PFT Live: Kevin Colbert, Jarvis Jones

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We’ve heard a bit from General Manager Kevin Colbert about how the Steelers are approaching the draft and we’ll hear more when he joins Mike Florio on PFT Live Tuesday.

Colbert has answered any negativity about players leaving the team this offseason by saying that losing players from an 8-8 team doesn’t trouble him all that much so we’ll find out what the team needs to do to wind up making their way back to a winning record. We’ll also see if there’s anything to do with talk that the team might be drafting a quarterback later this week.

The Steelers could use some help at linebacker, which may make Georgia product Jarvis Jones a possibility for the team in the first round. Florio will talk to Jones about where he thinks he might wind up and what he’s heard from teams regarding the spinal stenosis diagnosis that helped lead him to leave USC for Georgia.

Florio will also reveal picks 22-26 in the PFT Live mock draft, which has us in position to wrap things up just before the actual draft gets underway. You can check out today’s picks and the interviews live at noon ET by clicking right here.

8 responses to “PFT Live: Kevin Colbert, Jarvis Jones

  1. “Colbert has answered any negativity about players leaving the team this offseason by saying that losing players from an 8-8 team doesn’t trouble him all that much.”

    Yeah, that Mike Wallace sure was dragging you down. So was Emmanual Sanders. That’s why you didn’t blow your salary cap wad desperately trying to keep him.

  2. Mike, make sure you ask Jones how he feels about New Orleans. Personally, I don’t think Mingo will make it past the Flaming Thumbtacks at tenth.

  3. @morganstan, the Steelers have always been good at letting players go that do not meet their standard. The Ravens, on the other hand, hang on to check-downs and jump balls, and don’t forget the criminals.

  4. What in the hell might happen next season should they go, say, 6-10?
    Will Colbert use that same “clean-house” philosophy, or will it be ignored, just as it was after the 2006 and 2009 seasons?
    Colbert should choose his philosophies more wisely.

  5. @morganstan100 considering I see you being one of the first 5-10 people to comment on every steelers article , I don’t think nobody can take you seriously , especially since 90 % of your comments are against the steelers and their fans . Oh and the whole Joe Flacco “Elite” thing is hilarious . It has taken him 6 seasons to finally win a superbowl, Roethlisberger had already won two championships with 3 AFC championship appearances in 5 seasons. The only friendly advice I can give is to hop off the ravens bandwagon before it’s too late.

  6. They should ask Colbert about Pittsburgh’s pitiful one million in available cap space.

    “Kevin, you realize you only have enough money to buy 20 luxury homes in downtown Pittsburgh, right?”

  7. @morganstan, I’m sure that 300 sq ft basement apartment you live in is worth much more than $50,000.

  8. Hey! I should rent it to the Steelers and their fans! Oh wait, it doesn’t have a “whine” celler.

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