Locker says shoulder’s feeling much better


The good news for the Titans, there’s nothing resembling hitting anytime soon.

Because Jake Locker can do everything else.

Three months after surgery on his left shoulder, The Titans quarterback said he’s been cleared by doctors for all other activities, as the team begins voluntary workouts.

I’m feeling great,” Locker said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “I got to see the doctor last week and he said he’s really happy with my progress. He allowed me to do everything but get hit basically, so I am getting back into it and excited about it.”

Locker had multiple dislocations of his non-throwing shoulder last year, and missed five games. He said he “definitely” planned on being on the field with his teammates in June.

“I am making sure that I ease back into a little bit so if I am doing some kind of overcompensating with my right arm I am not going to go out and do something to hurt it and set me back,” Locker said. “I am just being smart with how I kind of get back into it whether I feel good or not.”

He needs to feel well. The Titans signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to be his backup and nudge him along, but if the team is going to make any kind of substantial progress, he’s going to have to drive it by playing better.

8 responses to “Locker says shoulder’s feeling much better

  1. Jake Locker is the second coming of Steve Young–the Tampa Bay Steve Young.

  2. Other than he has gotten hurt too often, I think he has done a great job. If Locker was playing with Seattle’s team he too might look like Wilson.

    Titians need to get him help on the O-line, and some playmakers. Locker will be just fine if he can stay healthy. I think getting hurt so often starts to make players “gun shy” and they don’t play with confidence.

  3. I can truly say that it could be worse when it comes to our quarterback situation. We could a have a Weeden, Sanchez, Ponder, Fitzpatrick…..oh wait, or a Kevin Kolb for crying out loud. Jake has been through a lockout, competition with a three time Pro Bowl QB, injury and a busted up O-Line.

    I have a firm belief that Locker will have a break out year in 2013. I also have a firm belief in our front office (which I have not felt that way for 12 years now) and our coaching staff. WARMACK WANTS US TO DRAFT HIM!!!!! So I hope everyone got in the titans organization got the message!! If we can get Jake some reliable protection and with all the great additions this off season, we will make a ton of noise in the AFC South this year!

    Go BLUE!!

  4. @thegreatgabbert.

    You obviously don’t follow football to closely if you are really concerned about the wonderlic score. Correct me me wrong but two if the greatest QB of all time Dan Marino and Jim Kelly both scored a 14 on there test. Ryan Fitzpatrick “the BACKUP” qb scored a 46 on his test the 3rd best score ever on the test, that worked out well for him!!!! What I’m trying to say is the wonderlic score means nothing to your career in the nfl. Morris Clayborne also only scored a 4 on the test and every team would give alot to have him coming in as a second year man, enough said!!!

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