Game of Thrones author: Jets G.M. should get the axe

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Fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones were recently faced with a question: Is one dragon for 8,000 soldiers a fair trade?

But George R.R. Martin, author of the books Game of Thrones is based on, has a different question: Is Darrelle Revis for two draft picks a fair trade?

In Martin’s opinion, the answer to that question is no. In fact, Martin thinks the Jets’ decision to trade Revis for the Buccaneers’ first-round pick this year and either their third- or fourth-round pick next year will be as disastrous as Kraznys mo Nakloz’s decision to trade 8,000 Unsullied to Daenerys Targaryen.

Martin is a huge Jets fan, and on the same day when Game of Thrones viewers were watching the dragon-for-Unsullied trade, Martin was taking to his personal website to denounce the Jets for getting rid of their best player.

It is hard to be a fan of the New York Jets,” Martin wrote. “They have hardly done anything right since Joe Willie Namath won SuperBowl III, and every time you think maybe they are finally turning the corner, they find some new way to screw things up. Today the Jets traded Darrelle Revis, the best cornerback in the NFL and far and away the best player on the team. It is never a good idea to trade the best player on your team. The Jets desperately need a shut-down corner, since they do not have a real pass-rush threat, and the only way they ever get any pressure on the opponent’s QB is by shutting down his receivers long enough for the rushers to get there. Revis was a huge part of the reason why Rex Ryan’s defense has been so good (ups and downs, sure, but still one of the better defenses in the league). So they get rid of him Right. Only the Jets.”

Martin had tough words for Jets General Manager John Idzik (“Fire his ass now”) and said he thinks the 2013 season will end with the Jets having the worst record in the league and with coach Rex Ryan getting fired.

In short, the Revis trade made Martin lose his head. Kind of like Ned Stark.

77 responses to “Game of Thrones author: Jets G.M. should get the axe

  1. I don’t like the framing of the question for purposes of Martin having credibility with his answer. I would agree that the way the question is posed, a fair answer is indeed “no”.

    But Martin should have been asked a clarifying question that packages together the Jets’ situation with regard to the lack of leverage they have for the long-term to utilize and realize the Revis value for themselves in conjunction with the monetary liability and opportunity cost that comes from keeping Revis as opposed to building for the future. There’s a lot of dynamics that aren’t clearly framed within the discussion, so it’s not fair to the Jets or Idzik to take these comments at face value. A clarifying reconciliation discussion needs to be furthered to get to an appropriate assessment of the Jets’ choice, and this conversation isn’t comprehensive or adequate enough.

    I’m throwing it out as an inadmissable opinion.

  2. I agree with him BUT they had a hard time enough trying to find someone dumb enough to take the job. I think the real problem has been the owner. Its too early to tell if Idzik is worth keeping but he hasn’t impressed me yet. they had to trade him in a way. they were no where near a playoff team in the next 3 years or so. why keep him, why have a guy known for his holdouts? Its a lose lose every year with Revis. They should have gotten more for him. Its hard to do your job when an owner is giving you certain exclusions anf limitations on what you can do. He needs to sell this team or stop trying to play Jerry Jones. Stay out of it and collect your ownership income. Thats why you have a GM. Hopefully the Jets can stop being the laughing stock. Btw, media doesn’t help the situation either.

  3. Trading Revis makes it seem like they want to rebuild.

    But if they want to rebuild, why are Sanchez, Tebow and Rex still there?

  4. When two super dragons mate and have offspring, the result is mega dragon.

    Jets are tanking the season with the hopes of drafting mega dragon Johnny Football.

    It won’t work though. The Jets are cursed. They can go 0-16 and Johnny Football will tear his ACL tripping up to the podium.

  5. “Kraznys mo Nakloz’s decision to trade 8,000 Unsullied to Daenerys Targaryen”???
    One word: “NERD”!!!!

