Ravens waiting for “due process” on Rolando McClain


When Rolando McClain was arrested once again over the weekend, there was instant speculation that the Ravens would cut him. But they’re not doing that, at least not yet.

There is due process on this, and we are paying attention to that,” Ravens senior vice president for public and community relations Kevin Byrne said, via the Baltimore Sun.

McClain has had a long string of legal problems in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama, and his arrest for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest this weekend was just the latest.

After the Raiders cut McClain, the Ravens signed him to a one-year, $700,000 contract, with no guaranteed money and effectively no risk: They can keep an eye on him throughout the offseason and see if he looks like he can contribute to their defense, and if he doesn’t, they can cut him at any time before the regular season starts without having spent anything.

It’s still entirely possible that they will cut him before the regular season starts. But they’re going to take their time in reviewing his latest arrest.

56 responses to “Ravens waiting for “due process” on Rolando McClain

  1. What seems obvious is that this guy doesn’t care. So if he doesn’t care whether he’s arrested or not, then why would he care enough to help the Ravens win? My prediction: he’ll get cut and will be out of he league entirely very soon.

  2. If this clown could not commit to being a decent person to the Ravens, why should the Ravens commit to him? Cut himmmmmmm

  3. The best franchise in the league will make the right call. It’s what world champs do. Redskins watch closely. Maybe you and the steelers could learn a thing or two in situations like this so that you can both become relevant again some day.

  4. I think the due process being referred to here is the draft. In other words, let everyone think we’re out of the ILB hunt in the early rounds and change their boards, only to have us take one anyway.

    If he isn’t cut by next Monday he surely won’t survive the cuts to get to 53. And if he survives those, he’s truly turned himself around.

    Either way, win win.

  5. History repeats itself concerning the MLB position for the Ravens. Not sure if you will get the same result in regards to talent on the field.

  6. Well…we are a society that does not care about due process. We hear 5% of a story, make up our minds….and then we want that person hung. Just look at the recent bombing. The story was 1 hour old, and the MSM had the bomber as a right wing extremist.

    Everyone will crucify the Ravens for not just releasing him now, bc we are a knee-jerk reactionary society. The team has 4 months to decide what to do. They have plenty of time to let the story come out, get all the facts, then make a move that is best for them.

    Regardless of what actually happened, the guy should be sitting home these days collecting stamps, going to church, and volunteering at the SPCA. He should not even allow himself to be put in whatever situation happened. He got a 2nd chance, but proved at the least he is still too immature.

  7. Rolondo you got your wish to play for a “Real” NFL team. Whats the excuse now? U know what they say about excuses. There like Aholes we all have em and they stink. Grow up deal with your past and move on. You have been blessed athletically and financially. Oh and never go to Decatur again.

  8. Maybe he should co-own a refreshment stand: Rolando and JaMarcus’ Fine Purple Drank.

  9. Hard to believe the Ravens would take a wait and see stance on a guy who obviously just doesn,t get it.

  10. I believe people can change, but this guy just doesn’t seem to get it. If you’re famous and rich, don’t act like a jackass because someone is always watching. Ravens are going to cut him, just waiting until the draft is over.

  11. Definitely something very wrong with this guy. Reminds me of Albert Haynesworth.

  12. I love how when ozzie newsome or belicheck take a chance on a guy like this it is hailed as a great signing but when lesser gm’s do it it is a bad move. All about value right. Top tier athletes are coddled from the time they are in middle school and when they break rules or laws, everything possible is done to sweep it under the rug to keep the player eligible. As they get older and have gotten away with transgressions, they then think they can get away with anything and their violations keep getting worse. Many chances for teaching valuable life lessons are squandered by our society all for the sake of keeping athletes eligible.

  13. This is the appropriate response to the situation. Once again, Ozzie and the rest of the brilliant front office have hit a home run. Congratulations for not kowtowing to the knee jerks who chose to pre-judge this case and those who simply were trying to exercise their selfish agendas. Well played, Ozzie!

  14. While I understand “due process”, every day he remains on the team is an embarrassment….just cut the punk and let’s draft a couple of LB’s. honestly ILB’s are the defensive version of RB’s… Very easy to find to plug in!!

