One GM says this draft is historically bad

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No matter what anyone says about the relative talent of the picks, there will, in fact, be 32 of them in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday night.

But not even half that amount deserve the designation, according to one decision-maker.

An unnamed general manager told Mike Freeman of this was the “worst draft in past 10 years or longer.”

“When we look back at this draft in five or 10 years,” he said, “we might view it as one of the worst we’ve seen in some time.”

That personnel man didn’t want to risk the wrath of the league (the same league which tried to plug all the leaks during the legal tampering period) by diminishing the value of the television product, at least with his name attached.

But he did say there were 13 to 15 players with “true” first-round grades, compared to 20 to 23 last year.

Of course, it’s also in the best interest of the guys who pick the players to downplay the talent available.

That way when they draft a bad one, it’s not so much their fault.

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  1. Most players picked between 10-80 will not have much of a difference between them. It’s a draft full of good, but not great, talent.

  2. Most likely the Redskins trying to justify selling their souls for a torn ACL and a division title. Sure we’ll see Rex Grossman back there by mid season.

  3. Get with me in 3 years and I’ll let you know if this guy is full or crap.

  4. I thought it was pretty well established that the value in this draft was in rounds 2-4, and the expectation that some 7th round and FA’s could make some noise.

    The lack of top end talent, how could that be. ESPN; Cowherd; Herbstreit, keeps telling us that every team in the SEC has so much talent that they could all compete in the NFL.

    Then you have to add the USC and Ohio State, who according to their fans, do not allow than a 5 star on their teams.

    So say 15-20 draft eligible players per team, 14 teams, no way, the numbers do not add up. That GM is a fraud.

    This draft is 250-280 players deep.

  5. All of the teams should simply “pass” in the first round, and then start in the second. They get the same players, but at only half the price.

  6. There’s no way of knowing how good a draft class this is going to be. Really, not for four years.

    At least there’s no way it could be worse than the 2001 NBA draft. That’s probably the worst draft in any league, ever.

  7. With the sole exception of 2010 (when everyone pro eligible was jumping ship to beat the rookie wage scale) I think there’s usually at least 1 unnamed GM/league source who comes out and says this every year. And with or without the invisible pessimist league source, every year there are great players, productive players, and a whole bunch of crappy players that come out of it.

  8. This GM should just scout and work harder – Richard Sherman/Sam Shields/Victor Cruz – lot of late round/undrafted guys out there that have 1st round talent, just gotta go look for ’em.

  9. 2007 and 2009 stand out as alarmingly bad drafts to me, we’ll have to wait a coup,e years to see if this one stacks up….er, down.

  10. Seeing as how many late round picks and UFAs make it in the NFL, I guess that would indicate that just about every draft – not to mention every GM for not drafting those guys sooner – is “bad”

    However the fact that so many teams are openly talking about wanting to trade back indicates at the very least that the talent later in the draft isn’t viewed all that different than talent early in the draft. That indicates the GM source is correct in his assessment.

    Following the Patriots, it does seem interesting that Belichick has uncharacteristically few draft choices for this draft.

    Knowing the level of talent in this draft, it’s no coincidence he strategically “used” of his picks prior to the draft for proven veterans

  11. What will Mike Freeman’s zany and headline-grabbing unnamed sources say next?!

  12. I’m still convinced all these articles featuring an anonymous general manager is actually the same GM saying all these things.

  13. I think this will wind up to be a good draft, not great. I’m hoping the Jets get some good picks, Sanchez gets injured or pulled and the backups play worse. We finish with the worst record, and then we get a franchise qb in next year’s draft. Or even clowny. Sports Pope said he’s the best prospect at his position since LT. That’s high praise from nappy.

  14. I remember hearing that the 2009 was the worst draft ever after the top 5 guys. I think the it was the best draft after the top 10 guys.

  15. So surely we will know who this is since it would be dumb to make a pick in lieu of trading it for the same pick or better next year. By process of elimination this GM will reveal himself, or reveal that he’s a big fat liar, or an idiot. One of the 3 will happen.

  16. Smart GM…putting excuses out there BEFORE running get the ship aground.

    Lowering expectations of the owner and fans now leads to less disappointment later, and could buy him an extra year or two of steady paychecks.

  17. This draft has been rated by many experts, GM’s, and Coaches, as one of the deeper drafts in recent history. It has been said that the top end talent at the super star positions (QB, RB,WR) is not there, but for OL and defense at all positions, it’s a good and deep draft.

  18. dwdive says: Apr 23, 2013 7:10 PM

    This draft has been rated by many experts, GM’s, and Coaches, as one of the deeper drafts in recent history.

    GMs and coaches don’t tell you what they really believe. Your ‘experts’ are media guys.

  19. Whatever GM made that call has a poor scouting organization, for which he is directly responsible.

    I think the consensus opinion is this is a very deep draft. While there may not be as many with 1st round grades (I agree with that) there are more with 2nd, 3rd and 4th round grades and more draftable players overall than many other drafts in recent years.

    A good GM wouldn’t be complaining about a lack of good prospects in this draft. He’d be building a list of great middle-round picks to compete for starting positions and make your team better.

  20. Not sure why you guys are bagging on the 2005 draft? Any draft that features a kicker going with pick 47 has to be a good one right? What’s next some team taking a kicker in the first round cause that’s all the were missing?….

