Bears working out Mike Glennon on Tuesday


The Bears and quarterback Jay Cutler aren’t in any hurry to talk about a contract extension that would assure Cutler remains in Chicago beyond 2013, which naturally leaves open the possibility that this could be his final year in Chicago.

With Josh McCown as their current backup, the Bears aren’t really equipped to move forward at quarterback if that should happen. That would explain why they’re working out one of the top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft on Tuesday.

Jason La Canfora of reports that the Bears will work out North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon in Raleigh on Tuesday. Glennon, who stands 6-foot-7 and has a strong arm, has drawn a variety of reviews over the last few months but definitely has enough supporters to think he’ll be off the board in the first two days of the draft.

Would the Bears put other pressing needs aside to draft a quarterback that early? They might need to if they want to grab a prospect — Glennon or otherwise — who would give them an option in the still unlikely event that Cutler heads elsewhere after next season. Throw in the fact that General Manager Phil Emery has said that he’d like to draft a quarterback every year and it seems like a good bet that the Bears will be coming home with a new name on the depth chart.

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  1. Yea, maybe if they move down in the draft. Right now they don’t have enough draft picks and they still have other needs.

  2. The Bears know that Cutler has proved he’s not really a franchise QB. Finishing with a rank of 20th in the league, and a QB rating of 81.4, they can’t afford to plug their noses and look the other way anymore.

  3. Do not sleep on Mike Glennon I got to see him in several games this past season and came away impressed give him a season or two at the next level to clean up his game and your going to have a FRANCHISE caliber player…. mark my word he has the tools and the mindset to improve and become a top preformer at the position plus he’s played in a pro-style offence and got it done with very little around him

  4. floratiotime says:

    Goofy looking dude.


    Who cares what he looks like?

    I’ll wager that in a few weeks he’ll be richer than you’ll ever be; its a certainty that he’s already hooked up with more chicas than you ever will.

  5. LOL at the moronic Cutler haters who have literally no clue how outstanding he’s been for the Bears the last 3 years

    There is no way Cutler won’t be the Bears QB next year. Anyone who’s heard Emery talk about him knows this

  6. Theyre just covering the bases. I can’t see them actually drafting Glennon, or any 2nd round prospect unless they drade down in the first and pick up either another 2nd rounder or a 3rd ronder

  7. they are not stupid enough that they are going to give up on Cutler now that they have finally given him a coach who knows offense is part of the game and how to run one. and they finally made a attempt to give him some protection and somebody besides Marshall to throw to. they are not wasting a pick early for a guy who is not an elite qb.

  8. I would be dissapointed if they draft a qb. Cutler has proven to be an average qb who cant win the big game. 7 losses in a row and counting.

  9. Cutler has the arm to be a top level QB but not the head or attitude. Find a QB that can throw as well as him but doesn’t whine and throw fits on the field..

  10. Cutler has played for a team that Lovie Smith coached since he arrived in Chicago. Lovie is and always will be a defensive coach first. That’s why he isn’t a HC in the league anymore. Teams realize its now an offense first kind of league and that’s why Phil Emery (who we should all be applauding for his work so far) made the move to bring in an offensive mastermind. He brought in Mel Tucker who was a leading candidate for HC around the league the last 2 seasons as DC because he also gets we need to have a dominant defense to win championships. Cutler has done remarkably well with little to no talent at receiver outside of last season. He had most success throwing to Marshall and Olsen when he was here because that’s the ONLY receiving talent he has had. Just because Angelo paid Bennett #1 money doesn’t mean he is a starting receiver. He doesn’t start on 20+ teams in this league. All I’m saying is if you think Mike Glennon or any other QB in this draft can come in and start year 2, you’re nuts. This draft is incredibly weak at QB…some projects out there for sure but not any starters. Pick up Landry Jones or Matt Scott in round 4 or 5 and you are in good shape. Sign Cutler to a shorter term deal or franchise him to mentor/fill the void next year and then bring in his replacement via draft and mentoring. Cutler has all the tools to be a franchise player minus a filter on his mouth in the media. He has the exact same attitude as Rogers and probably a higher football IQ (did go to Vandy) but isn’t the pretty poster boy and doesn’t smile on command like him so the media hates him. Rogers blew up on his players last year multiple times and Peyton and Brady do it all the time but it doesn’t get blown outta proportion bc they are media darlings. Wake up and watch tape, Cutler has what the Bears need in their QB, we just need to let him be loved. The Bears need to go OG or LB in round 1 and pick up the other one in round 2.

