New Raven Rolando McClain arrested for disorderly conduct


Rolando McClain’s career with the Raiders fell apart in large part because of his inability to stay out of trouble off the field. Now his time with the Ravens is off to a bad start.

McClain, the linebacker who signed with the Ravens this month after being cut by the Raiders, was arrested on Sunday night in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama.

WHNT reports that McClain was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after an incident at a local park. Witnesses said they saw McClain cursing at police officers before he was handcuffed and taken away.

McClain’s previous arrests have included everything from assault to driving with windows that were tinted too darkly.

The 23-year-old McClain was the No. 8 overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft and was the Raiders’ starting middle linebacker for most of his three seasons in Oakland. But his talent may not be enough to outweigh his off-field troubles, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Ravens cut him.

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  1. I would say what a waste of talent, but he hasn’t even proved that yet! Ravens should cut him now, no need for head cases

  2. This guy can’t even stay out of trouble in a small town with a population of 50. The cops in Baltimore will get real familiar with this dude.

  3. As long as he didn’t witness two young men murdered and help them get away in his limo while refusing to help the police, he should be fine. That stuff is tolerated in Baltimore only if you happen to be good.

  4. LOL, what a joke! He’ll be cut and broke within the year. Good model of what not to do.

  5. It’s not like this is inappropriate for a guy trying to carry on Ray Lewis’ mantle. It’s just a blip. There’s no way they cut him for a “disorderly conduct.” If he assaulted someone else at the park then that would be the charge. Don Knotts was just having a bad day down there in Georgia.

  6. Did this idiot just say he learned from his past mistakes. Some guys never learn. Moron.

  7. Who really thought Ray Lewis’ shoes were going to be hard to fill?

  8. “Stop this man from back to alabama in the off season!”

    This seriously should be built into his contract. “$100,000 fine for crossing the Alabama border.”

  9. I’d like more details about the incident before I’d assume he’d be cut. Cursing at police officers is not a crime

  10. Ozzie is an excellent GM, but even he isn’t immune to a flop now n then. He was lauded on the Sergio Kindle pick (2nd rnd) when the teams that passed on him in the 1st rnd did so because of alcohol/IQ concerns. Now this signing looks like another swing n miss.

  11. It is unbelievable how badly two top level SEC talents flamed out for the Raiders. You can blame Al, the locker room….whatever you want…but the fact is that Rolando McClain and Jamarcus Russell were talented enough to be top of the mountain in the biggest baddest conference in college football and have flamed out in incredible fashion as professionals.

    The guys almost look alike and are both from Mobile, Alabama! The comparisons and the fall from grace for both are staggeringly similar. SEC, Sizzurp, arrests, entitled, could be twins…’s crazy.

  12. According to Ravens fans, this was the greatest FA signing in the history of the NFL. Ozzie isn’t so Newsome after all.

  13. What happened to the fans who were saying, “Oh, he’s pro-bowler in the making” and “Ozzie is great at signing talent” and my favorite “he was a Raider”..LMAO

  14. Minimum wage, no guaranteed money. They gave him a chance, let’s see if he blew it. Either way, this isn’t a bad decision.

  15. This guy must’ve really popped off to the cops to be arrested in Alabama after delivering them a crystal football!!! Cops must’ve been Auburn fans!!! LOL

  16. The ratbirds gave him a chance by signing for a 1 year vets minimum salary..wise choice by Ozzie for not giving him a muli year deal. Ratbirds got nothing to lose

  17. Even if McClain gets cut from the Ravens, he his in talks for his own reality TV show called Turd Watch!

  18. I was iffy on this guy when they signed him cuz I saw the video of him mercilessly beating that dude that sued him for assault.

    I think he has clinical anger management issues.

  19. As a Ravens Fan, cut this turd. You get one shot and it only took you 10 days to screw up. Clearly your an alcoholic and you just can’t resist going home and hanging out with those who bring you down.

  20. The contract McClain signed is no-risk to Baltimore. It’s impossible that they’ll “regret” the signing (other than the bad press from this incident), because the Ravens can cut him at any time with zero financial impact.

    Normally I’m the last one to give up on a guy, especially for knucklehead stuff…but his 2nd chance was like four chances ago, and I guarantee you that the reported meeting he had with Ozzie and Harbaugh before signing was them explaining exactly that.

    I’d be willing to bet that he’s cut very shortly.

    There are just plain no words for how stupid this guy has to be to put himself into this situation a week after getting a clean slate with a new franchise.

  21. Well, that didn’t take long! As a Raven fan and Bama alum, I really wanted this to work out, but it’s not like his $700K was a signing bonus. This only hurts if they keep him around and he does it again. I say cut him.

  22. I don’t understand these guys that get in trouble over and over again. But by the third time and getting cut by your team you still continue to put yourself in these situations. I know you think you owe your homies something but you don’t.

