Mathieu makes bad impression on current player with history of off-field issues

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Regardless of whether cornerback Tyrann Mathieu gets the benefit of the doubt from NFL teams for canceling a pair of visits last week due to an illness, Mathieu didn’t get the benefit of the doubt from one of the veteran players he met while making visits.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, a current player who has overcome his own history of off-field issues came emerged from the meeting with Mathieu with a negative impression of Mathieu’s current attitude and motivation.

Specifically, Mathieu expressed to the player a desire to make money, not a desire to put in the work necessary to become a great player.

We’re usually leery of this kind of chatter in the days prior to the draft, but this isn’t an expression of opinion from a scout with a possible desire to see a player fall into the lap of the scout’s team.  It’s an assessment of things actually said by Mathieu at a time when Mathieu was talking not to coaches or scouts but to a player who soon will be one of Mathieu’s NFL peers.

While there’s still hope for Mathieu, his journey toward maturity will entail much more than avoiding marijuana.  In the assessment of the player who interacted with Mathieu, he also will need to learn the value and importance of hard work and commitment.

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  1. Who is it? This article makes no sense without saying who it is. If he left a bad taste with Pacman Jones or Mike Vick, that’s saying something. If it’s someone along the lines of Brian Banks who was wrong place, wrong time, wrongly accused, that’s a whole different story.

  2. Perhaps the front office urged a player to make an accusation like this to push the Badger down the draft. He certainly won’t be the only player on whatever team drafts him that’ll be in it for the money. If he can play and pass a drug test or ten, who cares?

  3. College football player eager and excited to get paid for the hard work. What a terrible person. Did he specifically say he doesn’t care about working hard or was he just talking to a player about finally getting paid? Because unless he specifically said both “I don’t care about working hard I just want money” then there is nothing to it.

    Everybody wants to get paid.

  4. Still laughing at the comment about Tyrann Mathieu buying a pound of weed and getting high with Towley. Haha Dont forget to bring a towel!

  5. I don’t think there is a person alive who doesn’t want to make money being a pro athlete. I just hope for him he doesn’t use it all to buy weed. I have no issues if a team drafts him since he did have some talent. He will probably go in the 3rd round or later. He will find out fast if this is all a facade just to make money so he can return to his bad behavior, he will be out of a job quick!

  6. We’ve seen the Seahawks and 49ers use high picks on situation pass rushers and in both cases it has worked out quite well. So could a trueNickel back that can cover the slot in space and make open field tackles have increased value as the league gets more and more pass happy?

  7. I’m confident he doesn’t need assistants pushing himself down the broads lol … Reminds me of Jim Carey in liar liar ” what the hell are you doing…what’s it look like ..I’m kickin my own azzzzzz!!!!” Lmao

  8. How do you think you make money? You put in the hard work and practice to stay in the league. If you aren’t good at what you do in the NFL then you are not going to make any money, you will not be signed by a team. This is being blown way out of context. Who can blame someone for wanting to make money. Give the Honey Badger a break.

  9. There have been plenty of players succeed in the league who’s primary motivation was $$$, not glory or championships!! If he trains and prepares, works hard and performs well for the money, that’s still a guy performing at a high level. Lots of players put in the work and do their job the best they possibly can for no other reason than the potential of signing their next big deal!!

  10. I’m pretty sure most players Are focused on the cash. This is why there is now a rookie wage scale.

  11. I hope the Seahawks draft him if he’s still there in the 3rd round. Does anyone realize how many guys in the NFL now smoked weed all the time in college? Like 75% of Oregons roster tokes. I’m sure Tyrann’s team mates will keep him in check at the next level. He’s gonna be a stud player. Who gives a crap what one unnamed player thought.

  12. I have a horrible feeling Shanahan is going to have another ‘Maurice Clarett’ moment with this punk.

  13. Mathieu Passed A Drug Test! Now if he could only pass the Wonderlic. Oh, I forgot, this site refuses to acknowledge the Wonderlic even though every NFL team uses it as part of their evaluation process.

  14. Aren’t they all in it to make money? Give him a chance, if he doesn’t work out, then cut him. Simple.

  15. what kills me about this is that all this negative info comes out and they draft the guy anyway. you expect him to grow and mature, but you’ll draft him anyway and throw lots of money his way, then cry when it doesnt work. we have a sick system. all you teach this guys is that talent trumps all so dont complain when you end up with a turd. should’ve paid attention to all the red flags.

  16. Somebody’s gonna take a huge gamble on this guy, probably as high as the third round. In my opinion, there’s too much risk for any serious team to consider drafting him.

    That being said, he’d be a perfect fit for that NY Jets circus.

  17. This is a gigantic pile of crap. Poorly written as usual. This gossip is no more credible than any other obvious attempt to disparage a player immediately before the draft.

  18. I read the recent ESPN magazine profile on this kid and I have to say it sure doesn’t sound like a wise choice for his agent et al to isolate him in an apartment with not much to do. Seems like it’s a nightmare scenario for someone who is struggling with drugs. I’m thinking he needs to have a couple good people around him, maybe even a roommate, who will be a good influence for the times he gets bored and figures drugs are the solution.

  19. If he did in fact express concern only about making money (which all players want), and mentioned nothing of the intense work ethic he’ll have to contribute to be a great player, then that is definitely something to be concerned about.

    Players with loads of physical talent can just play in college and be good, without having to dedicate much time to improving. That won’t work in the NFL. In the NFL, your physical talent is matched or exceeded by just about every other player in the league. The only way to be a GREAT player in the NFL is to have the drive and put in the long hours necessary to constantly improve.

    Teams would be wise to see just how committed he is to becoming a great player. If he’s more concerned about making money, then this guy isn’t worth much more then a late round pick.

  20. It has been obvious for quite a while that this kid has character issues and will have motivation problems . Only naive fans think he has turned it around. This just adds to the perception. Buyer beware.

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