Bengals announce acquisition of James Harrison

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Three teams in the AFC North (and, specifically, their starting quarterbacks) may need the products Tony Siragusa is now pushing, now that linebacker James Harrison officially has joined the Bengals.

The Bengals announced the move this morning.

“James has been a dominant player on a team with a history of dominant defense,” coach Marvin Lewis said.  “He has made a great number of game-deciding plays, and he brings us help in a position area we had planned to improve either through the draft or with a veteran signing.  He will be a physical player against the run and will improve our pressure on the quarterback.”

It’s unclear precisely how Harrison will be used in passing situations, given that the Bengals use a base 4-3 defense and Harrison has spent his career in a 3-4.  Possibly, he’ll switch to defensive end, with one of the ends sliding inside.

The departure of Harrison from Pittsburgh creates a need for the Steelers.  Coincidentally, we can ask Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert about that, on Tuesday’s PFT Live.

Coincidentally, Colbert will be preceded on the show by Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones, whom many think would be a perfect fit in Pittsburgh.

19 responses to “Bengals announce acquisition of James Harrison

  1. Seeing him struggle in pass coverage year after year, he will not excel in a 4-3 defense. Unless he puts on about 20 lbs and doesn’t lose his motor as a result.

  2. Still good for a couple cheap shots a game when he gets free…but other than that, he just can’t shed blocks anymore.

  3. Cincinnati is going to maul the Steelers this year and make their fans eat their own sour grapes.

  4. Oh wow how can the Steelers possibly replace him? Their whole defense is entirely gutted, there’s no way they find the parts they need this season. All the veterans on this team are gone now they are completely doomed, there’s no way the could possibly win a single game this season.

    Pretty annoying isn’t it…

  5. I love teams that take our throwaways! Bungles can have him. He’s injury riddled. James wouldn’t take a pay cut and then when he found out nobody wanted him. Then his agent contacted the Steelers and the Steelers said no way. He can be angry all he wants. He won’t do nothing against the Steelers. We have monsters on the offensive line now. They may end up snapping James spine!

  6. Ok,now you have Carlos Dunlap , Michael Johnson, Geno Atkins and James Harrison.
    How in the world are these Ratbirds in the AFC North gonna block them.
    I can see Flacco and Big Ben running for their lives.hahahaha

  7. I like how Steelers fans say that Bengals take their throwaways. If they look at their own team now and in the past, you might see some former Bengals on it. Need I remember you that it was Kimo von Olhoffen, a former Bengal, who cheap shotted Carson and wrecked his career in the 2005 playoff game that lead to the superbowl against the Seahawks in which they gave the game to Big Ben at the goal line even though he was down. And now you have our castoff in Bruce Gradkowski. But as far as James Harrison goes, I will gladly take him because it will be nice to have another feared presence on our defense. He is going to give this team an attitude that they have never had before and I cannot wait till we show everyone what we can do. If we add a solid safety in this draft then our defense is going to be in the top 5 again and then I cant wait to hear how we made a mistake on signing an old washed up James Harrison because in this defense he can get double digit sacks this year. WHO DEY!!!!!!!

  8. Hope James Harrison has a good deep ball; would be nice to see CIN score an offensive TD in the playoffs sometime this decade

  9. Bungals have come full circle. Any steeler fan that makes a comment on this subject again is truly worried about being left out of the playoffs once again.

  10. credit to the bengals on 2 straight playoff appearances. and if used properly harrison will have value for them, especially during steeler weeks. but you all have a ways to go before you can spout off against balto or pitt. go ravens

  11. Very curious how the terms of Harrison’s contract are being hidden.

    I will make a SWAG here –
    he’s getting under 3 mil per year and
    is embarrassed.

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