  6. Yes, the Jets will have a bad record, and yes Rex will be fired. That’s the whole idea: start fresh with a new coach and a good draft pick in a good year. And with an extra first-rounder this year and fourth next. There’s no way the Jets can win without a Seattle-style full makeover. That’s why they hired Idzik from Seattle. The trade with TB was just the best they could get. And it cleared cap room for future free agents.

  7. Mike, because they are stuck with Stinkchez contract. he has a 13 million cap hit if released. Cant do anything to him until next season

  8. I’m no fan of the Jets, but honestly, I think that considering the money Revis is slated to get paid from the Bucs, it’s too much for a guy coming off a serious knee injury.

    Yeah, I know Revis is good, and arguably the best CB in the game today. But (outside of Tampa), how many other teams have that much money tied up in defensive back?

    Maybe the Jets should have held out for two first round picks. Maybe the Jets should have just kept Revis for this year, and got nothing for him next year when he hits free agency.

    The Jets have a bunch of problems, no question. But spending that kind of money on a CB coming off an injury that cost him nearly all of last season? I think the Bucs are going to be ones who end up on the short end of this trade.

  9. When your starting skill position players were Mark Sanchez and Shonn Green, that’s when the wheels fell off. Unless Revis is returning picks for points, he does you no good

  10. Did Martin forget how the cowboys started their dynasty?

    Granted Jerruh hasn’t done jack squat since the 90’s, he rejuvenized that franchise in a quick 2-3 years by stocking up on draft picks and trading their best player Herschel Walker.

    I think it was the right move for the Jets, but of course it’s not realistic to think you might not get fair value! it wasn’t about fair value it was about getting as much value as possible considering they didn’t want to pay him anyways and he would have walked away for free next off-season.. AND MAYBE TO AN AFC COMPETITOR! OR BETTER YET THE GIANTS!

    The best thing that could happen to the jets is tanking the year and getting a top 10 pick in next years draft which will be LOADED! Lee, Manziell, Clowney come to mind.. you have the foundation set for 2014 and beyond! and that my friends is how you re-build a franchise after the salary cap hell and terrible player management that can be solely blamed on Tannenbaum.

    Rex Ryan is Head Coach Caliber, he just needs the pieces around him to succeed! His bravado is outdated and he knows that! Sanchez is not elite but he can be successful with proper management and coaching! Tannenbaum, Sparano and Schottenheimer did not create an environment in which he could thrive! Leadership starts at the TOP.

  11. lol

    I like GoT…read the books and have watched every episode.

    But Mr. Martin…why dont you worry about finishing a book in under 6 years before you start criticizing others. If you were so qualified to make the decisions for that football team, you would be doing it. Needless to say, you arent.

  12. If the Jets finish last in the NFL and draft Clowney, I’m all for it.

    If this happens, I wouldn’t mind giving Rex more more season, he’d be phenomenal in Rex’s defense. He’d actually be good in any system, but you get the point. Losing Revis is a lot easier to handle if the Jets get a rare talent like Clowney.

  13. on top of it… THEY HAD NO LEVERAGE!! The bucs were the only team willing to negotiate, and the bucs knew that! hence only the 2 picks!

  14. If the Jets get the first pick, they won’t be taking Jonathan American Tackle Football, or Clowney. The pick will be Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater. The real deal at QB.

  15. Rex Ryan is Joffrey Lannister. Can’t wait to see Rex suffer the kind of fate that Joffrey deserves.

  16. He’s blaming the wrong GM. It was Tannebaum’s agreeing to a contract the prohibited the Jets from franchising Revis at the end of the year that took away all of their leverage.

    That, combined with the fact that Woody Johnson was never going to give Revis a big money contract, is what forced Idzik to take far less than fair value in the trade.

  17. The only reason to throw the word “Throne” around when discussing the Jets is in an analogy to a toilet bowl.

    Seriously, and with heartfelt sympathy to their fans, is there a bigger mess in the NFL right now than the Jets?

    This is looking like a 3 or 4 win team this season.

