Cedric Benson to meet with Packers


Is it genuine interest or is it just a pre-draft smokescreen?

That’s the question to ponder about running back Cedric Benson visiting the Packers on Wednesday. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Benson is scheduled to go to Green Bay for a meeting with the Packers, the team he played five games with last season before a Lisfranc injury sent him to injured reserve.

Benson is reportedly getting close to 100 percent in his rehab from the foot injury so the timing of a visit to check in with his old team makes sense. There’s been plenty of speculation about the Packers taking a running back in the draft, particularly one who runs in the pounding style that Benson has favored over the course of his career. Signing him would eliminate that need and allow the Packers to focus on other areas.

While Benson’s style would work for a team “bound and determined” to get more physical, although you have to wonder if the Packers might prefer a younger model with more tread left on the tires than Benson has left at this point. That’s why it would also make sense to talk to Benson as a way to disguise an intention to take a running back early in the draft.

Green Bay’s true intentions can only be known when they opt for one route or the other, but keeping others guessing is probably a big part of the plan in the first place.

47 responses to “Cedric Benson to meet with Packers

  1. If he is actually close to that 100%, why not let him come into training camp? It isn’t like he is going to garner a large contract elsewhere, so sign him to a modest deal and let him compete against any young back the Pack bring in.
    and Go Pack Go!!!

  2. It’s “more tread on the tires.” But I don’t see the harm in having him come to camp on a pay as you go contract.

    JOSH ALPER: That’s what I meant, have fixed it. Thanks.

  3. This is what it has come to for the Packer run game? That’s rough… How have they neglected this position year after year after year? Especially when the biggest stud in the NFL is playing running back in Purple just over the border

  4. according to some stat stuff, he got most of his yards after contact, so idk – bring Benson back – tag him up with Dujuan Harris and get us some Big Olineman and Tight Ends/Fullbacks that can actually create holes.

    Spend draft picks on Defense – get us a franchise halfback in next year’s draft when there’s less needs that need to be addressed.

  5. I think he’s good.

    Weird but good.

    If he doesn’t play “punchy punch” with his roommate in the offseason he’ll be fine.

  6. inyofaceagain says:
    Apr 23, 2013 6:05 PM
    This is what it has come to for the Packer run game? That’s rough… How have they neglected this position year after year after year? Especially when the biggest stud in the NFL is playing running back in Purple just over the border

    Who care about the Queens and their stud RB? The Pack has BEAT them 6 out of the last 7 games.

  7. Think this is more of a “if we don’t get our guy in the draft, we can still sign Benson.” kind of thing. not a smokscreen as much as insurance

  8. Throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks

    or I suppose in this case, handing everyone the ball and seeing if anyone finds a running lane.

  9. 27xplayoffs says:

    Makes me so glad to have AD on my squad!
    Ya, he’s really filling up your trophy case, now isn’t he?

    He’s this decade’s version of Barry Sanders, the best rb never to go far in the playoffs. And the longer the Vikings keep Ponder, the older AD gets.

  10. Wasted talent. In the past, that offense doesn’t know what a rb does besides block between the two 10yd lines on field.
    Maybe it’ll change since the cheese lost Jennings in the pass.

  11. 27xplayoffs says:
    Apr 23, 2013 6:40 PM
    Makes me so glad to have AD on my squad!
    Too bad that in a QB driven league, you’re stuck with Ponder.

  12. @27xplayoffs,

    Seeing Ponder makes me so glad to have Rodgers on my squad. His career will continue for years to come whereas your RB will hit the wall in the next 2-3 year’s, especially how much your team uses and abuses him.

  13. I hate to burst the Eddie Lacy Bubble but Ted Thompson would never take Lacy in the first round…
    Since Ted has been doing this even with 4 years in Seattle he has never took a RB in the first round and that is because TT feels he can get the same or close to the production in the later rounds.
    It makes me sad that still some so called experts still think TT is taking a RB in the first round.

  14. If he can stay healthy I say pick him up another year!
    Thats the problem, you just don’t know.
    From what I saw hes the best RB Green Bay has had in years! (Well… for 5 games)
    I don’t see why we can’t pick him up on the cheap (Teddys only way) and draft a RB???

  15. irishgary says:
    Apr 23, 2013 7:54 PM
    Vikings fans are just so dumb

    Don’t judge them too harshly.

    They have to pretend to get excited about an aging defense and an offense led by Christian Dumpoff Ponder, and consistently watch as the Packers show them how a truly great franchise operates.

  16. Viking fan and Packer hater here. Personally I like this news. I know that their team is a pass happy squad but in my honest opinion they could become downright scary with a dynamic runner and Benson is anything but.

    If Jacob Lacey is by some miracle available when the Packers pick and they grab him I’ll be genuinely nervous. But kicking tires on Benson seems to indicate that perhaps they aren’t looking to use a high pick on their backfield.

    Or it is all just a smokescreen and they are considering Benson as a plan C if the draft doesn’t pay out. Seems like there aren’t a whole lot of stud RB’s in this draft.