  11. redpillmindstate says:Apr 23, 2013 9:22 AM

    Do not sleep on Mike Glennon I got to see him in several games this past season and came away impressed give him a season or two at the next level to clean up his game and your going to have a FRANCHISE caliber player…. mark my word he has the tools and the mindset to improve and become a top preformer at the position plus he’s played in a pro-style offence and got it done with very little around hi

    Hey red pill, what are your credentials? And how much of this young man’s game need cleaning up? Was this guy invited to New York for a chance at the heisman??? Your post has a lot of if’s…..kinda like if a dog had a square a$$ he would $hit a brick…

  12. If they can get him in the late 2nd as an insurance policy against Jay cutler having a down year and leaving for free agency it’s a good move. This is the bears trying to gain leverage for this off season. Good front office move

  13. OMG did you have to use that “jazz hands” picture? Nearly spit my coffee all over the keyboard!!

  14. If you want an ideal draft for the Bears it is trade the 20th overall and Hester to the 49ers for their 31st and 61st pick.
    31st- Manti Te’o
    50th- Barrett Jones/Larry Warford
    61st- Jonathan Franklin or Markus Wheaton/Quenterious Smith from WKU
    4th Rd- Brian Schwenke (if you don’t get Barrett Jones) or Brandon McGee
    5th Rd- Landry Jones or Matt Scott
    6th Rd- Marcus Davis or Devin Taylor

  15. For years we ignored the inescapable fact that high quality offensive linemen are a necessity not an option. Cutler has the correct attitude – he should be surly given the pathetic offensive structure around him until now. Winners are always surly when they aren’t winning. No QB could thrive under these conditions. We here in Chicsgo need to embrace surly athletes. I wish the whole team was angry all the time. It’s football – Dick Butkus had it right…

  16. They wouldn’t be looking at a first day QB prospect if they were convinced that Cutler was the long term answer. He’s been in the league 7 years. He is what he is.

    The Cutler apologists are just whistling past the graveyard.

  17. Glennon threw 17 INTs in the ACC to just 31 TDs. The only reason they are taking a look at him is because of Trestman’s background at NC State. Period. If you think this guy is a day 1 QB I want whatever it is you’re smoking. There are 5 better QB projects out there. His only plus is his 6’7″ and has a cannon. Accuracy is pitiful…under 59% completion percentage for his career IN THE ACC!!! That’s awful no matter how you chalk it up. You throw for a better TD/INT ration when your sacked 148 times in 56 games! (2.64 times per game!?!?) I’m not telling you Cutler has to be the answer but I sure as hell know he gives us a better chance than any QB in this year or next years class in terms of year 2 starters. Pickup a project and let Trestman work his magic. Stop listening to the media and do your homework. You’re gonna tell me Favre was a bad QB just because he threw picks? Good thing you’re not a GM.

  18. Cutler will get a new contract by Dec. Emery knows why Cutler had the problems he went threw. Cutler needed a coach with a real offensive system and a O-line. the TE that Emery gave him is a nice gift as well. The real Cutler will show up this season

  19. Yes Favre threw too many picks and in BIG situations and wasn’t as good as he could have been because of it….. Not hard to figure that one out…. Aren’t QB’s rated on TD’s / Int ratios????? Rogers for instance is at 171 tds vs 46 ints, therefore he is a much better QB and has a much better QB rating than Cutler… Period. I dont care about the what-ifs and line play, Rogers plays behind a HORRIBLE O-line… Cutler is a turnover machine.

  20. I imagine Cutler will have a new deal with the Bears before the 2014 season gets underway…Not that sold on Glennon, I’d like Barkley or Bray, or even Jones.

