Report: Dolphins showing willingness to move up in first round


The week before the draft generates a lot of talk, with one report sometimes appearing to contradict the one directly before it.

Earlier Tuesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN identified the Dolphins as one of the teams in the top 12 of the first round making calls in an attempt to move down in the draft order. On Tuesday afternoon, Schefter identified two teams that have “shown some willingness” to move up in the draft. One is the Falcons and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff has already made it clear that he’s willing to trade up for a player he likes.

The other? The Dolphins. We’re not doubting Schefter’s heard both things. He reports the team is “exploring both options,” which makes all the sense in the world when you’re more than 48 hours away from being on the clock.

It makes particular sense for the Dolphins. If they want to fill a need and land one of the top tackles, they’ll likely need to move up to assure themselves of someone from the Luke Joeckel/Eric Fisher/Lane Johnson trio. If they don’t want to do that, they may be targeting players they can get a bit later while adding more picks that can be used for players or other moves later in the draft.

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  1. I hope the Raiders are able to work something out with them.

    A trade for the Raiders could lay the foundation for a solid draft. I don’t want to get too greedy here, but if the Raiders moved back to #12, I’d love for them to move back on more time and add some more picks, this year or next.

    If the Raiders don’t move back, I’d be fine with almost anyone besides Floyd.

  2. So according to the “experts” Miami is moving up, moving back, stay pat, trading the pick for a LT, but always twirling, twirling.

  3. Another piece of brilliance from Schefter. They’re moving down, now they’re moving up. Welcome to your Whacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman Dolphins, Miami!

  4. Quick,, lets let an ALL PRO LT walk and then scramble for a replacement.

    really got it down to X’s and O’s over there.

  5. In other words, Miami is exploring all the options. I’m sure they are talking to several teams to find out what the necessary trade parameters would be (to move up or back). Most teams are doing the same thing. To me it shows due diligence. An elite LT is a want, not a need. They need a capable LT that doesn’t get beat like a drum. That guy may be on the roster already. Regardless, they should be doing EXACTLY what they are doing. That is the only way to improve the team in the most intelligent way.

  6. hated to see Jake long leave….truly one of them best LTs I’ve ever seen play but unless we move to top 3 or 4 I doubt we will get fisher as Joeckel will surely go number 1 or 2 so I’m hoping we can get up to 5 to 7 to get Lane Johnson that would be a solid piece to lay for a foundation for Tannehill to bring us a chance to play for a Super Bowl

  7. allnflfan says:Apr 23, 2013 4:22 PM

    Oh, who will be the lucky ducks to go work for Jeff Ireland?! He is just super!

    Meh, not a Dolphins fan, but Ireland does not strike me as a horrible GM. Maybe not a great one either-just kind of in the middle. Face it, you probably blurted out the same awkward question to Dez Bryant during that conversation.

  8. Time for the Fins to stop blowing smoke and put they’re money where their mouth is. There’s plenty of trade partners at the top of the Draft for them to reach out to. I’m pretty sure the Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie, and owner Mark Davis would shave their respective domes if it meant trading back and gaining an extra pick.

  9. dietrich43 says:Apr 23, 2013 6:41 PM

    “Did Jeff Ireland ask the GMs the profession of their mothers”?

    Did they tell him their Father’s were pimps?

  10. Yeah, Ireland should “stop blowing smoke” and be more like Jeff “I hope no one realizes I want a LT in the worst way” Spielman by telegraphing exactly which player(s) he is targeting so that another team can jack him out of a fourth round pick in exchange for the privilege of moving up one space.

    Keep ’em guessing, Ireland, keep ’em guessing.

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