Revis would have taken same deal from Jets

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There has been much speculation as to whether cornerback Darrelle Revis would have signed the same six-year, $96 million, pay-as-you-go deal with the Jets that he signed in Tampa.

A source close to Revis tells PFT that the player would have taken that deal, despite the much-hyped absence of state income taxes in Florida.  (Just don’t buy property there.)

Revis will likely be asked that question today, possibly multiple times.  His press conference begins at 12:00 p.m. ET, and he’ll be doing multiple media interviews thereafter.

Regardless of what he or anyone close to him now says, it’s impossible to know whether Revis really would have taken the deal because it never was offered.  And it’s possible that the Revis camp simply wants to twist the knife a little bit more regarding the perception that Jets owner Woody Johnson doesn’t want to invest the money necessary to win.

More importantly, Johnson never would have agreed to a year-to-year deal like the one Revis signed in Tampa because it invites an eventual effort to get more money, and it contains no protection against a holdout.  (The deal Revis signed with the Jets in 2010 had three phony years attached to the back end that became real years only if he held out at any point through 2013.)

So maybe Revis would have taken that deal in New York.  But Johnson never would have put it on the table.

The fact that Johnson never put anything on the table proves that, regardless of his reasoning, Johnson was ready to move on from Revis.

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  1. Easy to say that NOW – now you are trying to save face with an organizations fan base after 2 hold outs for more money and a 3rd would have happened this season.

  2. You mean like Adrian Petersons bad knee? ACL injuries aren’t what they used to be. The guy eliminates half the field and neutralizes a teams best receiver . You could ask how do u pay $15 million for a linebacker? Bucs could and did, time will tell if it is money well spent

  3. it’s essentially 32 million dollars guaranteed. if they don’t like his salary in two years (which will happen), they’ll let him loose and he’ll look for another big payday somewhere else.

  4. And it was the right time to move on. The Jets still have too many issues and it’s better to rebuild by cashing in the old assets instead of letting them expire like the rest of the losers do.

  5. People criticize the Jets for not trying to get the deal, but it makes NO sense for the Jets or the majority of teams.
    1. If Revis plays well he will fight for yet another deal with guarantees.
    2. The absence of bonus money means a really high cap number. Only teams like the Bucs and Bengals (that always keep and low cap # and spends little $) can afford to keep a contract like this.

    So this contract would not have been good for the Jets.

  6. Really? In that case I can’t believe the Jets would turn down an offer to pay $16 million for one year of service to a guy who is coming off ACL surgery and who is guaranteed to hold out on them again next year.

  7. This is the smartest move the Jets made in the last 3 years. IMO

    Looks like they are finally heading in the right direction.

  8. Mevis would have taken the same dral from a semi pro team. Its all about money with him. He doeesnt care about team or titles, he only cares about himself. I cant stand warren sapp but he is right. Mevis is selfish and greedy, no team will ever win a title with him on the roster. The bucs blew it bigtime, thats why they are pretenders and seattle is contenders

  9. Oh really? yeah he probably would of taken 16 million to play with the Jags or the Raiders ahaha..who wouldn’t these days. Because I’m a Panthers fan I hope he isn’t half of what we he was before the Bucs. With saying that however, I dont like seeing players falter because of injury

  10. I don’t care if it’a a pay as you go contract or whatever NO CB anywhere is worth $16 mil. a year unless he can play QB too. There’s a reason why there was only one taker for Revis’s services folks…… the other 31 teams had more common sense. I feel bad for Buc fans.

  11. “Revis would have taken same deal from Jets”

    He said knowing full well the Jets cap could not sustain 16 mil a year hits for any player given how badly Tannenbaum left the cap situation.

    Very disingenuous for Revis to make this statement.

  12. how does it makes sense to play a CB 16mill/yr when this past CB market topped at like 5-6mill/yr? Multiple WR sets are common now and revis can only cover 1 WR. Just throw the ball to whoever revis is not covering and he has been neutralized. I understand that TB secondary was horrific last yr. But still.

    You don’t need a shutdown corner to win the SB, how many rings does revis have??

  13. The Jets will never be successful with Johnson as the owner. He seems to be a ‘hands on’ type of guy which translates into ‘he can’t delegate’. Idzik should look at his Jets tenure as an internship for a real job with a different franchise.

  14. Do you people really think he will fight for more money than 16million a season. What color is the sky in your world? His contract holdouts are OVER, and all indications by his ex coach and teammates are that he is a leader and awesome in the locker room. It’s the NY media that portrays him as a cancer. Rex wanted him and I guarantee you his teammates did too. He ISN”T TO.

  15. I am shocked to hear that Revis would have played for the Jets for a mere $16 million per year. What a gentleman.

  16. Hopefully the Jets will have a solid draft like they had in ’06 when they traded John Aberham and had two 1st round picks. Lets get another Brick and Mangold.

  17. The jets are a stupid, stupid organization from their dilettante, entitled, pos owner to their blowhard-never won a damn thing head coach. The idiocy of trading the best D player in the game cannot be overstated. Good luck with those psl sales, morons.

