Run on tackles could cause Cardinals to consider Branden Albert


The Arizona Cardinals could use a left tackle, and they have the No. 7 overall pick in a strong draft for left tackles. But with talk increasing that all three of the top tackle prospects will be gone within the first six picks, the Cardinals may need to look elsewhere.

That may be why Mike Jurecki ‏of XTRA 910 in Phoenix is hearing that the Cardinals have discussed a trade with the Chiefs for left tackle Branden Albert. The Chiefs are reportedly willing to accept a second-round pick as compensation for Albert, who has been their starting left tackle for the last five years.

The problem, however, is that Albert reportedly wants between $8 million and $9 million a year on a long-term contract. That appears to be the holdup on a trade with the Dolphins that had previously been discussed. The Cardinals would have to be willing to make a significant financial investment if they’re going to trade for Albert. And that’s why Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic is hearing that Albert is too expensive for the Cardinals’ tastes.

But if Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel, Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher and Oklahoma left tackle Lane Johnson are all off the board before the Cardinals make their pick, then Arizona may decide that the best option is to address another position in the first round and use their second-round pick to get Albert.

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  1. Albert is too expensive for any team. He needs to just stay put and stick to the Chiefs for signing him up as a franchise player.

  2. Smart move if cards do it. But they would still need a guard in first round. Same goes for chargers

  3. After watching every game Albert has played I find it amazing a false start machine with a bad back can command 9 million dollars per year. The Fins and the Cards should let him play out his contract with the Chiefs and be happy about the money they save

  4. John Dorsey and Andy Reid should make it very clear to Brandens agent that the the Chiefs have run out of patience with him.

    Tell him he has 24 to work out a contract with a trade partner or that IF the team drafts Joeckel or Fisher, the Branden will move to right tackle which will cost Branden millions next year on the market.

    If Branden decides to not sign his tender and not report till the 10th week, then tell him he will not play at all in 2013 and will ride the bench, which will cost him millions.
    If Branden wants to be a disruption, then suspend him which will cost him millions, and label himself as a troublemaking malcontent, which will cost him millions on the market next year.

    The team has the leverage, all they have to do is make the threat to his agent

  5. I’ve never seen anything from Albert that I would call dominant. I think I would rather hope someone like DJ Fluker drops to the 2nd round than give up a pick and pay Albert.

  6. The Patriots are paying Nate Solder $2 million per year, including his signing bonus. Paying Albert 4x as much would be the height of stupidity. If I was hard up, I’d give a second round pick for Albert, but I’d pay him no more than what Solder is getting.

  7. LOL @ Iknoweverything

    you obviously don’t know anything

    chiefs have ZERO leverage on Albert

    he already signed his tender, so he already has 9.8 mil in his pocket regardless of what the chiefs decide to do.

    if he rides the bench, he is moved to RT. so why would he settle for less

  8. Gets so tiresome reading about Joeckel, Fisher, Lane and the absolute NEED to get one of these guys. I just as much sign Brennan Williams, Justin Pugh or Kyle Long and actually pick a “playmaker” with my first pick. You know, those guys that score touchdowns or create sacks and turnovers. The Dolphins have spent 5 of the past 6 years picking BIG Lineman with their first pick, how’d that work out?? Enough of wasting 1st picks on lineman.

  9. I’d stay away from drinking this kool-aid, here locally the Cardinals position has been that of avoiding signing any FA OL before the draft and will likely build OL with the draft.

    For some reason the word seems to be the coaching staff is high on the players they have at that position (along w/anyone drafted). Line improved dramatically last year in 2nd half of the season under what is now considered to be was a poor coaching staff here last year.

  10. Seems like it would be cheaper just to trade up to #2 with the Jaguars…

  11. According to Ian Rappaport from the leagues website just moments ago, the Dolphins are willing to meet Brandens salary demands but are waiting for the Chiefs to decide if they will take to #54 pick or not

  12. I am shocked that Arians is not at least considering Steelers free agent Max Starks. Starks is entering his 10th season, he has started in two victorious Super Bowls, and he was the only Steelers O-lineman to play every offensive snap last season.
    Over the years, Starks has gotten better with age.