  21. This is a big uglies draft… Its all about the lines in this draft. I don’t think this can qualify as a bad draft, because of that.

  22. I bet this draft has at least 5-10 probowlers(not bowling pros lol). They just won’t be the first ten picks!

  23. this is just a dumb comment. if we were to look at it a few years from now and pick out the best players of the 10-15 that he thinks are “first round talent”, I’ll bet that maybe half of those pan out as worth the first round pick. Then there will be the guys that are really good that came in the later rounds and ppl will be saying they should have been top picks…

    i thought we already concluded that there is no science to this stuff. you never know what a guy might do when put in the NFL

  24. No A+ QB, RB, WR- the glamour positions. I think this obvious to everyone

    However, in my opinion, there’s plenty of quality OT, S, CB and DL. Seems more than usual. This is the type of draft to build your team’s depth.

    If 1 or 2 of the QB’s can become all-pro players this draft will be acknowledged as a good one.

  25. filthymcnasty1 says:Apr 23, 2013 5:50 PM

    Maybe those picks in return for the electrifying Percy Harvin aren’t quite as valuable as Spieldope had hoped.
    Yet another example as to why Packer fans, along with their ‘stock’ are the laughing stock of the NFL. Trading away a headcase that was off the field with injuries half the time in return for the ability to have 2 first round picks (Vikes and seahawks) to fill 2 glaring needs is a great tradeoff. Thanks for trying though packer fan. Buy some more ‘stock’!

  26. Wouldn’t it make sense for GM who wants to move up to select a specific player to say something like this? Place a little doubt in the minds of the GMs ahead of you so you won’t have to pay too much to jump up. There’s so much faulty info going around this time of year that you can’t trust anything coming from a front office.

  27. If you’re going to put a statement like that out there, have the character to stand behind it!

  28. Have a feeling that a few years from now we will hear about some team that picked some player up in a late round that just did awesome…
    Nothing outstanding in the draft… but a very high bar overall.

  29. its bad as in Qb wise, but for RT, LT, Guard and Safety,OLB, its a decent draft

  30. Mike Freeman doesn’t want to name the source, I heard the comment on the Colin Cowherd show. It was Bill Polian of Espn.

  31. I don’t think this draft is as bad as some say.
    If I had to give each position a grade talent-wise:
    On a scale 1-10,10 being the best.
    QB- 7.5- There are a few instant starters.
    RB- 6- Weak with one or two exceptions.
    FB- 7- Mostly back-ups.
    WR- 9.5- Strong group, plenty of talent.
    T- 10- Deepest position, a lot of starting LT’s.
    G- 8.5- Another deep position.
    C- 7- Not much talent, solid bunch of Back-ups.
    TE- 8- A few starters.
    DE- 8.5 Deep talent, might be a few hidden gems.
    DT- 7- Mostly rotational players.
    ILB/OLB- 8.5- Few day 1 starters, ton of depth.
    CB- 9- 2nd deepest position, full of talent.
    S- 9- Strong, some day 1 starters, a lot of depth.
    K- 5- Bare.
    P- 6.5- 1 possible starter.
    KR/PR- 7- A few hot picks.
    Overall= 8- Teams will be able to tend to positions needed and find a few surprise picks.

  32. Bill Polian, former GM, recently went back and evaluated how many 1st round picks over the recent 8-10 years actually helped their teams win games. He found that only 50% of 1st round picks made a significant impact for the teams that drafted them.

    Granted, a few players moved to other teams later and did well, but this number shows that even the so called ‘can’t miss’ picks often miss. For every Peyton Manning or Orlando Pace (both certain HOF), there are guys like Ryan Leaf and and an Alex Barron (super busts from the 1st round). So don’t get too excited about ANY picks this week – look back 2-3 years later to find out if your team hit the right side of 50%. Also, teams that consistently find ‘diamonds in the rough’ in late rounds and after-draft free-agency tend to be the teams that win more consistently (NY Giants, Steelers, Packers).

  33. The JaMarcus Russell year was the worst by far in the last 10. Look at the top 10 and its a who’s who of mediocre.

  34. If my goal were to cover my ass in case I made a poor choice or to make myself look like a genius for finding a needle in a haystack I would put my name on it. PFT is going south with their analysis ever since they sold out to NBC. But hey, as bad as this gets they’ll never top “the mothership” in the sensationalism category.

  35. How can anyone possibly judge how good or bad a draft is before it even takes place? The verdict wont be in for at least 5-10 years. Then at least we will know if some players have a string of All-Pro seasons behind them or are having Hall Of Fame careers. Or if they are all out of the league by then.

  36. Horrible news for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. They can’t find good players in “good” drafts. All of their draft picks this year may be cut by the first mini-camp.

  37. It’s not great, but it’s really deep, if there was a draft to trade out of the first, this is it.

    another way to say this, this was the best year to trade for Percy Harvin.

  38. Whoa!

    Looks like a LOT of teams are trying to trade out of the 1st round this draft – and probably with little or no success! Good thing for the Redskins that they decided to do that LAST year.

    And to get the guy who ended up being chosen Rookie of the Year, elected to the Pro Bowl, and will probably be an NFL MVP and a SB MVP before too long. Does it get any better for Skins fans than that?!

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