  18. You don’t know the Glazers very well, if anything, it’s Revis who will be taking less if he isn’t in lockdown form.

  19. I am all for spending money to make your franchise better, but I can’t blame the Jets for not wanting to sign Revis.

    His effectivness is still an unknown. For every player who has rebounded from an ACL (Adrian Peterson), there are three players who haven’t been the same. I always got the impression with Revis that his career was totally a money first thing. Can’t blame the guy, but it obviously has a negative effect on the team and other players when you have someone who has already staged multiple holdouts, and still wants more money. All of this after being hurt last year. I can’t blame the Jets if they got tired of this. It’s not like having Revis healthy helped them all when he was out there last year. This team has many areas of need, so having an extra first round pick benefits them more.

    And until Tampa Bay can get consistent QB play out of Freeman, it may not matter anyway. I would be more concerned in Tampa that they are going the high priced player route, which never seems to work, and are forgoing a decent draft choice. If the Bucs were knocking on the door like the Seahawks, I could see it more, but really they aren’t that close.

  20. The only issue is the jets haven’t been drafting well in the 1st round since mangini left.
    Sanchez? Cople? please!

  21. For the eight-millionth time: this will NOT be a no-guarantees contract. He’s not going to play six years without any guarantees. He will play ONE year to show that he’s healthy, and then he will demand that a huge chunk of the money be converted to guarantees.

    And if the Bucs don’t comply, guess what’s gonna happen?

  22. I doubt he would have taken the same deal from the Jets. The state taxes in New York alone would likely have cost him more than $1 million a year, considering Florida has no state income tax.

    You know, you have to wonder when these owners are going to start realizing that if their team resides in an expensive state with high taxes, it’s going to cost them a shot at the top-tier players.

  23. Has there every been so much attention – or money – paid to an injured CB who contributed almost nothing to an 8-8 team who was traded to a 4-12 team? Sheesh. Wake me if it makes a difference of one win to either team.

  24. Why are you all on here crying about Revis’s holdouts? There are NUMEROUS NFL players cut by teams one or two years into multi year contracts. Some because they’re not performing, some simply because the team wants to save money, whatever.

    This is a cut throat business and it cuts both ways. Personally I think MORE NFL players with elite talent should hold out if they feel they’ve out played a contract.

    This thinking amongst fans and teams that only the team should be able to cut or force a change of a contract before it’s conclusion is nonsense.

    Unless explicitly prohibited in the CBA holdouts are here to stay. By the way where are all those com mentors who got on New Orleans players during bounty gate by saying they had no right to complain about Goodell’s ruling because they shouldn’t have signed a CBA that gave him so much power? Maybe if the owners hate holdouts so much they should have included language in the CBA preventing them. But they didn’t because that would mean fully guaranteed contracts for players like every other major North American sports league.

  25. The Jets just became a better team with the departure of Revis. This is an addition by subtraction here. However, it really doesn’t have a silver linging as their biggest liability is their head coach. Lose Rex!

  26. The Bucs have been to the big dance in recent years, while the Jets have to search the history books to remember theirs. The Bucs have a stronger need to get back to it. Rex the Human Jumbotron is all the proof one needs to have to know that the Jets aren’t desperate enough to seriously try for it. If they can fill the overpriced seats year in and out with the crappy teams they put on the field (and sell tons of merchandise), they simply don’t have to do better.

    Woody could learn a thing or two from the Mara’s, about winning football, but I suspect that ego will keep that from happening. The Jets are now headed into their umpteenth “rebuilding” year. Good luck with that.

    Maybe Woody could interest Revis, in buying an interest in the Jets? He’s got the coin, for sure.

  27. It’s crazy to say but I’m with the Jets on this one. Duhrelle had insane and illogical holdouts after signing his long term contracts. Guys like him with his inflated ego (Duhrelle, Jones-Drew, Osi, Lance Briggs, etc) should never sign long term. They should sign for 2-3 years and see where the market is.

    Signing for huge total numbers is just absurd and completely an ego thing. They can brag to their posses and entourages that they signed for 6 years and $96 million. Yet, they’ll hold out after 2-3 years complaining that they’re “underpaid”.

  28. I hate the Jets but I like the move. Will Revis still be the best DB or one of the bst DB’s? Only time will tell…If Revis really wanted to be a Jet he would have signed a deal that would have been good for him and the Jets–the guy is nothing more than a “me” type player..

  29. seaeagle- you talk about division titles since the sorry the jets don’t have a storied franchise like the seahawks..
    remember that glorious division title you won with that 7-9 record.
    you may have to go back to ’69 for a jets sb win, but at least we have ONE.
    did you guys even make it to a nfc championship ever?
    would you even make the wildcard last year without the refs giving you the greenbay game?

  30. “Revis would have taken same deal from Jets”

    Ya think?!?!

    Revis would have taken $96 million from ANY team that would have overpaid him this amount. It certainly doesn’t hurt he skips out on having to pay any state tax in Florida.

    The Jets still have to pay 12 million in dead money – no team does that unless you want a player as far away as possible from your organization. He was becoming to much of a diva and a headache for the Jets to handle.

    He is likely going to be the next Nnamdi Asomugha – paid a bunch of money because of past seasons play, hype, and the perception he is worth more than he is. He’s your problem now, TB. Welcome your newest headache – Darelle Me-vis.

  31. With Darrelle Revis it’s all about the money. Johnson made him an offer, and he turn it down.

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