  13. The problem with this scenario is the the Cardinals simply do not have the cap space to add any contract that would pay him more than about $4mil for 2013. They have about $10 mil in remaining space & need $5-6 mil of that to sign their draft picks.

    While Albert would be an definite major upgrade at the position for the Cardinals, he is not an elite LT or even in the top 10. Why would they spend the draft pick & overpay this guy?

    I would rather the Cardinals use their 2nd round & a 2014 3rd round pick to trade up to the number 2 or 3 spot in the draft before trading for Albert.

    He is not an elite LT & not worth an overpay.

  14. 3 of the top 6 picks haven’t been tackles in the last 40 years. Just sorted NFL 1st round drafts back through ’73…I doubt this will happen.

  15. Its a different league now, dude. It’s a passing league and teams pay QB’s hundreds of millions of dollars now. You’d better protect that investment or you have no chance to win. Plus, there are no QB’s good enough in this years draft to take with those early picks. It’s going to happen.

  16. Every year the draft is impossible to predict, and that’s when there are 2-3 sure fire top guys. This hear there are no “top three guys” like there usually are. There’s always some major trade or a team that falls in love with a guy nobody ever saw going in the top ten (i.e. Darius Heyward-Bey or the Cal DT the Jags took a couple years ago). I’m fairly certain that one of the three will be there at #7 just based on the history of the draft.

  17. if levi brown comes back from his injury – and indications are that he has – it would make very little sense for the cardinals to invest 8+ million per year in albert. sounds like a non-story to me.

  18. I don’t understand the chiefs issue here. Why not draft the top tackle regardless and play him at RT. let Albert play left and maybe put up more than 2 wins. Maybe that way he’d be more willing to move to right next year if he’s playing for a quality team. Coaches are always trying to ease the transition to the pro game for rookies anyway so why not let the rookie play the easier side and learn the game. At worst you have the a great oline for a season and deal with Alberts crap next offseason.

  19. No idea why there is so much Branden Albert hate. The guy publicly came out and said “I just want long term security” as if that makes him a problem child or a malcontent. Albert has never been a problem for the Chiefs.

    The reports are saying he’s seeking Duane Brown money (~8 million a year) which is perfectly reasonable for a player of his caliber. It’s not top tackle money. It’s second tier tackle money. Which is what Albert is. He’s one of the best pass protection tackles in the league, who struggles with consistency in the run game.

    I love it that I’ve read a bunch of Branden Albert news lately and there’s at least a dozen comments going why doesn’t X team sign Eric Winston for nothing!1111!!11. He’s a right tackle. Not a left. Who coincidentally struggles in pass protection.

    Oh. And he was called for 5 penalties total last year. Which is basically average, even for the top tackles.

  20. And why would Albert ever move to right tackle? It makes so sense from his perspective. He knows he’s roughly a top ten tackle. That’s 8 million a year. The top right tackle in the league barely make 6.

  21. Pretty sure it said on that a deal for Mia. to get Albert was very close to being done.

  22. I don’t see AZ and Keim trading or giving a pick away as Keim called it to move up sorry. If anything Keim is gonna trade back if he can a few spots and still come out the first round with Warmack or Cooper. Then target a Tackle in round 2 if need be. In this senario if Keim traded back and gained an additional second rounder they get a guard and tackle and safety all in 2rds.
    1st- Warmack/Cooper if trade back a couple, few spots
    2nd- Reid. S
    2nd- Fluker/Long. OL
    3rd- Sam Montgomery OLB
    4th- Jordan Reed/Vance McDonald TE
    5th- RB
    6th- CB
    7th- whatever Keim desires

  23. There could be a lot of movement in the draft this year. Top picks are cheap these days, and just because talking heads are saying the top of the draft is flat doesn’t mean that teams won’t move up to get the guy they want. Right now everyone is just blowing smoke. Oakland feigned interest in Geno Smith, and then the Jags did the same. Oakland is now feigning interest in a LT, even though they have a good one that is up for a new contract next year. I don’t know why any team would make a deal for Albert before the draft. The Chiefs would rather get back the pick they gave up for Smith than keep Albert as their franchise LT. Denver isn’t shopping their franchise guy for a Friday pick.