  23. Most of u r complete idiots. He was going to make 400k if he went to workouts. Chimp change for a guy who has talent. If he gets cut who cares was a good gamble for no loss

  24. Ozzie’s genius manifests itself again. Unlike at least one team I can think of, which failed in its numerous attempts to trade a player suspended by the NFL for immoral conduct, Ozzie can give this guy another chance or cut him today at no cost. These types of shrewd moves separate championship teams from teams who lose superbowls, can’t win playoff games, and are now headed straight for the basement.

  25. Typical Raider/Raven scum… No surprises here. I guess they needed someone to get in trouble now that the murderer os officially retired.

  26. Even though we don’t know the full story, this guy is never going to get it.

    They should cut him now. Hard to believe he won’t do something like this, yet again, at the worst possible time as far as the team is concerned, and then they have more limited replacement options, plus a new player won’t know the defense. “Can’t win with players like that, can’t do it.”

    Bring in Dansby if you need a vet.

  27. McClain shot a gun by a man’s head and got off scot free in Alabama. He was barely inconvenienced. Is it any wonder he thinks he’s above the law there?

  28. The NFL needs to get involved especially since Marshawn Lynch has one run in with the law… I mean a woman…and a simole marijuana possesion charge and gets a four game suspension…and this bum keeps getting in fights in Alabama

  29. Sometimes you are known as menace to your society. When he touches ground in Alabama, all the police officers know of his reputation. I don’t blame the local authorities, I blame McClain and his “friends” who continue to put himself in bad situations. At times, its best to leave a place and NEVER look back. Now, his career is done, for wanting to hang out. I don’t know him, but would not be surprised to see if his upbringing was like the movie ” undefeated”, and littered with juvenile arrest.

  30. The bad news is he’s been arrested for disorderly conduct. The good news is he now qualifies to be a Steelers’ season ticket holder. Yikes!

  31. I love all the negative comments here about Ozzie and the Ravens. The fact is, Ozzie knew this guy was high risk, thus why there was no guaranteed money and only the vet minimum to give this guy one more shot. The onus was on McClain to prove he was a changed man and had turned his life around. The Ravens had NOTHING to lose on the deal at all so, yeah, Ozzie is a smart man who made a smart deal. McClain had a chance to turn a negative past into a positive future with a first class organization and this incident may have been the nail in his professional coffin. No loss for the Ravens. It amazes me how many Steeler fans come out of the woodwork to comment on anything related to the Ravens. Maybe you all should worry about your own team …your future isn’t looking too bright at the moment.

  32. Lol, do yourselves a favor Baltimore, nip it in the bud Baltimore. He ain’t gonna change.
    Somebody said “what a turd” … that’s funny

  33. It’s funny he’s such a tough guy in his hometown- because he is such a puppy dog on the football field.

  34. So glad my RAIDERS got rid of this bum. What a waste of space. Told you Raiders fans trust in BIG Reg.

  35. This is exactly why I said this signing seemed like a poor fit for the Ravens. Talented guys with some off the field issues are not new for any team. The lack of work ethic and the entitlement is what makes him not fit. Ozzie might have some guys on the squad that have caused trouble, but for the most part it is a blue collar kind of team. Get your nose down and work.

    McClain seems like his biggest goal wasn’t to make it in the NFL, but instead to be drafted in the first round. Job done, the guy quit working.

    To me, that isn’t a Newsome signing. We will have to see if they cut him.

  36. I’m not sure how anyone could use this as an indictment against Baltimore’s Front Office…McClain has received ZERO dollars under his new contract. $700k is in-season only salary, and $400k is tied to playing time incentives.

    This is the definition of a no-risk, high-reward signing.

    Just because it has seemingly not worked out doesn’t make it a bad deal. Cut him with no financial impact and move on.

  37. OK, I don’t care what Newsome or Harbaugh said to him in their meeting, if Ray Lewis was there, as soon as the contract was signed, McClain would have been taken to the weight room and what was expected from him would have been explained.

    Not the BS in the contract, the team leader would have been the one to lay down the law, and been there to make sure it was followed through on. Ray Ray probably would have taken him to his home and they would have started working out and learning the play book.

    Fact is, as NO ONE has mentioned in this post to this point, there was no leadership on the Ravens that took this guy under their wing and led him like he needed.

    Proof that the Ravens have lost their leaders. Ray Ray? Ed Reed? No, the Ravens will be fine without them?

    See, THIS is what leadership is for.

  38. Yeah. What a surprise. Signing this guy was a mistake from the outset, and I said it the minute the Ravens signed him. His problem was NOT that he played for the Raiders; his problem is that he’s an immature young man who never lived up to his hype.

  39. People need to realize that “going to jail” for something like “disorderly conduct” is vastly different than committing a felony or something more serious. Police officers are not judges, yet the possess the ability to bring someone in at their sole discretion – only later to be vetted by a judge.

    All I am saying is that Rolando doesn’t seem to be committing major crimes here (ie window tint too dark on his car). I think people need to keep things in perspective.

  40. What a smart F.O. would have done is sign him to a no guaranteed money deal to where he’d have to prove himself first so they’re at no risk to anything…

    Oh wait…!

    What some of you so called brainiacs don’t know is that the Ravens lost $0 in his signing. How about you do some research before opening your mouth laughing at the signing. Where’d your club finish last season at? LOL!

