Seahawks extend Kam Chancellor through 2017


For the Seahawks, Russell Wilson is the gift that keeps on giving.

The biggest benefit of having a starting quarterback on a rookie contract (which can’t be renegotiated for two more years), is the flexibility it gives you to deal with the rest of your roster.

The Seahawks put some of that flexibility to use Monday, agreeing to a four-year $28 million contract extension with safety Kam Chancellor, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. The deal includes $17 million guaranteed, and locks him up through the 2017 season.

Along with their mega-deal for wide receiver Percy Harvin, getting pass-rushers Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett on the cheap, getting Matt Flynn’s big backup salary off the books and filling in the blanks of an excellent secondary with Antoine Winfield, the Seahawks have done a lot of good business this offseason.

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  1. About $5.86 per year (making $1.3 currently).

    Pretty fair deal for Kam and sets up Seattle to extend Earl Thomas next year. Sherman probably gets franchise tagged for 1 year before a huge contract (unless he takes a big hometown discount).

    This really makes Brandon Browner the odd man out. He will be 30 and Pete/John have made a habit of cutting 30 year olds.

  2. I am not looking forward to Sherman’s contract year. Now that Revis has 16m a year, ouch. He is signed for 2 more years, but a franchise will place him above $10m.

    The only good thing about rookie contracts is the player either has to play out the final year (Sherman makes less than $700k), or get a large sum of money in the renegotiation that would be hard otherwise to ever get back from another team. Meaning Sherman would lose $9.3m just playing out his final year on the rookie contract. Revis has only a year-to-year contract, and you could say that would discount the value compared to a long term guaranteed deal. Would you take 16m a year with no guarantee or 10m a year with 30m guaranteed? We will see in 2014.

  3. Just another incident of the Seahawks front office getting things done. Creatively maneuvering around the cap space they have and will need to take car of other home grown talents.

    Between those short term show me deals with young all pro ‘s, and having developed late round picks into pro bowl players and all pro’s the Seahawks are just better than anyone else at this right now.

    People will hate Pete Carroll and his charisma and fun attitude, but that man’s built a tremendous program in Seattle, maximizing talent by tweaking schemes to play up his teams personnel advantages and minimizing volunerability.

    The Seahawks are in great shape, they draft well, are built with plenty of talent, backups could start on some teams especially secondary backups on this team, and management knows how to structure deals to not handicap them in the future. Hate it or love it, Pete Carroll and John Schneider are just better than any other combo out their right now.

    It true Vernon Davis does not approve, kam is bad for his health.!

    -Go Hawks!!

  4. Seahawks will look to extend Earl Thomas’s contract first, and then Sherman. Browner is likely done by then, and hopefully replaced by one of the guys that’s already on our roster (Walter Thurmond III, Jeremy Lane, or Byron Maxwell).

    Really like (scratch that, LOVE) what we our doing in terms of dealing with cap space. Seahawks are looking to set themselves up to be dominant for a long time.

  5. Vernon isn’t mad he’s very excited.. He gets to go against the worst covering safety in the league even worser then my boi Donte whittner lol.. VD well be running circles around him.. By the way the niners arw the bullies in the nfc west. Hope you guys weren’t 1 year wonders… Seachickens get your rings up 5-0. What makes it so bad is the niners were damn right trqsh couldn’t buy a win for a whole decade but yet you guys still are trying to catch up haha damn losers# Ninernation.

  6. Must suck being the second best in your division. All I am reading from Seattle fans is about how they are going to compete with SF. Good luck! SF only cares about competing for the SB! I can’t wait to squash our little brothers dreams and win the NFC West again! NOBODY!!

  7. Remember a couple of years ago when Patrick Willis drilled Matt Hasselbeck on the goaline and the quarterback fainted going back to the sidelines.

  8. Don’t you love how niners fans feel the need to comment on every Hawks post. I guess it’s hard when every positive article is about the Seahawks and none on the niners.

    Hey at least you were consistant against us last year with 13 pts in both games. Only problem is when the other guys score 42.

    Good luck with that next year.

  9. Same typical Seahawk fan garbage. Blah blah we’re the best team, give me a break. You didn’t even make it to the NFC championship last year, didn’t win the division, and in reality have never won anything worthy of remembering.

    You’re still behind the Rams you pathetic losers, they have a Super Bowl win. Keep cheering your home win against the Niners last year, that’s all we ever see as your shining achievement. Absolutely pathetic.

  10. Wait for the…. But the niners have so many draft picks this year comment.

    1 problem with that, Last year 7 picks… zero starts from rookies.

    1st round pick WR… 0 catches!

    Not everyone can draft like the Hawks, sorry.

  11. Where is this money coming from? If I was a Seahawks fan, I’d be ecstatic about the next few years, although just a little nervous about whether or not the Seattle front office isn’t accidentally setting itself up for an eventual financial collapse.

    Personally, I don’t think they are, although they do seem to be spending a truly exorbitant amount, both on retaining their core players and signing free agents.

  12. I’m a Niners fan till the day I die. Good signing by Seattle but in all honesty he is Dashon Goldson 2.0 a big hitter with no coverage skills. He is protected by a good pass rush just like Goldson was when he was in SF. The real safety on that team is Earl Thomas , he has range and the ability to play in the box.
    Seahawks fans don’t realize the Revis deal only makes it worse for them down the road. If Sherman feels he is a better corner and Revis is making 16 million annually , What do u think Sherman will want?