  24. Let’s not forget AZ hasn’t added an OL in FA because they can fit with cap space a drafted OL or two not Albert or any these others 8-9 million a year.

  25. Jurecki is a fool. They are tight against the cap. They have Levi Brown coming back… They can fix some of their needs through the draft in the first three rounds Rather than committing 8-$9 million for another tackle

  26. All I remember is prior to last season, they were unimpressed by his performance and thought he might be better at RT or guard. Now he is an elite left tackle? I would pass on him and sign Eric Winston for RT and draft a young big mauling guard.

  27. People keep saying Albert is “not that good.” Pro Football Focus has him as the 9th best guard (Long was in the 20s). He allowed one sack last year.


    If Miami wants to protect Tannehill and give him time to work with all his new toys (Wallace, Keller, Gibson, and whomever Miami drafts), they need to make the LT a solid, dependable position.

    Yes, Albert has had back issues…but Long has had everything issues. If the risk is Albert’s health vs the quality a rookie may–or may not–bring…I see why they would prefer Albert.

    Miami has an extra 2nd and 3rd. I suspect Ireland is holding firm on whatever his offer is because he believes KC won’t trade Albert to San Diego, and Arizona won’t thin their draft out. Ireland is all-in, and sitting on what he feels is a good hand…and waiting to see if anyone calls.

  28. I think the Cardinals already learned their lesson from conducting any trades with Andy Reid cause that Kevin Kolb trade worked out so well. No GM in the NFL should be foolish to conduct a trade with Reid after Feely, McNabb, Kolb, etc.

  29. It really doesn’t matter what the chiefs do.. their team will still be dead last in the AFC conference this year!

  30. Forget salary a minute, let’s ask a simple question…

    If Branden Albert was entering the draft TODAY, knowing what we know about him now, would he fall to the Cardinals in the second round?

    I, personally, very much doubt it.

    The next question would be, forgetting salary, are we likely to find anyone with higher upside who is guaranteed to make as much of an immediate impact as Albert would at that spot? Again, I doubt it.

    Albert is a proven lineman, a known quantitiy, who would immediately make an impact for the Cardinals. He would allow Brown to move inside to guard or slide over to the right, and allow Potter and Massie to fill in the other spots quite nicely, while also keeping the depth we need in the short term in Snyder and Colledge to cover any injury worries we may have (both are too expensive to cut this year, but could be cut in the future if we draft some nice prospects later in the draft).

    Salary is, of course, a concern, but there is plenty the team can do to alleviate that cap hit. Make a lot of his year one salary a signing bonus, give him a nice long extention, and back load the contract, and his actual cap hit this year could easily be reduced to less than $2 Million.

    Ensure that most of his money is not guaranteed, and you can even soften the blow if he doesn’t perform as expected.

    Personally, I don’t like the O-line talent which is likely to be available at 7, and am sure the Cardinals could get back that second round pick it took to get Albert in a heartbeat if someone like Lane Johnson is still around—The Chargers are more tackle starved than the Cardinals are. Trade back in the first, and take Albert and they would be in a great position for years to come.

  31. Levi Brown will get Palmer killed, especially with Arians in charge. Albert is an immediate, major upgrade for only a 2nd. If it doesn’t look like Fisher or Joeckel will be there (it doesn’t), taking Albert with a 2nd makes sense. Would be a shame to keep wasting Fitz’s time because you’re scared to make a move.

  32. NO WAY IN THE WORLD they deal with Andy Reid again after the Kolb trade. 1% chance.

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