Titans teammates impressed with Kenny Britt’s recovery

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Wide receiver Kenny Britt never felt healthy during the 2012 season but impressions made on the first day of offseason workouts have his teammates hoping for a return to full strength this fall.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, teammates were impressed by Britt when the team regrouped at Titans’ headquarters for the start of the offseason workout program on Monday.

“He looks like the normal Kenny Britt,” cornerback Jason McCourty said.

Britt struggled last year to fully recover from the ACL injury he suffered in 2011. Britt planned on taking several weeks off to begin the offseason and meet with a handful of doctors to determine the best course of action for getting his knee back to full strength.

How Britt’s knee will hold up come training camp is still yet to be seen, but it’s a strong first step toward getting back to his 2010 form.

“He came back and looked great during workouts,’’ quarterback Jake Locker said. “It sounds like he really got on his rehab and got his knee feeling a lot better and I’m really excited about how he came back.”

15 responses to “Titans teammates impressed with Kenny Britt’s recovery

  1. I can only assume that his teammates will be less impressed when he gets injured or arrested again this year.

  2. Britt reminds me of a poor man’s Larry Fitzgerald, but he needs to make some strides to get there. Conditioning and commitment. Has a knucklehead streak.

  3. When has any recovery not been going well or proceeding ‘ahead of schedule’? When has any surgery been unsuccessful? When has any player not been expected to make a full, 100% recovery?

  4. This is how long it’s SUPPOSED to take to recover from a torn acl. I think AP is a great player but c’mon. Anyone thinking he’s all natural is unbelievably naive. And I’m not even saying Britt isn’t on anything.

  5. I have to think this guy has tested the patience of the coaches, front office and fans about as much as Pacman Jones. Maybe moreso as Jones could actually contribute on the field. Both have proven to be knuckleheads off it, though Jones appears to be seeing the light in Cincy.

  6. Guaranteed…..he will be injured or accused of a some kind of crime by the 3rd game of preseason.

  7. I’m sure it’s completely coincidental that Kenny Britt’s contract expires after this upcoming season. Amazing how that can be motivating!

  8. swagjag | Apr 23, 2013, 5:16 AM CDT
    I have to think this guy has tested the patience of the coaches, front office and fans about as much as Pacman Jones.

    Speaking for myself, not even close. Jones had a really scary temper back then (maybe a little still), and it often got physical or involved weapons when he found trouble. After a while it was just impossible to root for him.

    Britt is the opposite. A complete knucklehead, yeah, and you wonder if he’ll ever amount to anything. But he’s like Jeff Spiccoli. Even Mr. Hand kind of likes him.

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