Report: Five teams in top 12 want to move down


Draft boards are set by this point.

That means all that’s left is the jockeying for position.

Adam Schefter of ESPN points out what seems obvious in a draft with no sure things, that about half the top 12 want to move down.

Schefter specifically mentioned the Eagles (fourth), Lions (fifth), Browns (sixth), Bills (eighth) and Dolphins (12th) as having made calls trying to trade down.

If that’s the case, the law of supply and demand is about to kick in, making it harder for any of them to get the kind of return they’d normally want, if anyone’s even willing to move up to the spots they occupy.

37 responses to “Report: Five teams in top 12 want to move down

  1. Considering only 6 players are worthy of a first round grade, it doesn’t surprise me.

    The problem is, no one is going to want to trade up.

  2. lol…just thought of something. This might be the only draft in history where a second round pick has more value or equal value to a first round pick.

  3. I’m a St. Louis Rams fan..
    I would LOVE..
    Us to trade UP to draft T. Austin with our 16th pick.. I say trade with Bills. Give up that 2nd round.
    And with our 22nd draft pick. Trade DOWN ( because we are getting a safety anyways. ) to get the same safety. AND by trading down.
    We can get our 2nd round pick RIGHT back. Just in a different spot.!!


  4. The Redskins brilliant trade to get RG3 looks better and better every day. That’s why Bruce Allen is the NFL Executive of the Year and why Dan Snyder is the best NFL owner.


  5. The eagles or lions could find suitors, if they could pull off the same magic show the vikings did last year, convincing the browns they might actually take richardson at 3 with peterson still on the roster…………. Can any idiot run an nfl franchise? If so where do I sign up?

  6. I don’t see how the four teams in the top ten can realistically stock pile too many picks, considering only 5 other teams have at least 9 picks in this year’s draft, and one of them is Minnesota, who already has two first round picks (which likely makes them a potential trade option). San Francisco is another potential trade option considering they have a boat load of draft picks this year, but unless they really love one of the defensive ends ranked that high, I doubt they’ll jump from 31 all the way to the top five in the draft.

  7. Those teams would get more value out trading back in rounds 2-4. The rookie wage scale works to their benefit now. take the ‘best player’ in the 1st, then collect picks on Friday.

    Heck, if they want to use their 1st on RFA. Proven players in the league.

  8. This close to the draft – who knows waht the truth is? Maybe a team that wants to move up told that to Adam.

  9. To recap, Miami wants to trade down, Miami wants to trade up for a LT, and Miami wants to trade for Branden Albert. No smokescreens there.

  10. This must be the weakest class of all time … on one hand everybody is saying “No Elite prospects” and on the other saying “loads of depth” it must be mediocre depth because trading down to acquire less talent would mean teams want to save cap space for a talent filled future draft.

  11. I think this validates the Bucs trading their first rounder. This years 1st round is filled with mid-to low 1st round talent, no high end players really. This draft is stacked for teams in rounds 2-4 though, thats where the meat of this draft is.

  12. Eagles…please take D. Jordan with the number 4! if you must trade back, you damn well better get something good in return. tired of getting all hyped up for the draft only to be disapointed time after time

  13. Teams with mid 1st rounders are going to find it 10 times easier to trade down than teams in the top 12. When 10th pick and the 20th pick are pretty much equal value, you know its an awful draft class

  14. Miami has 5 picks between rounds 1-3. One in the 1st, two in each of the 2nd and 3rd.

    With players on the roster I’m sure they wouldn’t mind moving in trade packages, the Dolphins seem to have more leverage than any other team in this draft.

  15. Yes, Miami wants to trade down even though they desperately need an LT with only 2 – 3 of them having a shot at starting from day 1. Does Schefter even consider team needs when releasing these smoke screens? I mean we can debunk these from a mile away. This is lazy reporting.

  16. Did he forget about the Raiders, they need to trade back and stock pile picks more than anyone else. They don’t have a 2nd or 5th (Browns don’t have a 2nd either and they always need the help) plus they didn’t have a 1st or 2nd last year, and they blew up the whole team, they need lots of bodies to fill holes. They could actually stand to do a couple trades in the first, maybe trade for one of the Jets 1st rounders so they can get Millner to replace Revis, then trade with the Vikings, then with the falcons or 49ers. Reggie needs to horde as many picks as he can get.

  17. There are two reasons for Miami to trade back. One is that they are relying on the Albert trade to be completed and they want to get back that 2nd 2nd rd pick or they feel they are unable to trade up and don’t see anyone at 12 worth talking.

  18. I love the “experts” on air during the draft that chide a team by stating “they should have moved down”. Like that is always a viable option.

    Like the saying goes – it takes to to tango. This year will certainly prove that just because a team wants to move down it doesn’t mean they can. I’d say, at most, there are only a couple/three of teams, per year, looking to move up. That is it.

    If they don’t come calling, a team can want to move down all they want and it ain’t gonna happen!

  19. Every year there are fans of various teams furious because their team didn’t trade down and get more picks (while still drafting an All Pro player). What all of those furious fans fail to realize is that you need another team that wants to move up in order to trade. This isn’t Madden, where a computer team will nearly always trade with you for the right price. It is reality and another team needs to WANT to trade. And, with 5 teams wanting to move down, why would any other teams want to move up?

  20. there are 3 elite players in this draft, 2 OT’s and 1 DT, after top 3 go off the board, really 4-10 are at another notch, but after that, it starts to get watered down. 11-12 could break into top ten

    Jockel, fisher, lotulelei

    warmack, johnson, milliner, jordan, ansah, cooper, floyd

    eifert, fluker

  21. If that many teams want to move down then you will probably give less to move up since you can use other teams as leverage.

  22. As bobbyhoying said…this close to the draft you can not trust any of the crap being sold as fact.
    According to the Browns “braintrust”, they have either called or will call all the other teams about trades as well as during the draft itself which is really when the phones catch fire.
    Banner has a history of trading picks but he goes both ways so who knows.
    I believe all any of them are doing is attempting to improve bargaining power by the we wanna trade down/up tactic…it improves your ability to get the player(s) you want.

  23. Getting what one wants is the problem with how most GMs approach their jobs. They should be focusing on what the team needs and what is in the team’s best interest. The GM that can figure out the distinction between the two will be in a better position to find and execute a value-adding trade.

  24. From what I’ve read the first 60 players or so are generally rated about the same. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to move into the top ten, although there could be some shuffling after that.

  25. as a ram fan I couldn’t help but chuckle at the redskin guy proclaiming the rg3 trade as the best ever trade for the skins when the rams got brockers pead janoris Jenkins rok Watkins this years 22 nd pick overall and the skins number 1 next year if we don’t trade down that’s at least 6 players for the pick including 3 first rounders good luck keeping rg3 upright with 6 total players our depth improves as the skins draft w/o a first rounder this and next year too

  26. It is the 13th spot that is going to get the action from SF.

    31st and 34th in exchange for the Jets 13th.

    This allows SF to get the safety they want before the Panthers, Steelers, Cowboys, Bengals and Rams (also safety possible teams) pick-over the top talent… and the points work.

  27. thestrategyexpert has a point the problem with picking whats best for the team is so many GMs don’t have job security and need to make the splash where the more stable teams and mgmt. can pick whats best for the team

  28. 10 downvotes and there is a report a few hours later about the Dolphins moving up from the same reporter with these “inside sources.” Come on, PFT Nation. You’re smarter than that.

  29. If cool hand Luke or Erick The Great are there, you better not trade out. You can’t make Chip’s off. work without a solid Off. line for years to come and even healthy, they are aging.

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