st for RG3

    This class will show difference between average and Great GMs 3 years from now.

  3. So if there isn’t ” much difference between number eighteen and the thirties,” why would someone trade up with a good deal? Don’t you think that you might be short-changing yourself a bit by lowballin the situation?

    Here’s an idea… get a GM!

  4. Does anyone take this clown seriously?? Just because u have a billion dollars doesnt mean u should be making football decisions!

  5. You are more likely to see a trade down then up?

    Jerry for every trade down, there is a trade up. I know in your little world things work different, but in the nfl this is the way things are done. It is obvious that you didn’t know better by the current state of “America’s Team”

  6. Bottom line is safety vaccaro will be gone, so cowboys can pick up an additional pick by trading back. Jones hates drafting olinemen early, or ever.
    First time jerry has probably listened to an outside source

  7. Jerruh’s super secret top plan after death involves preserving his essence in a highly sophisticated computer A.I. that will control the Cowboys every move for indefinite generations to come.

  8. and when headcoach garrett was asked, he hinted that he would like to package the boy’s first and thrid round pick and trade for a GM. The other 31 teams are very happy to have it confirmed that Jerrah and Stevie will be running the draft from “laugh valley”.

  9. Jerry’s making it known hed consider a trade down. Not a bad thing. He may also be thinking trading up a bit, but I kinda hope not. Cowboys would like to improve their Oline or Dline or Safety as possibilities with 18 but their BPA pics may be off the board by 18 in which case it would be good to trade down especially if a willing partner wants the right target. simple good business.

    Honestly Jerry has made alot of mistakes at GM but now with his son and Garretts input hes been making smarter decisions for our Cowboys of late.

    Heres hoping he improves the oline either through draft or FA.

    As to the cap the Cowboys have enough to sign their draftees, UDFAs and one or 2 moderately priced FAs.

  10. Poker face??? It’s more like plastic face. If this ahole did not have jimmy Johnson he would still be playing in that dump. Now he plays in that joke of a stadium. Typical Texas. Just plain dumb!!!

  11. with the 18th pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Dallas Cowboys select… a general manager, any general manager.

    best selection Jerry makes. ever.

  12. The thing is, most teams are thinking the same exact thing, moving down. If there is a team out there that does want to move up, It will be with one of the teams with the lowest pick available.
    I know Buffalo is looking to get out of their pick at #8. If the Bills can’t move out of their spot, then they will be taking Nassib with their first pick.
    Jones needs to do his team a favor and fire himself from the GM position for good. He shouldn’t be worrying about trading out of their pick, they should take the best player available and run with it. The Cowboys have a few positions to fill, but not more than the # of picks they have this year, so BPA would be the best bet.

  13. I’m actually surprised the Cowboys field a competitive team with the idiot they have for a GM. Just think how improved the team could be if they had someone who knew what they were doing instead of Jerry Jones stroking his own ego.

    I said once and I’ll say it again, the Cowboys will never sniff a Superbowl as long as Jones is the GM.

  14. So another words he will trade up!! Jerry I know you all too well! Lets pick your players better than you pick your nose this year!!

  15. Jerry, hire a GM, and just take naps and count your gold everyday, then the Cowboys might start winning again. They have no hope with your unbelievably terrible micromanagement.

  16. Wow way to take the quotes out of context. This guy could compete with the morons at

  17. He should trade down. Why pay for a high pick that won’t be on the team in couple of years?

  18. Traded a 3rd to move up for Dez. Traded a 2nd to move up for Mo Claiborne. Average fans know that you can’t give up those kind of picks and move up every year. Hopefully the guys that do this for a living know that as well.

  19. Kevin Sherrington, a Dallas sportwriter, once wrote that if Jerry were a character in the dogs playing poker painting, he’d be the one with its tail wagging under the table. My GM is an idiot…

  20. Ok Jerry but i want to hear what the HC has to say about it. Remember that guy Jason Garrett? Jerry is blowing smoke. He will probably trade up.

  21. I love these comments. Everyone is an expert and knows more than Jerry.

    As a life long Dallas fan, I would love nothing more than to see Jerry step aside as GM, he sucks. But I am pretty sure he has a better idea of what he is doing than the “clowns” here, as someone above used.

    Why is putting out there that you are interested in trading down, any different than other teams saying they are interested in trading up? Maybe that is his not so subtle hint to those teams, give me a call?

    As for the digs on Romo……..he is a top 10, QB in this league, like it or not. 22 or more teams out there would rather have Romo than who they have now. Does he have faults? Yes. Is he worth his contract? No, but if Dallas didn’t pay it, someone else would have.

    Jerry, give me a call, so we can talk about this draft. 555-867-5309

  22. The Cowboys don’t have a 7th round pick so trading down to get another pick could make sense. The Vikings have two first round picks to play with and they have an extra pick in the 7th.

    49ers have plenty of picks to play with too.

    However the Cowboys pick at #18 and reality is most won’t see that as worth moving up for.

  23. The only team that did things right last year were the Ravens. If you don’t win the Super Bowl then you have let your fans down.

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