Dueling reports about status of Branden Albert trade talks


With a physical needing to happen before a trade involving Chiefs tackle Branden Albert can be completed and the Chiefs hoping for a second-round pick in return for the player, the next couple of days loom large for getting a deal done.

The Dolphins have been the team linked most closely to Albert, but reports over the weekend indicated that they were balking at meeting Albert’s contract demands. Chris Mortensen concurs with those reports and adds that there has been little to no communication between the Chiefs and Dolphins about a deal in the last two weeks.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is hearing different things, however. Rapoport reports that the Dolphins are willing to meet Albert’s asking price for a contract extension. Albert is reportedly seeking something similar to what Duane Brown got from the Texans last year, which would mean something in the neighborhood of $53.4 million over six years. According to Rapoport, the bigger hang-up is the Dolphins’ desire to surrender the 54th overall pick of the draft in the deal rather than the 42nd pick.

The Dolphins could still opt to trade up in the first round for a shot at one of the draft’s best left tackles while the Chiefs might not have another trading partner lined up, two factors that could help determine who, if anyone, blinks first if draft pick compensation is the issue. Either way, it won’t be long before we find out where Albert will be spending at least the 2013 season.

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  1. I hear Albert’s off-season home is in Miami. I’m sure he would prefer to live there year round and save state income tax on at least 8 games a year. This trade makes too much sense. It is going to happen.

  2. id rather then grade up and get a tackle then to trade…I’m sure the raiders would love 1 or 2 extra picks. Contract wise it’ll be cheaper and the fins won’t b paying for an old, greedy and hurt player

  3. At least we now know this trade will happen, Chiefs aren’t going to turn this down based on which pick they get.

  4. I don’t see how the trade makes sense. They just let their best Olineman go because he wanted this type money. So now try r willing to spend that money and give up a draft pick?

  5. @crossbuckpass Albert would save state income tax on his entire Income. When teams play an out of state game or country (Canada , England) they dont owe those states\countries taxes. Its cleaverly written in all contracts. Otherwise every player would be filing 10 different tax returns a year.

  6. @realraider

    I think you’re wrong.

    “Professional sports players get taxed by pretty much every city and state in which they play, says Ryan Losi, CPA and executive vice president of Piascik & Associates, a Glen Allen, Va., accounting firm that represents more than 70 professional athletes.”

    “NFL players typically file in 10 to 12 jurisdictions. NBA is somewhere between 16 and 20. MLB is somewhere between 20 and 26, and the NHL is between 14 and 16,” says Losi.

  7. I”m sure whatever Ireland does will be a good move. Hes pretty good in the draft and he did make the phins better with the free agent signings. Not sure why so many people give him crap all the time.

  8. I think the Dolphins wait it out to see if any of their top OL prospects are available at 12… If not, they pull the trigger on a trade for Albert and take BPA from then on.

  9. Albert is heading to Philly.

    2013, 3rd round pick.
    2014, 4th round pick.

    8.5 million a year for a good LT is nothing.

  10. To sign Albert to that kind of deal with all the big contracts they have already could really hamstring the team’s cap number. They have the picks to trade up to two and get a younger LT for a fraction of the cost. There is a very good chance Joeckel and Fisher are the top two picks if they don’t.

  11. OR the Dolphins could keep BOTH their money AND their picks and play last year’s 2nd round pick, Jonathan Martin, at LT like they did down the stretch last year.

  12. I don’t like it. if we are going to give our tackle $9 mil per AND surrender a 2nd rd pick why didn’t we just resign Long?!! not worth it IMO. especially with a draft that has so many good players in the first three rounds. to me it just isn’t worth paying an O-lineman that much money.. he’ll only be as good as the rest of his line mates. Long was supposedly one of the best and where did that get us??! keep the pick!!

  13. A franchise LT is worth more than the fins are willing to give.

    Yes, that’s extremely stupid on their part. Apparently the fans have no clue either.

    Hopefully Branden stays right where he belongs, anchoring the Chiefs O-line.

  14. The Fins have all the leverage… If they Trade Up for one of the 3 LTs they have the picks to give and save a ton of dough, if they decide against Albert…. Winston and Clabo are still looking for a Paycheck. The Chiefs NEED to unload him… Checkmate!

    @slickster35 – we know a lot more than you think and Ireland played this perfectly!

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