Jaguars unveil new uniforms

The Jaguars unveiled their new uniforms Tuesday, during a presentation full of flash and marketing buzzwords.

And while tastes in clothing are subjective, I think my sartorial expertise allows me to say with authority — these things are kind of ugly.

The helmets fade from matte black to gold, which is vaguely interesting. And the new logo looks better than the old one, for sure.

But from the futuristic fonts of the numbers (apparently it’s edgy and modern and aggressive) to the mishmash of color combinations, they still look like something out of Rollerball or the XFL.

All that said, there’s one important fact I’d be remiss to not point out: As an old, nonpartisan, non-gear purchaser, the NFL, the Jaguars and Nike could give a rip what I think.

Photo credit: Jaguars Twitter account

68 responses to “Jaguars unveil new uniforms

  1. Yeah, UGLY describes them well. Jags are going to face lawsuits from all the epileptic seizures triggered in the crowd when they come out on the field at the start of the game.

  2. I like them….I’m sure some will not.

    Doesn’t really matter what the unis look like…


    GO JAGS!!!

  3. “All that said, there’s one important fact I’d be remiss to not point out: As an old, nonpartisan, non-gear purchaser, the NFL, the Jaguars and Nike could give a rip what I think.”

    Resembles this remark.

  4. As expected the media against anything positive for the Jaguars.
    1st NFL team with 2tone helmet. I kinda like the teal alternate over the black. To bad it’s only going to be used once. Everyone knocked on the Seahawks jersey last year and then it grew on you. It will be the same with this. Go Jags!

  5. I don’t think ugly is fair….The helmet should be that black tone all over…but I think the light blue (?) and the all black look really good. I think looking at the changes we see to college jerseys and the such these turned out really well.

  6. are those pics of the arena league arizona rattlers?? look very similar!

    helemts colors looks like something you see in the toilet the next da after a night of drinking and eating mexican food at 3am..

    two tone helmets are lame!!! looks like nike is using j’ville as the guinea pig… if it looks bad ,who cares.its only the whittle ol jags… no one will really notice because outside jacksonville and the sparce fanbase they have in other cities no one will really notice how ugly their uni’s are!!!

  7. I really wanted to like the helmet, but it is a total failure. Way too much gold, and it would be better to have a glossy black…not matte. Oh well, Nike sucks anyway.

  8. @vik3z,

    Insults coming from a guy whose favorite team has a primary color of purple just doesn’t hold water. Sorry.

  9. I think to just drop to black is the lamest most un-creative way to design a uniform. The Jags are the only team in major league sports to use that teal and they totally backed away from it over the years and now its trim for their “black” uniforms. No matter how black your uniforms are it doesn’t make you cool, so just give us something unique and stop falling back on a generic black like a HS team.

  10. jags fans sayign people are hating!!! LMAO

    yeah we are really hating o nthose black,teal, puke brown gold uni’s….. j’ville you can have them all to yourselves…. nothing to hate on here..just the truth!!! i undertsand there has been nothing to look forward to i guess it is something to look forward to for the jag fans… hating?? lol ….ok if it makes you feel better!

  11. Should have gone solid old gold helmets. Uni’s seem a pretty lazy attempt at ‘radical change’. I think I’m going to get sick of all the ‘unique’ fonts. $100 on Browns the picking up Comic Sans?

  12. Better than last years uniforms. Better than Seattle’s uniforms. I guess thats really all there is to say that matters.

    That said, they blew an opportunity to have the most appealing uniforms in the league (subjectively) with a only a couple poor design choices, namely the helmet and arguably the sleeves. A flat black helmet would have been just as “revolutionary” to the nfl, and more aesthetically appealing. And a more elegant approach to the secondary color in the sleeves wouldn’t hurt.

    The badge is really pretty cool, I personally think the number font and outline is by far the leagues best as of now, and even the pants and collar piping is attractive and serves a purpose in offsetting the color scheme.

    Yes it is football, not a runway in milan, but deep down we all like a good-looking uniform, and I think this will grow on most.

  13. wow…i was expecting these to be awesome and am terribly disappointed. I think both the helmets and the jerseys are ugly and actually really liked the old jags jerseys.

  14. A big improvement over their last look.

    Not a Jags fan but at least they are trying to be less of an eyesore.

    I like their new look…I just hope Nike doesn’t mess with my Eagles….unless they bring back the Kelly green and silver.

