ProFootballTalk: One-on-one with Alfred Morris

Redskins RB Alfred Morris joins PFT to discuss the biggest change he’s noticed since his breakout rookie campaign, and his thoughts on Robert Griffin III’s return from a knee injury.

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8 responses to “ProFootballTalk: One-on-one with Alfred Morris

  1. Why all the hate??? Yes our owner is a sniveling A-hole. Yes our organization has been in the dumpster for years… But we have seen the lowest of lows… Our beloved safety murdered in his home. Countless losing seasons…. Now we finally have something to celebrate in the outstanding leadership and athleticism of RG3 and the tremendous durability and physical ability in Afred Morris, and all we get is hate?? Direct it somewhere else… The days of the Skins being the doormat of the NFC East are over and all that hate fuels my franchise. Its been a long time coming… Hail to the Washington Redskins!

  2. Watching this video reminds me why I like what the Shanahan staff is doing for the Redskins organization. This kid is so humble and well spoken, with a demeanor of a future hall of famer, along with Robert Griffin III and the rest of the players who are playing at a higher level for success. I am sure some new players will be added in the next couple of days that fit the mold of players this team has been adding of late, HTTR!!

  3. Not a Redskins fan but I do hope RGIII does learn how to slide & take care of himself so he can be the franchise player the Redskins drafted him to be.

  4. Just an awesome guy who realizes the blessings he has been given, and, he makes a VERY conscious effort to stay humble, honor his parents, and his teammates. He still drives the beater too! 🙂

  5. All the wusses that hope Griffin will be hurt is just that; HOPE cause they are indeed fearful of what this kid may do. Quit hating God its getting old tired and boring

  6. To my Skins fans- We wouldn’t be getting any hatred if our team was ass and had no future. We’re making moves on both sides of the football and that is all that matters. People want to hate when they’re jealous and frankly I enjoy reading people bash someone or something they wish they had. But I guarantee one thing: the haters will be in awe when watching Sportscenter top 10 week after week seeing AMo, RGIII, and friends run and gun all over opposing teams.

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