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The acquisition of Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings has left the Seahawks without a first round draft pick for the first time since 2007 (Seattle sent their first round pick to New England in exchange for Deion Branch). The good news for Seattle is there aren’t many areas the team still needs to address. Most starting positions are spoken for and some minor depth issues are the only thing left for the Seahawks to clean up.

Linebacker: While Seattle has two linebacker spots solidified with K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner, they still have some uncertainty at the weakside linebacker position. Leroy Hill started 12 games for Seattle last season and isn’t expected back with the team. Malcolm Smith was an adequate fill-in but has battled injuries during his first two seasons in the league. The addition of a strong run defending cornerback in Antoine Winfield could lead Seattle to play more nickel and take a third linebacker off the field more frequently. However, they could still use added depth at the position.

Guard: Seattle needs to see improved play at the guard position from the way they performed last season. A healthy James Carpenter could help solve many of their issues at the position but Seattle would be wise to add to the competition among Carpenter, Paul McQuistan, John Moffitt and J.R. Sweezy at the two guard spots.

Tackle: Russell Okung was a Pro Bowl selection and isn’t a worry for the team at left tackle. Breno Giacomini is a solid option at right tackle but he was also the second most penalized player in the league last season. With Frank Omiyale still unsigned, Seattle needs to find a backup tackle option that can play both sides and push Giacomini for his starting job.

Defensive Tackle: The additions of Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett have solidified the end position for the Seahawks, but Seattle could still use help on the interior defensive line. The signing of Tony McDaniel from Miami gives Seattle a replacement for Alan Branch on run downs with Bennett likely to slide inside for passing situations. Brandon Mebane has been a very good player for Seattle as well but a strong draft class of tackles could lead Seattle to add to the position even more.

Tight End: Zach Miller is a very solid starter and will actually be the highest paid tight end in the league this season. Anthony McCoy has been a serviceable second option but has been inconsistent and struggled with drops at times. The Seahawks could use another tight end to challenge McCoy for playing time behind Miller.

Punt Returner: Adding Percy Harvin to the roster signaled the end to Leon Washington’s time with Seattle as Harvin is a dangerous kickoff returner in his own right. However, he doesn’t return punts. The Seahawks need to find a replacement for Washington in the punt return game. Golden Tate and Will Blackmon are potential options already on the roster but Seattle could look for more of a specialist in the draft as well.

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  1. Only thing hawks need is depth. Maybe a prospect at right tackle and another linebacker.
    Hawks aren’t a dream team, and we’re not calling for a 16-0 season. The plan is to retake division, and go from there in postseason

  2. Seattle will go o-line, lb, d-line, running back and watch out for maybe a QB in the 2 pick round 5. But I think it was spot on saying adding depth was the focus.

  3. Seattle goes 11-5 tops!! Schedule does them no favors. They will flop to the expectations! You still have to play the games and with the egos they brought on board, it’s going to be a blame game real quick if they start off slow. They will lose identity of offense by catering touches to their star players. Injuries also happen, and realize the Seahawks had no significant injuries at all last year?

  4. With Seattle’s success in the draft in later rounds and with their team needs being so minimal I think they will be filled no problem. Great job Seattle!

  5. Considering Seattle’s biggest loss last season was 13-6 loss to SF I think with our offseason moves we should be sitting pretty heading into next season!

    Is it September 8th yet???????????

  6. Who beat who in the playoffs last year illogical voice?? And who was in the Super Bowl most recently?? Ahhh yeah….the ‘Hawks. Keep talking….we’re reloading!

  7. The team is definitely loaded. The NFC West as whole looks to be getting really tough with the Rams improving. The only thing that kind of surprised was to see that Zach Miller will be the highest paid TE this year. I don’t even think of him as top 5 at the position.

  8. For the Seahawks, managing and getting the most out of the players they acquired in FA, and developing a team chemistry among all the new players, is probably the biggest “need.”

    How many times has a team “won” free agency only to choke on all the new “talent?” Just ask the Redskins….

    Players don’t get traded or become UFAs by accident.

  9. @unlogicalvoice

    Funny your on a Seahawks post talking trash since were the ones who knocked your redskins out of the playoffs. Good luck with that.

