Report: League personnel think Milliner reports part of “smear campaign” to lower draft stock


‘Tis the season for misinformation with the NFL draft just three days away and Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner could be the latest prospect to find himself in the crosshairs.

A report came out Monday saying that Milliner may not be ready for the start of training camp as he continues to recover from a surgery to his labrum following the NFL combine. If true, it’s increasingly more likely that Milliner, considered the top defensive back in the draft, could slip during the first round on Thursday night.

However, the validity of that information may be tough to determine this close to the draft. In fact, those around the NFL are already questioning it.

Teams have known about these surgeries all along,” a source told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “They haven’t been a secret and this is not a big issue.”

Per Cabot, those she has talked to believe the negative reports are part of a smear campaign against Milliner in hopes of dropping his draft stock. A team hopeful to snag Milliner later in the draft could be pushing the narrative of his recovery not going to plan in hopes teams would shy away at the last-minute.

However, with all the medical checks prospects undergo during the lead up to the draft – Milliner was evaluated again by league personnel at the combine re-check just three weeks ago – teams should feel very comfortable about their evaluation of his medicals. It would be a surprise to see his stock slide considerably at this stage in the process.

36 responses to “Report: League personnel think Milliner reports part of “smear campaign” to lower draft stock

  1. It’s the Jets, trying to coax him to #9. I’m guessing Cleveland doesn’t fall for it. Milliner goes 6th unless Cleveland trades out.

  2. It’s usually lower teams or agents of rival players. It happened to Aaron Rodgers who was said to have a weird throwing motion when all he did was just hold the ball high on the shelf, but was deadly accurate.

  3. Any team comfirmed to be doing this deserves to lose a draft pick…And I would still feel that way if it proved to be my favorite team.

  4. Maybe he don’t wanna be a jet ahahaha nah but it happens every year to a lot of players like cam newton and ryan mallet

  5. I don’t get it anyway. If you are drafting that high, even if he missed games. Are you drafting the guy for a few games or for several seasons of production? His surgery was already known about. So his draft stock was set based on the surgery. If you are drafting for this season, then you are making a mistake. Probably should have signed a free agent vet to pad for the unknown then. CBs have quite a learning curve their first season anyway.

  6. I sucks if teams do stuff like this. old rooky pay would not be a big deal, but sliding two or three spots now is the difference of buying my mom a house and a car to say thanks for everything you did for me.

  7. If this is any indication of how his attitude will be, let him slide. No one needs a cancer in the locker room that doesn’t want to be there in the first place.

  8. Oh, and another thing-

    Revis will find out ho weak the AFC East was compared to the NFC South!

    BUF, MIA and NE (other then Welker and Gronk) have nothing on ATL, CHA and NO!

  9. I wish the Jags would take this guy. He’s awesome. Big, fast, rangy guys that can run backwards and catch at a yard in the air don’t come around every draft.

  10. Any one else feel that this year’s draft process is a bit more on the sales pitchy, desperate-to-get-a-job side?

    Was watching some show featuring Lattimore, Barkley, Mingo and Geno Smith and I swear, if it didn’t feel like the process made them into used car-salesman, it certainly brought them to the edge of begging for a chance in the NFL.

    That’s not the NFL I like.

  11. Anonymous personnel guys ripping top prospects as the draft nears? This is a new development? “Smear campaign” is a bit dramatic, this is football not politics.

  12. When someone else takes Fisher before the Lions pick, I could see the Jets trading up to No. 5 overall (to get ahead of the Browns) and taking Milliner to replace Revis.

    The parameters of such a deal:

    No. 9, 72, and 106 for No. 5 overall.

    Jets still have No. 13 and 39 to fill other holes with likely starters.

  13. Doubt he wants to play for a team like Jacksonville – probably trying to lower his own draft stock – get nabbed by a fancy popular team like the Patriots or Saints – idk.

  14. 2 problems with your logic “”borisbulldog””….. a) revis never matched up w/gronk; AND, b) im not sure stevie johnson has ever had a bad game against him, all the prime real-estate on revis island has been tagged sj13 pwns here

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