D.J. Fluker claims hacking after tweet about money from agents

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With a couple days to go before the NFL draft, agents would be wise to remind all their clients: Don’t say anything stupid on Twitter. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Unfortunately for former Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker, a likely first-round draft pick on Thursday night, a tweet saying he took money from agents while he was playing college football went out on his Twitter account on Monday:

“Yea I took $ n college so wat. I did wat i had to do. Agents was tryin to pimp me so I pimped them. Cast da 1st stone,” the tweet from @DJFluker76 said.

His agent, Deryk Gilmore, quickly explained that Fluker was the victim of a hacking, and that the account would be re-activated “after the draft.”

NFL teams don’t much care if a player took extra benefits in violation of NCAA rules. But they may care if a player is prone to saying stupid things on social media. So it’s probably wise to wait until after the draft to get Fluker back on Twitter.

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  1. Amazing … another Twitter account hacked. In other news the Brooklyn Bridge is up for sale again.

  2. Multiple agents also paid for his breakfast, lunch & dinner. He held multiple meetings with all of them, everyday.

  3. The problem with telling them not to say something stupid is that it assumes they know what constitutes “stupid”. Many don’t. To them it seems normal or “real”. Keep them off twitter completely or something “stupid” will go out.

  4. When will twitter get with the times and upgrade security? I feel horrible for all of these athletes who constantly fall victim to twitter hacking terrorists.

  5. Ascending prospect: Strong work ethic, very dedicated, highly coachable, self-motivated, instinctive, highly competitive, just wants to compete.

    Descending prospect: Poor work ethic, weight problems, no morals, no character, low class.

    Which category does Fluker call under?

    Every year, some prospects shine in the NFL while others bust out. Is it really that hard to figure out why?

  6. Most of the time I don’t buy the athletes “hacked” excuse for one second. But this one seems so incredibly blatant I think I do. I mean no one is that stupid…right?

  7. Someone hacked his Twitter account? SURE they did! This isn’t about whether or not college players should be paid (personally, I think they should). This jack a## is selfish. The NCAA can’t do anything to him, but it can go after the school. When that happens, the guilty get away with it and the innocent suffer. Right, Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll? This young man needs to grow up. By the way….I HATE it when someone acts like a bad a## on Twitter or Facebook, then takes the coward’s way out saying their account was hacked. Pretty pathetic, actually

  8. I very much doubt that he wrote that. Call me naive but I would rather believe that something that stupid must be a hoax.

  9. This can be proven or disproven, can’t it?

    I’m not an expert, but can’t they track the IP address where the tweet was posted from and see if goes back to one of Fluker’s devices?

    Not saying this is important enough to do a whole lot of investigative work, but it would be nice to catch one of these guys lying.

  10. Are we shocked? Low life takes cash, brags, screws his school out of a couple National championships in all likely hood, on Monday night football will say he attended so and so Junior High, then takes the hacked twitter account low road. Come to Minnesota big boy!

  11. 561Bengal says; college athletes deserve to get paid.

    Well while that sounds right, if the colleges pay them, who pays the college? The students do, duh, and if that happens its going to raise the price of schooling, but I’m no expert in economics. Its just a fact of the real world.
    Ever notice the price of groceries goes up when the minimum wage goes up? Same deal, while I agree they deserve pay, I’m not in agreement to pay them, they get schooling and if they are good enough they get drafted and make that money, if not, it was their choice to play and they graduate with a degree to earn the money with future employers…

  12. The problem with paying football players comes in the form of title 8. If you pay football players you must also pay all other student athletes. Since most sports don’t make money and since all athletic are not flush with cash, You would have to create a new sub division 1 division for the d1 schools that cannot afford to pay athletes.

  13. I don’t care if he did or didn’t. I just want to see espn and all of the other TMZ, National Enquirer like garbage sports media outlets/ blogs write smear stories against bama like do do with most schools every time one of these stories gets out.

  14. Thank you for calling us all dumb.

    ***I just want everyone to know that I did not write that last comment. My Comment account was hacked by Russian spies.

  15. That tweet just goes to show the literacy capability of individuals who get a good ole’ Alabama edjumacation!

    Have he heard just about all NBA or NFL players talk? It doesn’t matter where they’re from. They couldn’t pass a grammar test to save their lives and yet they all have college educations from the SEC, Big 10 and 12, Pac 14 (or whatever they call it), Big East, etc. It’s not just a SEC or Bama problem.

  16. The Associated Press verified twitter account was just hacked posting a false White House attack report. Bash them like you did Fluker! BTW, I’m no UofA fan, I’m just sick of the instant rush to judgement.

  17. eviltwin007 says: Apr 23, 2013 9:08 AM

    “When will people learn that both Twitter and Facebook are just plain stupid and that if you don’t have one you will be just fine.”

    Facebook is great, I have reconnected with many old friends from HS and college on there, but Twitter is a waste of time.

  18. The heck with whether he took money while in college…If that tweet is indicative of his literacy level, ‘Bama deserves sanctions for letting him graduate.

    I be just sayin’, yo…

  19. Wheels are turnin’ at the NCAA (if they weren’t already). Tweets leave fingerprints. Of course hacking could mean ultimately, “my friend stole my phone”. Saddest thing is that these athletes seem to have no loyalty to their alma maters and former teammates.

  20. Well looking at DJ Fluckers face in that pic, its not hard to figure why he said what he said.

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