    I think you may have fallen down one too many times on that crappy Redskin field as well.

  10. Haha, duplicate the skins, if anything the niners saw Carolina get Newton so they picked up Keapernick, then the skins saw how effective can was and went and got RG3, Seattle was copying those three clubs. Damn shame though, skins paid Griffin like he was their saviour and now Cousins will be the Man.

  11. Team needs…
    Some history
    Some real uniforms
    A fan base bigger than 1000 people
    A real city to play in
    A muzzle for R Sherman
    A superbowl ring
    Some trphies for there empty case
    A huge umbrella for the team bus
    Some players that people will actually know besides B Bosworth
    A prayer to ever be enything more than a no history lame expansion team..

  12. What the Seahawks need is DLine depth, and they need it right now.

    Seahawks spend most of their money on DLineman and pennies on their secondary. This is going to change, and change quickly (see Kam extension) if they want to keep their young and talented group together. In order to do this, they need to start hitting on young/cheap rookie contract DLineman.

    If they don’t, they will see more than 1 of their defensive stars leave because they won’t be able to afford them all.

    Also, a G/T is a big need for the Seahawks too.

  13. Thanks to 3 amazing drafts and some top notch free agent pick ups along the way Seattle doesn’t really need much. Rice will be fine, after his shoulders got fixed he took some of that hardest hits of any WR last year and was up spinning the ball and moving the chains. Didn’t know that about Zack Miller as well but when called upon he is great and Seattle needs his blocking ability. McCoy looks like he is on the verge but so many drops. I think that a spot we should draft. Escobar 3rd round?

  14. Talk all that trash logicalvoice, you keep us laughing. But to be fair id like to point out that constantly compare the redskins to every other team. SO LETS….

    Seahawks have a better qb that is healthy.
    The defense is statistcally better.
    Our fans aren’t delusional.
    The field at century link is new, while fedex is a litterbox

    Keep the comments coming, we’re ready

  15. When did Seattle guards start becoming a weakness? They were the number 2 rush team in NFL and most of their runs were A/B gap. We use zone blocking so you don’t need to have a big sexy name. 4 guys who know the system and block well together. Sweezy will improve like he did from start to end of last season..Moffit and Carpenter both came and will be healthier. McQuistain can play any spot. RT maybe only because Breno needs help in pass downs vs speed rushers.

  16. The team needs a reality check SORRY I take that back their fans need a reality check. Last year was the first WINNING season in quite some time”but we made the playoffs a couple years ago” a ya but 7-9? Does it count? The league changed their playoff seeding because the 11-5 saints had to play an away game against a below 500 team. Which also proves the west IS NOT the BEST SUDDENLY… MUCH stronger but the best ?? Show some consistency. Team looks good but enough a out how this team is the team of the decade. Gimme a break already
    Good luck though

  17. Funny how logicalfool never wavers from his delusional statements. His comments get 4 thumbs up and 650 thumbs down and he still thinks he is making a point to somebody.

  18. We need RT, SLB, 3-tech, and depth across both lines. Brady Quinn is a terrible answer at backup QB, and our WR crew has a bad injury history.

    We also need Redskin fans, Niner fans, Vikings fans, Raider fans, Cowboy fans, Green Bay fans to keep watching and whining.

  19. How about fans that act like “they’ve been there before.”
    It’s great to be excited about your team but let’s keep it real… that or maybe switch to decaf.

  20. True story, I made a comment hoping RGIII would tear his ACL 2 weeks before it happened, just to spite Logicalvoice.

    God clearly agrees.

  21. Here’s what they don’t need:

    Defensive coordinators figure out the wildcat, er, read option, by week 2. Once that happens, all of these fad-loving teams will go back to being 5-11 and we can resume reading about real teams with real QBs.

  22. Lol all this crap talking means ppl are scared. Shouldn’t they let games speak for themselves? Oh wait..they have and they talked loud.

  23. Although Harvin is an awesome addition, I wouldn’t jeopardize his health using him as a primary returner. He plays extremely hard and needs a leash!! Sorry to see him leave the Vikes along w/ Winfield. Two guys that play it to the limit.