    As for Vernon being scared, that makes me laugh Chancellor got a clean shot at Vernon , good hit but what about all the thumpers Willis, Goldson and Whitner have laid over the years to Hasselback, Tate , Lynch ..
    Seahawks have drafted well as so the Niners but let’s compare records the past 5 years

    Niners record (2008-2012) SeaHawks record(2008-2012)
    2008 7-9 2008 4-12
    2009 8-8 2009 5-11
    2010 6-10 2010 8-10
    2011 14-4 2011 7-9
    2012 13-5 2012 12-6
    —————- —————-
    48-36 36-48

    The above numbers don’t lie, SeaHawks have 1 winning season in 5yrs. So I ask again who has been the better team the past 5 years?

  13. When’s the last time a NFL team won the superbowl when they bought half their team through free agency? Or like Vince Young would say this is the Dream Team lmao.

  14. The thing people that aren’t Seahawk fans don’t understand is that how we did before we brought in any big names. We drafted diamonds in the rough and made people wonder how a great drafting team could do. Now imagine that great drafting team with a low payroll then add some pieces.. Now you have a contender. It ain’t always going to be great, but this team was built from nothing and is venturing in to something that could be great.

  15. Kam is great to watch play. He is a big physical S and can move very well on the field. His hits are legendary out here in Seattle. Doesn’t cover as well as ET but is so valuable in the box. Legion of Boom. Schneider is the man, this team is going to be intact for awhile. Other fans are starting to see that Browner will probably be the odd man out watching the way Lane stepped up when he was out 4 games plus the factors the other Hawk fan talked about.

  16. Some of my fellow Niner brothers are a little embarrassing here…

    Seahawks are building something nice up there and I look forward to our match ups in 2013 and beyond…may both teams continue to play well.

  17. bugorfeature says: Apr 22, 2013 4:58 PM

    @realninerfan22 apparently didn’t see the Sunday night 42-13 drubbing Seattle laid on SF. The rest of us around the country saw it.


    You mean Seattle’s Super Bowl?

    And good luck locking up Okung, Sherman, Wilson, Thomas . . . on top of Harvin and Chancellor that will be about half the teams cap invested into six players.

    Unsustainable . . . although I’m sure Hawk fan will pretend Schneider is magic and will figure it all out no matter what.

  18. Mike, now why is it that you believe Revis has every right to hold out next year if he feels he out performs his contract with the Bucs, but you say Wilson can’t? You say “biggest benefit of having a starting quarterback on a rookie contract (which can’t be renegotiated for two more years)”.

    Wilson (the player, not the volleyball), life is short dude. Hold out. You deserve starter money. SeaChickens have NO leverage. They have no backup. If you play for your rookie contract, you are the fool.

  19. @payton2kemp

    Really funny stuff. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. The Niners had 9 Pro Bowlers last year, 7 of them were drafted by the team. Occasionally a team misses on a pick. AJ Jenkins may be a miss…he may not. Lets not forget Lawrence Jackson and Aaron Curry.

    Also the 42-13 is getting old, and to be honest, kind of pathetic. It is really starting to sound like it was one of the best wins in franchise history, which isn’t saying much. In 2006, the Niners swept the season series from the Seahawks. Does anybody care or remember this? No. Why? Because in the same year the Seahawks won the division, won a playoff game, and lost a tough game in overtime in the Divisional Round. Was the sweep in ’06 a sign of things to come for the Niners in 2007? No. The Seahawks beat the Niners by a combined 44 points in the two matchups the following year.

  20. It’s funny to think Vernon Davis would fear Cam Chancellor. VD OWNS him for years and years then Cam gets his big shot to make an illegal hit and does it firing up the punk SeaCroc fans.

    If anything, Chancellor should be the one with eyes in the back of his head.

    Another guy who I can say without hesitation is at the VERY TOP of the Niners public enemy is LeRoy Hill for blantantly and obviously going straight for Manningham’s knees with the intent to injure. The problem with what Hill did stems from the fact that he did it on the Niners sideline in plain view of all the team and coaching staff.

    I see some retribution in the near future. NASCAR guys do it weekly.

  21. Since the Seahawks joined the NFC West, every team in the division has gone 0-1 in the SuperBowl (Rams lost to Pats in 2002).

    So really, all this talk about SuperBowls is fun and everything, but not one NFC West team can really talk smack to the others about SuperBowls.

  22. Ill take browner if he’s the odd man out. Just saying he look nice in purple. And to be honest when We get a player from the hawks it works out nicely….HUTCH the hawks HAVE gotten many vikings in the past… J Randle, Burleson, Tavaris, S Rice WHAT addition has truly been a good one. We will see I guess with Percy and Winfield.

  23. What most people don’t know about Kam: In 2011, he was graded as one of the better safeties in coverage in the league. In 2012: played 16 games, a good portion of them with bone spurs in both ankles. As for the money, does everyone expect Sidney Rice to be on the team at the star of the 2014 season, and if so, at the current contract? Same thing for Zach Miller. They’re the 2 guys who are making the most outside of Percy Harvin.

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