  18. Ryan’s a good coach. He’s gone to two AFC Championship Games in his first four years as a coach, and Mark Sanchez was his quarterback.

    Was any other coach going to get more out of that situation?


  19. FYI Jet fans,

    Johnny Manziel was a freshman last year and is not eligible for the NFL draft for two more years. But, Clowney will be there when the Jets have the first pick in the 2014 draft after posting the worst record in the NFL this year.

  20. It has been clear all offseason that the Jets do not want to compete this season. They want to shed salary and bad contracts. I believe they want to set up for a high draft pick and a spending spree for the next coach. Ryan will not be back.

  21. Mr Martin,

    Finish the book series!!! I’ve been waiting YEARS for the Freys and Lannisters to get theirs!!

    Thank you,

    Guy Who Doesn’t Care What You Think About Sports

  22. gotta give props to easleswoot I agree w his last paragraph but Rex Ryan is a defensive specialist who’s defense got them jets to two afc championships so I am Stunned were actually talking about firing Rex but I believe the Jets are the real winners….Revis is always hurt…shoulders back to back hamstrings and knees all blown to hell and he holds out gets more money then holds out again so the poor spoiled baby gets more Money and he was gonna hold out again to get 16 million dollars a year to play football so w all his problems I believe its what’s best for them jets because he’s Tampa Bays problem….watta total diva….john idzik is doing a great job….2 extra draft picks and clearing Revis’ outlandish numbers off the books so they can actually afford to sign their picks….big thumbs up to GM idzik…very smart business savvy

  23. I’m scared to read the comments incase someone ruins the whole show for me.

    Anyway, am I the only one who thinks he should write a couple books about Ned as he was younger? We know how it would end, but damn, I would so read about Ned’s life

  24. I am no more of a Jets fan than I am a fan that slob of an author, but unless you think it’s worth spending that kind of money on any position other than QB, then it seems to me the jets did as well as they could have considering there was no real trade market whatsoever for Revis. At least they got something in return instead of seeing him walk in a year for nothing but a compensatory pick. They need to spread that money around and rebuild the roster.

  25. Jets luck. They’ll win 6 games and fall to #9 again next season.
    Too little for any joy,
    too little for THE premiere pick.

    Sell the team to Trump!!!

  26. So…….


    Revis bites Schiano’s head off and comes back to town and the Jests get to keep the picks?

  27. “eaglesw00t says: Apr 23, 2013 2:15 PM
    But Mr. Martin…why dont you worry about finishing a book in under 6 years before you start criticizing others. If you were so qualified to make the decisions for that football team, you would be doing it. Needless to say, you arent.”

    No doubt he needs to finish his next book. We need to find out what happens. However, he’s no different than any other fan spouting our opinions of our team. The only difference is that he’s a public figure, so his views make the news like on sports blog sites. He has as much right to give his opinion on his team as we do on PFT.

    Plus he’s right about the GM. You know nothing, John Idzik!

  28. ampats says:
    Apr 23, 2013 2:26 PM
    FYI Jet fans,

    Johnny Manziel was a freshman last year and is not eligible for the NFL draft for two more years. But, Clowney will be there when the Jets have the first pick in the 2014 draft after posting the worst record in the NFL this year.

    Red-shirt freshman. Try again.

  29. I’m sure his reason is obscured by the sheer pain of being a Jets fan. I can sympathize – I’m a Dolphins fan. But they got good value for Revis, and here’s why: He’s an aging defensive back coming off a serious knee injury with one year left on his contract on a team that’s full of holes.

    At some point, you have to realize that your team just isn’t built to win. The Jets have NOTHING on their roster. And even if they did, they aren’t going to win with Sexy Rexy as coach. So, trade all your players for whatever you can get and throw the season. The Dolphins should have done this in Sparano’s last season, but we started Moore in place of Henne (a boneheaded move) and won enough games to take us out of contention for Andrew Luck. Sure, things are looking better for us now, but we’ve churned the entire roster. And we got what appears to be an intelligent, disciplined coach.