  24. 5 of the last 9 NFC West Division titles belong to the Hawks… but yeah, they’ve done nothing.

    San Fran will feel the hurt this year. bobby griffin sucks and won’t even play so the skins are pointless.

    Hawks needs = nothing. All they will do is add depth – DL, LB, K, WR, S….. that’s about it. This team is loaded with players who actually want to work hard. #NFCgoesthroughSeatown

  25. The seachickens need a QB taller than 5’5″, and a receiver that plays a full year. I can’t wait until RW goes down and they have to play Brady Quinn. Carroll is going to show the world why he was fired in NE.


  26. A coach instead of a male cheerleader.
    A new supply of pre-cracked specimen cups.
    A counselor for when Harvin or Rice or both start complaining and/or malingering.

  27. There are 2 areas Seattle is lacking in a semi-serious way.

    DT – We lost the core of our starters and McDaniel doesn’t come close to filling those losses.

    RT – Giacomini was penalized at times the Hawks made big plays. He is paid way too much for that type of play, and Seattle needs a better option here.

  28. Team Needs : Sherman Smith, Dave Krieg, Steve Largent, The Original Kurt Warner, and The Boz.

  29. I think the biggest need was downplayed in this article. RT is a huge area of need. Breno is not “a solid option at right tackle”. According to PFF’s rankings he was ranked no higher than 36th out of 43 rated RTs in 5 out of 7 categories. Those 5 categories were Penalties, QB Hurries, Pass Blocking, Pass Block Efficiency, and Overall. The other two categories were QB sacks and Run Blocking where he ranked 25th and 32nd respectively. Those were his best two categories and he wasn’t even in the top 20 in either of them. Penalties were his biggest issue and I can see overlooking that if he was actually “a solid option at right tackle”, but he’s not and we need him replaced ASAP. So I must say that the need for a replacement starting RT is high on our list if not at the very top. I can agree that we need depth at the other positions mentioned but RT needs to be our main focus right now.

  30. the league changed the playoff seedings? really theskolbandit?
    how did I miss that?

  31. For all the haters and critics, The Seahawks will speak for themselves in gameplay beginning Sept 8th. Win or lose they are my team and they do get my respect. Your respect or lack of it doesn’t amount to a pile of cowflops.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  32. The loss of Branch and Washington hurt–a lot of the DL signings are pass rushers, not run stoppers like Branch. Still, this is a team with a tremendous amount of talent. As a Pats fan, I can’t help but think Pete Carroll will end up being the weak link (maybe not this year, but it’s coming), but Seattle is a talented, exciting team. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t consider himself a fan.

  33. Team needs a reality check! Wait take that back their FANS need it!! One winning season in like 6 years and they’re talking Super Bowl…COMICAL!!! And sorry 7-9 playoffs!!! Best division in the league all of the sudden. NOT enough consistency yet but YES the division has gotten significantly stronger. Take a pull off ur 2 footer and relax and enjoy the season.

  34. The Seahawks have been in the playoffs 7 of the last 10 years (fact) — all you windbags that think this team hasn’t done anything are dumb. This team is loaded and the 12th man will be feared.

    Go Hawks!

  35. Good thing for the Seahawks the Redskins feild was torn up. Otherwise RGIII would have continued his CRUSHING of the Seahawks. #Seahawkstastelikechicken!

  36. The core group of players on the Seahawks are high character, hard working charismatic leaders. The media doesn’t talk about them because that’s boring!!! .
    But bringing in some high profile FA’s won’t change anything because the team has the right leaders in the right places. IE QB, Safety, Lb, and Center..

    Let’s not all forget the Seahawks not only had a top 3 rushing offense to rely on, but had the #1 Rated special teams and obviously a top 3 overall defense. Regardless if you hate Harvin, or unjustifiably hate Wilson, THE TEAM IS STILL a playoff team without those players. (look at teams like the Colts, Vikings) both were incomplete and still won games.

    Seattle will win games because they can win in ANY format, defensive struggle, shootout, or special teams field position get a clue haters their not the odds favorites to win the SB OUT OF POPULARITY, bc Seattle has never been the favorite pick of anyone for anything. It’s based in skill and talent.