  15. I see this as the Ravens needing an ILB too badly. If they had the depth at the position, it would be a no brainer. But with them already in a need to draft two ILBs, they are in a position where they need Rolando way too much to just cut him.

  16. They won’t cut him before the draft, no reason to give other teams any insight into what you might think your drafting priorities are. They probably will hold onto him until training camp because it doesn’t cost anything, although if it were up to me, he would never make it that far.

  17. This kid is on strike 3. Its crazy how he was cast as this saint with impeccable leadership qualities coming out of Bama.

  18. What the ravens are really waiting for is to see if they can get a good ILB in the draft. If they can i’m sure he will be gone.

  19. I hate to defend this turd but how in the world is it OK for police to arrest you for using your freedom of speech, and then charge you with resisting arrest? The “disorderly conduct” charge is just so they didn’t arrest McClain for ONLY resisting arrest. We don’t live in a police state.

  20. The whole situation is messed up. As a Raider fan, he was supposed to be our rock in the middle for 10-12 years, instead he made stupid play after stupid play. When drafted, the Raiders actually got a lot of praise for taking him in the top 10, instead of a work-out warrior. While I understand what the Ravens are trying to do here, he was the best mlb prospect in that draft (hands down) and he couldn’t even live up to a serviceable one.

  21. This is acceptable conduct for Baltimore. We’re talking about a city with a murder rate twice as high as CHICAGO!

  22. If the ravens had any depth at linebacker they would not have signed him or would’ve cut him by now. They’re putting integrity behind performance and hiding behind ‘due process’. Speaks volumes.

  23. Nice pick up. Steelers would of never signed this trash. And if they had he woulda been released by now. Steelers have an elite front office and gm. While Ratbirds are subpar! At best…

  24. What else do you expect from a team that housed a double murderer for 15 plus years???

  25. Shouting “*&^% the police” when they are trying to break up a disturbance sounds like disorderly conduct to me.

  26. uvmcatamounts says: Apr 23, 2013 9:02 AM

    “I hate to defend this turd but how in the world is it OK for police to arrest you for using your freedom of speech, and then charge you with resisting arrest? The “disorderly conduct” charge is just so they didn’t arrest McClain for ONLY resisting arrest. We don’t live in a police state.”

    So harassing someone with racial slurs and curse words is merely someone exercising their freedom of speech? According to your brilliant interpretation of the 1st amendment, there is no such thing is bullying or sexual harassment. Please get a clue before commenting.

  27. So, are the Ravens indicating that they will wait until the man is convicted or found not guilty by a jury of his peers? And if the Ravens do cut him before he’s found to be guilty or not guilty does that mean PR Man Kevin Byrne is nothing but a professional liar and the Ravens have no respect for the legal system?

    That was a very dumb thing to say. He should have said, “The Baltimore Ravens do not comment on individual legal matters involving players.”

  28. waiting for “due process”…great ideal, cause this kid is such a classy role model to society..

    wow, Alabama the new U. titles..arrests…arrests…arrests…fine job Nicktator, win at any cost

  29. Another example of why the Ravens are the second team in Maryland behind the Redskins. The Redskins are all class. Dan Snyder would never make such a bad free agent signing.

  30. Do the Ravens really think that after the “due process” he will no longer be a deviant?

    Nope, they just don’t care what kind of element plays for them. Pretty sure that standard was set after their first SB.

  31. I’m from Alabama and in a lot situation if you even question a policeman it’s grounds for arrest or worse in some cases. I’m not defending past misconduct but I will never put anything past small town police.

  32. “uvmcatamounts says: Apr 23, 2013 9:02 AM

    “I hate to defend this turd but how in the world is it OK for police to arrest you for using your freedom of speech, and then charge you with resisting arrest? The “disorderly conduct” charge is just so they didn’t arrest McClain for ONLY resisting arrest. We don’t live in a police state.”

    So harassing someone with racial slurs and curse words is merely someone exercising their freedom of speech? According to your brilliant interpretation of the 1st amendment, there is no such thing is bullying or sexual harassment. Please get a clue before commenting.”

    You sir are an idiot who has little to no knowledge of the constitution. The first amendment and “freedom of speech” is only a protection against the government. You cite examples that are well outside of freedom of speech protection in the constitution.