    The Jets are where we were under Sparano: They have a hopeless coach and a worthless quarterback. Unlike our situation with Henne, they’re tied to Sanchez, so this season is going to be a wash anyway. The best thing they can do is to sabotage themselves as much as possible (thus, keeping Ryan and dumping Revis) and hope they run the board next year: Yes, 0-16 is the goal.

    Then, dump Ryan, Sanchez, Tebow and whatever else is left of that sorry team, and hope that you’ve compiled enough draft choices to give the next coach a chance to do something.

    By the time this team can build a contender (if they can at all), Revis is going to be too old to contribute and likely would have been lost in free agency anyway. Every team in the NFL knows this. So, getting more than a first rounder for an injured guy that every team in the NFL knows isn’t going to be a part of the Jets’ future anyway wasn’t going to happen.

    Let’s face it, teams weren’t tripping over themselves for this guy. My Phins have nothing at cornerback and we never even talked about it (not that the Jets would have sent him to a division rival, anyway). If the Bucs and balked, who else did the Jets have on the hook? Revis would have held out, not gotten his deal anyway (since a high-price, multi-year deal wasn’t realistic for a team in rebuild mode), and would have been lost in free agency, where he would have been scooped up with zero compensation to the Jets. They did well to get what they did.

    At the end of the day, if your cornerstone guy is a corner (or a left tackle, as it was for my Dolphins), you’re doing it wrong. The Jets got a reasonable value for a guy they were going to lose anyway. Now, they have a chance to begin rebuilding the roster. They just need Ryan and Sanchez to screw this up bad enough to get the top pick next year, and frankly, I’m confident in their ability to do that splendidly.

    Of course, as a Dolphins fan, I’d rather see them screw that up, too, and win four or five games and be relegated to the AFC East cellar for all eternity. But hypothetically, I think they played the situation right.

  30. I agree with a previous comment that says Tannenbaum is to blame for the Jets current state. When cap the is managed properly, you have room to maneuver which is why the Bucs still have over $16 mil left in space even factoring in Revis. When you overpay on people who don’t deserve it and try and get cute spreading out the cap hit, you get in situations where you have to trade your best player for the cap relief.

  31. Nearly pure genius. Jets know they are going no where fast. Franchise QB is needed. Winning in 2013 hurts ability to land QB in 2014 draft. 2013 – Suck for (someone like Luck). So trade Revis for draft picks.

    The only problem here, is that the Jets should have traded Revis for Bucs 3rd in 2013 and Bucs 1st and 2nd in 2014. Load up for the future when Brady is gone in 2017.

    It is rebuilding time. You Jets fans are just having a hard time accepting.

  32. Rex Ryan reminds me of the King Robert. Shame he doesn’t have a Ned Stark around to tell him when to shut up and stop gorging himself on food and drink. Revis could only be Joffrey Lannister with the sense of entitlement and petulant attitude. Tom Brady is Jamie Lannister, an arrogent pretty boy living on long past glories and is now despised by almost everyone for his (and his coach’s) un-honorable ways.

    Finally Roger Goodell is the worst of the bunch, Littlefinger. Always working away in the shadows, to what ends no one knows. All he cares about is himself and the almighty dollar.

  33. Maybe now that the deal is done, Revis will burn Glazer to a crisp and just go play for NYJ again.

    Revis is not a slave.

  34. uhm……whoever said johnny manziel can’t enter the draft next years on crack… its common knowledge in football circles that johnny football is in his last season at Texas A&M

  35. Interesting article and there are some valid points. Versus agreeing or disagreeing I would rather plee for him keeping his job. The NFL needs a team to laugh at and hate. They are doing everything perfect in those regards and I don’t want to see it change. The ones that should be most thankful are the Raiders, maybe for once they aren’t the most hated team in football. Hmmm….

  36. Johnny Manzeil was a redshirt freshman you goof.

    he is elligible as soon as the last down of A&M football is played in 2013..

