Jets can now focus on fixing Sanchez (or at least playing out the string)


Now that the New York Jets have exorcised Darrelle Revis, they can focus on the “demons” that have haunted quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Or they can watch the clock until the time comes that they can get rid of him.

The “D” word came from ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, in recent comments to Rich Cimini of

Dilfer believes new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg can fix Sanchez, especially in the aftermath of the coordinator Dilfer calls “the worst hire ever.”

“I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, are you kidding me?'” Dilfer said of the decision by the Jets to hire Tony Sparano to run the offense in 2012.  “You’re talking about a defense-centric, offense-minimalizing coach.  It made you want to throw up in your mouth.”  (We don’t recall Dilfer articulating that opinion at the time the hire was made.  Given the vivid imagery, we likely would.)

As a result, Dilfer now believes Sanchez has become possessed by the spirits of bad football.  And Dilfer fears it could be too late.

“The demons might be too loud, they might be too much to overcome,” Dilfer said. “But at least now the guy has a chance.  I thought Marty was one of the best hires in a long time.”

We’re not prepared to go quite that far, especially since the best approach to the 2013 Jets would have been to hit the reset button.  But since the Jets will be paying Sanchez $8.25 million whether he’s on the team or not this year, they can’t truly start over until they can get rid of Sanchez, with or without his demons.

Given that the Jets at least mentioned to the Bucs the possibility of taking Sanchez’s contract in order to get Revis, it would be a surprise if 2013 is anything other than Sanchez’s last year in New York.

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  1. “Now that the New York Jets have traded Darrelle Revis, presenting us with a serious lack of content, we will turn our attention to another tired, Jets-related storyline: Mark Sanchez.”

  2. Now that the Jets have 2 first round picks, they can draft a QB with one of them and sit Sanchez, or at worst use their 2nd rounder. The Jets new GM obviously has a background in sitting the higher priced QB.

  3. I am in no way shape or form a Sanchez/Jets fan, but it’s not like the guy has had much help around him in recent time. When their O-Line was viable and they had decent targets, he could do enough to keep them viable. And when they got to the playoffs, he turned into a better player… Those two years, anyways.

  4. Yea, it was Sparano’s fault that Dilfer’s boy had 50+ turnovers in 2 seasons.

    One thing that I hate about the media is the lack of honesty in the commentators because they’re friends with a player, share an agent, etc.

  5. Sanchez was a good QB coming out of college, but his talent dissolved with a Defense HC and two OC’s who were more bent on running the ball than training the QB to do anything more. Case in point, Sanchez is going to get cut this season, and will probably waste away as a backup QB on some other team.

    Which is sad because he did show a good amount of promise coming out of the draft.

  6. I had a coworker tell me one time in the lunchroom that Mark Sanchez was a “bad dude”. I learned that day that my coworker didn’t know crap about football or the position. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not demeaning Mark, but he has proven again and again that he can’t handle the pressure. He was ok at USC, but being good in college doesn’t always mean the same will happen in the pros. I feel bad for the guy, but the truth is, after this season, Sanchez will be a back up in the NFL. If he isn’t, then shame on the GM that thinks that he will be different somewhere else, because he probably won’t. His last hope in NY is Marty M. If he can’t fix him, nobody can. Just keeping it real. All the best to Mark though, seems like a good guy.

  7. I would like to know what Dilfer knows that most of us don’t in regards to Marty M. MM always comes off as a major league goofball. I think they should have hired Norv as OC.

  8. A year or two of time holding a clipboard on a team with good QB coaching after he gets cut this season will make him a better quarterback. He had too much spotlight coming out of college with a loud mouth coach and the media forgetting that the defense was getting the job with Sanchize just along for the ride. Still, first round draft pick, two times to the AFC championship? He’ll get another crack at starting. You can’t tell me Buffalo, Arizona, or Oakland have better answers at the position.

  9. Great job by jets unloading Mevis. Kid was a constant distraction. Also jets pass d was better past year (when he missed15+ games) then in the past 4 years when he was on the field….

  10. The only way to fix Sanchez is to get rid of him, one way or the other. The Jet fans will never accept him, he’s proven he’s not anything but a second or third QB, and that won’t work in N.Y. I feel he’ll be beat out of the starting job, ( if they have a fair competition)and the Jets will basically let him sit for the season and cut him at the end of the year. He had to be one of the worst signings of recent times, it’s a shame Tannenbaum isn’t liable for the 8+ mil. he’s going to be paid this year.

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