  33. If this guy is getting in trouble in that metropolis of Decatur Ala., with its 2 stoplights…imagine how much trouble he can get find in Crabtown! Did Ray find out where his dead body is? Or is he still in Boston leading the prayers?Oh, that’s right, not a word has been heard from the great healer yet.

  34. This works out perfectly for the Ravens. If you want to talk about having McLain by his cajunas, that is what Ozzie has. At this point, his pro career may hang (no pun intended) in Ozzie’s hands. This couldn’t have been written better cause now Ozzie and John sit down with him and say this is how it is going to be. You proved again you can’t control your life when your hanging with your posse so move your butt here, get in the weight room and if we see you as much as walk off the castle property, keep walking. This could be the sledgehammer to the head that wakes him up or it was his last chance. I always say that alcohol and drugs are a disease that needs cured. I listen to idiots like Steve Davis sayings he will corrupt the locker room, I don’t think that pro players who have so much to lose and can watch what McLain has lost will decide hey I want to follow Rolando, he’s got it going on. I just don’t think so. Knowing Torrey Smith from playing here I just can’t see someone with that character letting McLain ruin his life however I can see McLain seeing what Smith has and saying I want some of that.

  35. They want to see if he’s committed to the team enough to pay off the witnesses.

  36. “Due process?” Well, as soon as he’s due in court for sentencing, he’s likely to be processed.

  37. I’m a Ravens fans who thought they were trying to change their image – so even any hesitation looks like you’re looking the other way. If he were a Steeler the door would have hit in the butt Sunday morning!
    This guy’s not worth it. The first thing we should have done was tell him he wasn’t allowed to go back home bc that’s where all the trouble starts.
    What a waste of talent – and of a life!

  38. As a Ravens fan, I vehemently disagree with the front office’s stance here. Why is it that Dumervil, Huff, Canty, and Spears all managed to show up for the team’s voluntary workouts last week and this stain is partying it up in a park in Alabama, all the while inciting a crowd against the police? Those 4 aforementioned vets know how their bodies and minds handle an offseason and by no means needed to attend voluntary workouts. Yet there they were, starting this new stage of their careers on the right foot, McClain was the one guy who absolutely should have been there. What is McClain’s excuse if all of the hot air he blew when he was signed about wanting to chance was obviously false? If he doesn’t respect the actual authorities, what makes Newsome and Harbaugh think he’ll respect them? I’m all about giving a guy a second chance, but a 3rd and 4th chance? Flush this turd.

  39. It just amazes me that some people who are given every opportunity to escape the ghetto or negative environment where they grew up, continually go back there and get sucked into the crime-ridden life style. It’s clear that he was raised very poorly and the community tolerates crime and zero respect for the law and being decent citizens.

    Athletes are given a lot of wealth and the opportunity to go to the next level of a civilized society. They have a responsibility to themselves, their family and close friends, and especially to their children to become good citizens and leave the ghetto.

  40. What a cop-out!
    Seems like the Ravens just don’t want to admit the mistake they made in signing this guy, so the play the “Due Process” card, thereby postponing the inevitable.
    Guilty or innocent of the charges, to me, is meaningless. This “punk”, with his prior record AND the instant charges, show a complete disregard for any type of authority. He’s simply a kid who needs to be the center of attention and will go to any length attain it.
    Win or lose, this kid is trouble and the Ravens should cut any losses and dump him NOW!

  41. So much morality being thrown around by brave internet commenters.

    a) your opinions on McClain as a person are worthless to him and NFL teams.
    b) he’s a football player, a poor one at that, not a community leader, the guy trying to date your sister or anybody special that should be held to some super morality code.
    c) I will admit that I’m thoroughly entertained by talk about what McClain “deserves” and what he “owes” and what any of you would do in his shoes.

  42. For everyone on here that made mistakes growing up, but still turned out okay, hit thumbs up.

    For everyone on here that hasn’t, hit thumbs down.

  43. He just needs one more “One More Time” come on guys!!!! Oz, Ozzie, Ozzster!!!??

  44. What are y’all going to do if he stays on the team and makes an impact at bargain basement prices? What are ya’ll going to do if Ravens cut him before they owe him any money if he proves to be a schmuck? In either case, absolutely nothing because it was, and still is, a no risk deal. Why rush to cut him? You can do it later and still be fine. Hate all you want but truth is this was a smart situation.

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