  37. Actually Martin is a Giants fan and a New York sports fain in general. He does support the Jets but it is pretty common knowledge he is a Giants fan through various interviews over the years. He has referred to the Starks as the Giants and the Lannisters as the Cowboys. He also has character in his the Song of Fire and Ice series paying homage to Phil Simms, the Giant Won Won (sp?) at the wall who becomes friends with Jon Snow. Won Won representing #11 Phil Simms. The Giant even smashes a knight that has the Cowboys emblem on this breast plate and shield.

    Anyway, continue…

  38. Good thing this guy is paid to write books and isn’t in an NFL front office, what SMART people understand is that the Jets had no other options, no other teams were willing to deal the deal the Bucs made and we got a 1st round pick for a guy who was going to walk in free agency next year and leave us with NOTHING

  39. the jets and game of thrones…two of my favorite things in the world. ya gotta love this….gave me a big smile.

    someday george, someday.

    and to ampats and all you other jet haters….drakaris!

  40. He should just stay focused on writing that sixth book. What’s it been like 8 years since the 5th book?

  41. Mr Martin, sir, this was out of Idzik’s hands. It was an ownership decision. Woody Johnson has to go. He should sell the team and cut his losses now

  42. Ampats, please place an “X” next to what you’d prefer.

    NE goes 16-0
    Jets goes 0-16

    NE goes 16-0
    Jets goes 0-16 X

  43. lrjets,

    thanks for the thought but I don’t think I ever want to see the Patriots go 16-0 again. I also don’t see the Jets going 0-16 as I have a feeling that Sanchez may surprise the naysayers(like me) and have a better season than his buttfumble one from LY.

    I think the Jets/Idzik have left Rex out to dry as a lame duck coach.I don’t believe the mess the Jets are in has to do with Rex but the total mismanagement of your former GM

  44. Give the GM credit. He has a coach the owner insisted he keep.

    Step 1 in rebuilding is get a good good owner.

    Since that isn’t possible move to Step 2: Getting a new head coach.

    Getting rid of the best guy on an already bad team is a good way to tank a season and justify a coaching change. Then maybe you’ll see some improvement.

  45. ampats says:Apr 23, 2013 3:27 PM


    True freshman maybe you should check your facts and try again before you post.

    So after swmirdr corrected you and told you that he was a redshirt freshman… you actually told HIM to check HIS facts?!? LOL Well, Manziel really is a redshirt freshman and is eligible for the 2014 Draft…he graduated high school in 2011… wait three years and it’s…. drumroll please….2014 He wouldnt have to wait 3 more years like you for some reason believe. I mean wikipedia him or something man. Maybe you should check YOUR facts! ROFL!

  46. steelersf123,

    sorry as a fan of the Patriots the QB situation is the least of my concerns. From the trades looks like the Steelers are looking for the future replacement of the rapist you call your franchise QB.

    Looks like your team will finish in the basement looking up at the Browns,Ravens & Bengals.

    Enjoy the 6 rings because it will be another decade before the Steelers are relevant again.

  47. First off, the best player on your team should be your QB. If the best player on your team is a guy who maybe covers 1/4 of the Defensive backfield on passing plays, you might have a problem. Revis has been a great player, but the Jets lack of success begins and ends with one name…Sanchez.

  48. Actually Martin is a huge NY Giants fan, not a Jets fan although he does follow the Jets to some degree as former NYers are wont to do.

    I’ve been reading his blog for years (he wrote these cool books that are now on TV or something) and his opinions on the G-Men are usually in the same general ballpark as mine. Dude likes his football.

    Revis trade was bad for the Jets but only in the sense that they now are far more likely to end up battling for 0-16 rather than 2-14.

  49. Mr. Martin should spend less time blogging and more time finishing the series.

    Six years between book four and book five? Really? The postscript to Feast for Crows said the follow up would be out “shortly.”

    And stop killing all the good guys!

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