  21. Rogers had over 100 more attempts, 5 receivers with more grabs than our #2 (a RB) AND has played in one offensive system. As has Brady and Peyton and Eli.

  22. Once again all excuses.. The numbers are the numbers no matter what else is going on, Rogers is on a much higher level than Cutler and nothing will change that other than Cutler himself but I dont see him changing.

  23. @scromer17:

    Rodgers is on a much higher level than a lot of talented QBs…As for Cutler, with Emery upgrading the offensive line, and signing a TE who can actually catch a pass while NOT falling down, there will be no more excuses if Jay has a sub-par year…Me, I think Cutler will have a career year under Trestman, and be re-signed long-term next off-season.

  24. larryboodry says: Apr 23, 2013 5:18 PM

    ……….there will be no more excuses if Jay has a sub-par year.


    Why do Bear fans always require a half decade or so of mediocre play before they are finally able to grasp the obvious?

    Packer fans will be telling you “I told you so” once again, like we did with the Devin Hester experiment.

  25. @filthy…

    Nice job cherry-picking my post for a quote to suit your anti-Cutler bias, while leaving out the rest…Cutler is 29-13 in his last 42 starts – hardly mediocre – and in four seasons has equaled or surpassed most of the Bears QB records it took Sid Luckman 12 years to set.

    I’ll take a half-decade of Cutler over a half-decade of the scrubs (Jimmy Mac being the exception) that have lined up under center for us since Luckman retired.

    Now, is Jay’s record vs. the Pack mediocre? Sure, and that needs to change…When it does, Bears fans will be the ones saying ‘Toldja so!’

  26. larryboodry says:
    Apr 23, 2013 6:14 PM

    Cutler is 29-13 in his last 42 starts – hardly mediocre – and in four seasons has equaled or surpassed most of the Bears QB records it took Sid Luckman 12 years to set.


    Bear meatheads and their ridiculous comparisons. Sid Luckman won 4 championships in 12 years. Jay managed to get into the playoffs one time in 7 years. Jay couldn’t carry Sid’s jock.

    Is there nothing you Cutler apologists won’t stoop to?

  27. Cutlers overall record in the last 42 starts is above 500 because his defenses have pulled him out of bad situations. Bottom line is he cannot win in the post season because of his erratic play, interceptions are magnified in the playoffs and the teams you face will make you pay for them…. It’s 4th and long time for the Bears to punt Cutler….

  28. Cutler had the Bears at 7-3 in ’11, it was Caleb Hanie (and Marion Barber against Denver) that cost them a playoff spot…Last year the defense gave up a go-ahead TD late against Seattle, Jay brought us back to tie, and the defense promptly gave up a TD to open ovetime.

    Bottom line, the Bears make the playoffs both years if Cutler stays healthy in 2011, and if Lovie doesn’t go for it on 4th. and 1 in that same Seahawks game…Not to mention we still make the playoffs last year if your heroes didn’t puke away the 2nd. seed against the Heidis in Week 17.

    Bad luck and bad coaching had more to do with our lack of playoff appearances the last two years…Doesn’t mean we didn’t choke royally, but blaming Cutler is something only you GB haters seem to enjoy. Bears fans know better.

  29. west4420 says: Apr 23, 2013 10:37 PM

    “Can we all agree that Green Bay fans are the biggest tools in NFL fandom?”

    Maybe not all of them, just some of the idiots on here.

  30. @filthy…

    I am not arguing that Luckman wasn’t the best Bears QB of all time, because he did help them to those four championships…But all you Cutler-bashers who point to Jay’s average stats need to realize Luckman’s stats were worse, on paper. But the man won…And I’d bet those ’40’s Bears teams played great defense, too.

  31. What is wrong with Chicago, my opinion Chicago, use your picks wisely, Why would you go out and draft another QB when you already have a QB? Take those few draft picks you have and finish what you started on that offensive and defensive line. Draft a cornerback and if Woodson is still available through free agency, sign him up short term to help the secondary. Also, give that 16 year vet a shot (T.O.), but leave Jay Cutler alone, your going to give him a complex.

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