    Let’s not forget Wilson is the same size as Brees, is Brees a liability for that size or lack thereof ? NOOO A half inch doesn’t change that position on Wilson.

    Seahawks use pistol read options plays 6% of the time, spend all offseason stopping that and Lynch, Harvin will run wild against your team because you assigned someone to the qb and have less players in coverage.

    Seahawks fans love the hate, it’s new to us, but illogical arguments make your football knowledge look minimal and even your own fan base knows your stupid.

    The Hawks will easily win 11 games, they will get atleast 3 road wins now that their rookies and qb have experience, good luck with those stupid predictions of failure, this team is deeper than any other NFL team, check the player rankings. They’ll end with 9 players in the top 100 easily and that’s not even including runner up DROY wagner or the leading Rookie Sack man Irvin or a probowl kick returner whose gone(washington) or the best FB in football (Robinson)

    Seattle built through the draft so keep hating because your players WANT to play for seattle FOR CHEAP! Makes your organization’s and fans look pathetic!

    -Go Hawks

  37. So you seahawk fans can come over to the Redskins Need post and spread hate but the Redskins fans cannot come over on this post to talk about the mighty seahawks…..

    Did they draft a muzzle for Richard Sherman? I havent heard him say much since Trent Williams slapped him to sleep last January….LOL!!!!!

  38. Maybe they’ll draft another QB and trade him to the Redskins to replace RG3… we could use him.

  39. Last year at this time there were around 5 Seahawk fans posting on PFT. Now there are 30? Lol.

    Seattle will come in third in the division behind SF and AZ. Yeah I said it. Why? Mostly to frazzle you SeaChicken fans! Have a great one! 🙂

  40. The seachicks are the third best team in their division. The rams will be much more potent with Jeff in his second year. Keep talking seachick fans…….. You still only have 4 season above ten wins.


  41. 49erstim says:
    Apr 23, 2013 6:29 PM
    Last year at this time there were around 5 Seahawk fans posting on PFT. Now there are 30? Lol.

    How sad that 49erstim has nothing better going in life than to devote a year to counting (incorrectly I am sure) how many Hawk fans post on PFT.

  42. As a long time 49er fan that has enjoyed a decade of trash talk with long time Seahawk fans, I wonder if there’s anyway we can get all the mysteroius “fans” of our teams that have been magically showing up over the last few years and ship them off to be Cleveland fans or something.

    Maybe throw in logicalvoice as well?

  43. Those who question Zach Miller need to understand he gets paid to “block”, admittedly a rare skill for a TE these days, even more than catch a football-hence his worth to a power running team. The criticism of the guard play is out of left field, a non issue. Once Breno got yanked and sat down for a few plays, he ceased being our “flag man” but this position could be upgraded-but not likely to happen through this draft. Offensively we need a 2nd tight end (like Kelcey from U of Cinncinati) and a back up QB. Defensively, a LB and a tackle for depth. I have to believe PCJS let Branch walk for a reason.

    And lastly, I think expatpatfan may be right, as much as I like Carroll as our coach, he was a liability in the Atlanta game. He passed up 3 points in the first half and botched the icing of their kicker (which we never should have done in the first place). After watching him for 3 years, his “in game” decision making is marginal.

    However, I am a Hawks fan, and will gladly root this team on to where ever they take us.

  44. @andylucksneck… I think your mommy is calling you for your bath, its time for you to disappear. Seriously… It’s a sports blog. Let it go.

  45. @andylucksneck

    Hopefully you can find someone to read this post to you…

    You should just turn your computer off and get back to working on your GED. If you do continue to post on this page try to put one together that makes sense.

  46. i wonder what a seachicken would taste like? probably like success, and fresh ground arabica beans, mmmm

  47. All of our off season signings are short term deals. Sidney Rice, Golden Tate and Zach Miller will all hit the FA market soon and we will have to replace them with cheaper rookie deals in order to pay Russell Wilson and the rest of our secondary to mega deals. So the roster is deceptively loaded for the time being.

  48. The key is marshawn. He goes down or goes Shawn Alexander and gets old and slow it’s over. Also ML needs to hold on to the rock in big games. To close to call in nfl. Just have to wait and see what happens.

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