  15. I wouldn’t worry re: the gold/black combo on the helmets. They look about as well-constructed as some children’s toys I’ve seen and, if that’s the case, you can change the color by dipping them into hot or cold water.

  16. What genius decided that black uniforms were a good idea in a hot weather climate with an outdoor stadium? Stated another way, what color absorbs more heat than any other color?

    Talk about home field disadvantage.

    There’s a reason the Miami Dolphins have light blue, the Miami Hurricanes have bright orange, the Bucs and Seminoles have garnet uniforms.

    Besides, the original teal with black helmets were cool. The new uniforms are just plain ugly.

  17. Great design. The Jaguars website has an unveil video that gives a better feel on the design.

  18. Could somebody tell me just what the significance is of turquoise in the Jags colors? With Miami, I can follow the aqua, but what is there about a Jaguar (the animal), that inspires turquoise. I know I’m missing something here, obviously, but I just don’t get it.

    Great helmets, seriously.

  19. No sign of the quarterbacks in the runway display. Either means the Jags are drafting a QB #2 or Gabbert and Henne had the good sense not to be affiliated with the display. Not wanting the photographs to come back to haunt them later in life.

  20. Uniforms don’t matter it’s the players that wear them that count, so maybe fix that if you want some success. (Blaine Gabbard, cough)

    But I hope the only change the Jags make is their uniforms, and most Colt fans will agree.

    Lipstick-Pig jokes can begin if they haven’t already.

  21. I think the people who are talking down the uniforms so much didn’t watch the presentation stream. I was thinking the uniforms were okay when I saw these images, but when you got to see them on players, it was completely different. They look pretty sweet, and I can’t wait to see them on the field.

    I’m also a sucker for the nod to the military that they put into the jersey.

  22. “Could somebody tell me just what the significance is of turquoise in the Jags colors?”

    Teal, actually. And I can’t tell you why they originally went with teal any more than I could tell you why the Panthers went with their own shade of blue. The only reason the teal is still around in any way on the uniforms is that it was part of the team’s traditions and the new guys didn’t want to completely throw tradition out the window.

    I’m glad they didn’t do Jaguar spots or anything like that, though. Would have looked ridiculous…

  23. These uniforms are WAY hipper than the stuff of years past.

    Big step up.

    OR – let’s just talk trash.

  24. They look kinda futuristic or sci-fi…kinda has the Predator vibe going…lol! Oh well, nobody likes change but if their team came up with them they probably think they rock…lol! Most of the teams aren’t as daring and a departure from tradition is almost sacreligious! I also thought the Seahawks had the best uniforms in the league and the change seemed to help their play.

  25. When I asked my question above, I meant no dish on the team (I’m noticing them now because of Gus Bradley, the Hawks greatest DC in history. He’ll turn your fortunes around.). I knew that the “teal” appeared in the old Jag’s tongue, but that too made me wonder. Being an artist I notice these things.

  26. Amazes me how this site can bash whomever they wish, but if you mention THIS SITE in your post, they take it down.
    Also the new uniforms are edgey and give the Jaguars a cool look. All you haters just keep on.
    Let’s see how long this one stays up.

  27. I like the Miami & Minnesota updates, but don’t like this at all. I’ve never thought the Jags color combination holds up that well – teal, gold & black just don’t jibe well – but to me, turning everything black is just timid.

    You have colors; use them, don’t hide from them. Personally, I think the black is the problem color. If they went with teal and gold dominant, including the helmets, it could be really distinctive and could actually look good.

    This, on the other hand, just looks as though they’re afraid of their own colors. Look at the top team of recent years: red & gold, purple, green & yellow, red white & blue, etc. This “look, we’re tough, we’re all black and our numbers are pointy like teeth” seems silly.

    49ers-style gold pants, teal jerseys, teal helmets with bold metallic gold jaguar emblem – there would be a combination that shows the team isn’t afraid to be distinctive.

  28. hoping it changes the play on the field and they shut haters up….

    only thing worse than the uniform are people groaning and dissing.

  29. Pretty interesting…most non-Jags fans on social media and other sites seem to like the jerseys. On PFT, you get a lot of comments bashing not just the jersey but the owner, players, fans, and franchise as a whole.

  30. I like the new uniforms. I always hated the all black helmets. They blended in with everyone elses black helmets. The new uniforms might not be stunning but at least they are a little different.

  31. Hey people criticized the Seahawks’ new unis when they rolled out.

    Then the Hawks started rolling up 50 points on people and folks were like, “Hey, now that I think about it, those uniforms actually look pretty good.”

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