  17. DuJuan Harris ran well without a very good run blocking line. Unless truly elite, you can get about the same value in a rb in the 3rd round as the 1st round. The Packers offense is built around Aaron Rodgers’ arm.

    All reasons why the Packers won’t draft a rb early, and I don’t believe they should. It’s only the “experts” that believe they will go for a back early.

  18. Sign Ced, he was getting better when he went down, and had 2 x 1000+ seasons with the Bengals.

    I wish my fellow GB fans would stop trashing Ponder, as thats bound to come back and bite.

  19. If the Packers were truly into “pre-draft smokescreens,” they also be inviting in Johnny Jolly for a visit.

  20. Wow, all the Packer / Viking bickering here is pretty lame…
    Wish the Packers had Peterson (who doesn’t?!) but they’ll draft someone this year and do the committee thing again. It’ll be a crowded backfield in training camp — Harris, Starks, Benson, Green, Saine and maybe a drafted player.

  21. Do you remember how highly Rodgers spoke of Benson last season? Said he was a great teammate, presence in the locker room, etc.

    I think Rodger respect for Benson is a big reason why the Packers are giving this a shot.

  22. theytukrjobs says:
    Apr 23, 2013 8:33 PM

    If Jacob Lacey is by some miracle available when the Packers pick and they grab him I’ll be genuinely nervous


    Jacob Lacey? Wow! Proof that Viking fans really do know their football.

  23. GB will draft a defensive lineman in round one, a big rough guy about 6’5″ and 280. Pickett is getting old and Raji’s contract is running out. The other guys are too short.

  24. As a condition before meeting him, TT made Benson promise to leave his calf-eating dogs at home.

  25. jimmysee says: Apr 23, 2013 9:49 PM

    If the Packers were truly into “pre-draft smokescreens,” they also be inviting in Johnny Jolly for a visit………

    …..The Packers don’t have to bring in Johnny Jolly for a visit. He’s already there. Part of the roster.

    When Jolly was suspended in 2010 for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, he had been tendered a $2.521 million contract as a restricted free agent. Since that contract tolled during his suspension, the Packers retained his rights.

    That deal has been restructured to $715,000, a transaction that was completed on March 11th.

    So, he’s still a Packer. Hopefully it will work out for both parties this time around.

  26. All the anti-Pack posturing and saber-rattling only means one thing: The Lions, Bears, and Vikings are (still) in the Packers’ rearview mirror. Their fans don’t like it, so they throw out a bunch of sticks-and-stones. They may earn bragging rights NEXT YEAR, but until then, we’ll keep laughing at your attempts to remain relevent.

  27. Why would any decent RB want to play for greenbay? this is a team that dont run the football. for the last 6 seasons the packers havent had a good RB on the team because Rodgers will just pass it on every play. Benson is a bum with nowhere else to go so I guess he will play in greenbay.

  28. chi01town says: Apr 24, 2013 1:38 PM

    “Why would any decent RB want to play for greenbay?”


    To get a ring.

  29. Bring him back into training camp to see if he can make the team. He could compete with the likes of Harris, Green, and possibly a rookie. I even think they still have that kid on the practice squad from USC.

  30. I must say, that I respect everyones Blog… But I must also say I think many People are wrong about Ted Thompson not drafting a RB in First Round… Reason why? 1. Draft best Player on Board… 2. I doubt any Player other than a crappy Receiver will be available to us at that Pick… 3. The Packers are Demanding more aggressive Play…

    My Other Reasons are pretty Plane… One… Cedric benson is Old, we have Duan Harris yes, but he is no star back who can carry a work load… I am sure the Packers do not Favor having 4 backs on there Roster so they can run by Commity… I am also Confident that the Packers are only Missing a Big Aggressive back, the more aggressive a Back is the More aggressive the Blocking Becomes… A Offensive line has to know that the Running back has the Capability to Hit there holes… Like when Grant was Present with the Packers they always opened holes, Than Starks, no holes, Harris No holes, than suddenly Benson, HOles… If you look at what the common method is Here, they open Holes for the Guys who Prove they are worthy of them to open a Hold…

    The same Concept comes to Defense… Does a Defender stand up there guy for any back no? They stand up there guys for guys like AP, Steven Jackson, Ect… The guys who can Bust the Run at any Moment anytime they Touch the Football…

    Similiar Instances for WR… Does the WR block for any Runner no? They block for the Runner who they know can get by them… WHo has the Speed or Aggression to make the Play… No one blocked for Harris on the Perimiter look at Footage…

    I must also say this, They have to draft a back in the First Round!!!! The lose of Greg Jennings is Sever, do not down play how much the lose will cost… This will result in having to have Play action, and you can not have play action with out having a Big Threat in the back field… I think they should Sign Cedric Benson and draft a Pounding Runner in the Draft… This will give them two Reliable Runners who Pound it the same way….

    But in all truth we will find out Tomorrow ha? We will find out weither the Packers are going to grow some balls and draft the Runner or Petter out and Draft a DE… Which I do not think they need… It is up to TT… But I have Reliable sources who are saying it is a 90 percent Chance if Lacy is there when they Pick he is the Pick…

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