  41. Listen the Ravens should have been smart enough not to sign anyone coming out of Oakland. That’s where the scrubs play.

  42. I am so disappointed that Mike Tomlin, HC of the Pittsburgh Steelers, didn’t hold true to his word and get this guy on his team.

    After all, Tomlin said that McClain “could be his starting Mike linebacker any time…” Why did you lie, Mr. Tomlin? You could have straightened him out and made him a STAR.

  43. This just in: “McClain to be the new public relations director for Massengill”!

    The company states that they wanted to hire someone that exemplifies their product…

  44. I’m a diehard Raiderfan and watched this young man self destruct and needs help!!! If Ozzy knows what’s best for Ravens cut bait!!! Rolando please get help and stay out of parks!!!! Your a big boy now and grow up before its to late!!! Turn your life over to The Lord like Ray did! Maybe Ray can help I pray!!! God Bless you and your poor family your hurting Rolando!!!

  45. Well obviously he doesn’t listen to his wife either…she told him to stay out of Decatur.

    Nothing but total stupidity…and if you feel sorry for him, then you are also an idiot.

  46. “All I am saying is that Rolando doesn’t seem to be committing major crimes here (ie window tint too dark on his car). I think people need to keep things in perspective.”

    One, firing a gun inches from someone’s head is pretty damn major to me.

    Two, here’s a guy who has flopped majorly after being a high 1st round draft pick. He was accepting what is almost league minimum. He knew he was on a short leash and yet two weeks later he is arrested for disorderly. That is just plain stupid, bottom line.

    So now he’ll be cut and probably be dealing drugs this year. And I suppose that’s not a major crime to you either.

  47. No loss for the Ravens…minimum deal with no risk. They will just cut him and be done, or they will give him another chance depending upon police report…really not a big deal.


  48. can you bmore homers PLEASE stop pretending like 20 other teams were beating down this dude’s door before Ozzie came in with a VET MINIMUM contract and he bypassed MILLIONS elsewhere to become a raven? the raiders didnt want him and placed him on waivers where EVERYONE IN THE LEAGUE had a chance to sign him, including your ‘GENIUS’ gm, and NO ONE DID. so he’s only a genius the second time around? you were bidding against yourselves and he was smart enough to realize that. not saying it was a bad move, but geez.
    here’s the more likely scenario…
    he cleared waivers, and you guys figured you had all the leverage and were willing to give a kid from your GM’s alma mater a chance. he sold it as no risk to the organization and they signed off. you were probably his only offer.
    congrats on the superbowl this year, you earned it, but please stop acting like you’ve won it all each year Ozzie’s been at the wheel. He’s kept you right in the thick of it, but get over yourselves. you’re starting to sound like obnoxious steeler fans…..

  49. I knew things were going a bit too smoothly for the Ravens… Having guys at positions of need just fall into their lap after losing or cutting so many key pieces.

    Something like this was bound to happen.

  50. This guy has too much time on his hands. Get him to Owings Mills and The Castle asap and put him to work. Like I said when they signed him, what happens next is all up to him. Less than two weeks after getting his dream job he’s involved in this. Where is the sense of right and wrong that says “something is wrong here I need to leave so it doesn’t impact my career”? Not even sure he should get a second chance.

  51. I told you! He would not even make mini camp before he screwed up. Thats why we cut him, he is a wasted busytof human and football player. The Raiders ate 9 mil to get rid of this idiot! Lol….good luck!!!

  52. Stop with all the social commentary and speculation as if any of you know McClain and what he was doing in a park in Decatur, AL yesterday.

    A majority of NFL players come from backgrounds and environments that fans and those who “cover” the teams do not understand, yet insist on judging the content of a player’s character, personality and nature. It’s ridiculous from jump.

    All that said, too many of you are giving McClain too much credit for his talent. He really isn’t unless you consider running into blockers so they can manhandle you a valuable part of pro football. He plays like a 3-technique DT from the LB position, which is either revolutionary or an indication that he’s a terrible MLB.

    He’s 23, doing what 23 year olds do, but clearly he can’t stay out of trouble on his home turf. The cops must have went to McClain’s rival high school….or he sucked in high school too and this is payback.

  53. Steeler fans are gloating over the two-bit arrest of a no-risk player who has yet to play a single down. Hooray for them!

    What’s next? Celebrating a slim, meaningless regular season victory by a back-up quarterback?

  54. I’m sure he pulled this krap at Alabama too. Only the school/alumni kept bailing him out and kept it from the media with the good ol’ boy system they got down there. As long as they won football games at Alabama, thats all that mattered. Guess what, there is life/consequences after college. But the good news is, is that he has that fine Alabama/SEC edjamacation to fall back on! lol!

  55. Went home and ran into his homies and got arrested. What else would you expect? Trade him to Cincy after he pays his fine.

  56. He needs to leave Decator alone..F ya friends..F goin to the club. Go spend ya off-seasons in Utah some where! Idiot

  57. Coming out of college most teams wanted him; now nobody does. Three words, What A Waste!!!

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