Tomlin: Steelers will “sort out” offensive tackle situation


At the club’s pre-draft press conference Monday, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert — the club’s primary right tackles the last two seasons — have the ability to play on the left side and that a decision on where they will play could take some time.

“I think one of the things that we learned through the trials of the 2012 season is that both of those young men are capable of playing both spots,” Tomlin said, according to the club. “We will use the spring and the summer to sort out where we play those two at, but both guys have shown that they are capable of being viable left tackles and right tackle-like candidates.”

The Steelers drafted Gilbert in Round Two of the 2011 draft and made Adams a second-rounder one year later. The duo has combined to start three-quarters of the Steelers’ regular-season games at right tackle in the last two seasons, though both missed time with ankle injuries in 2012.

Max Starks, who started all 16 games at left tackle for Pittsburgh last season, is an unrestricted free agent. General manager Kevin Colbert indicated Monday that the club was open to re-signing Starks and other free agents from a season ago, but whom the team drafts this week is part of that equation.

If the Steelers don’t draft another tackle early, the question becomes whether Adams or Gilbert can handle the left side on a full-time basis. Starks bought the Steelers some time, starting 28 regular-season consecutive games. If the Steelers had to call upon him later in the offseason, they know they would getting a short-term, plug-and-play option. That said, the Steelers didn’t invest two second-round picks in back-to-back years just to have strong depth at right tackle.

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  1. Just like the cowboys, old franchise living in the past and wishing for the successful shadows of yesterday to shade their mediocre present. Steelers won’t contend for another 10 years. Probably have gay players on their team and that would be a shame. Gay people, just shut up and live about your hell-bound lives. Nobody cares if you like to receive the punishment. Be gay and make it your problem not ours

  2. The offensive line gets blamed for the steelers offensive struggles but Ben Roethlisberger really deserves some of the blame. He can’t find open players in time and that comes from a lack of understanding and preparation for the game.

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  4. Am I the only one thinking Tomlin will get fired after this year?

    Big Jen and Todd Haley will again crap their pants!

  5. I’ve seen enough of Adams to get excited. He is already a dominant run blocker and has the build to get a lot better in the passing game once he focuses on the speed rushers.

    As for Gilbert, he absolutely blows and isn’t worth a roster spot IMO.

  6. Good…please sort it out amongst these two. They both stink. The only thing they will competently do this season is read the names “Suggs” and “Dumervil” as they turn around and watch Ben run for his life.

  7. Ravens did a great job of re-working the offensive line, which helped the Elite Joe Flacco win a World Championship and become crowned SB MVP. Perhaps Tomlin can call the Great John Harbaugh and get a few tips.

  8. Adams was such a beast at RT especially in the run game that I’d hate to see him move to the left. Him, DeCastro and Pouncey make for a hell of a run blocking right side. That 3 game stretch before he was injured where they put up back-to-back-to-back 130+ yard rushing performances was a glimpse of that that side is capable of.

    My main problem with Gilbert is his tendancy to injure his own players. If he can stay on his feet I think the line is best off with Gilbert on the left.

  9. Max Starks has gotten better with age.
    Entering just his 10th season and still young by O-linemen standards, Starks was the starter on two victorious Super Bowl teams. He’s a mountain of a man and has developed into a reliable lineman.
    Starks is one of Cowher’s players who, for whatever reason, Tomlin has never embraced or appreciated. Charlie Batch and Rashard Mendenhall are two others for whom Tomlin has had little regard…

  10. Adams is the future. Gilbert is a disaster who needs to be cut ASAP. He ends up losing his balance and injures our own guys.

  11. randallflagg52 | Apr 23, 2013, 1:11 AM EDT
    The offensive line gets blamed for the steelers offensive struggles but Ben Roethlisberger really deserves some of the blame. He can’t find open players in time and that comes from a lack of understanding and preparation for the game.

    I am sure you are basing this observation on the numerous team meetings you have attended and conversations you have had with Ben. I love it when Raven losers say things that make them look like the meat heads they are.

  12. Huh? Steelers are a joke. Had a nice little run, now they’ll battle for the basement the next few years. Big Ben Rape-ist-burger is beat up, they have no running game, lost their best defensive players, still have no o-line, etc…

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