Bills fear Jets will take Ryan Nassib


If Bills coach Doug Marrone loves his old Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib as much as everyone says, then it would make sense for Buffalo to pick Nassib with the No. 8 overall pick in the draft. But no one else seems to love Nassib as much as Marrone does, which might suggest that the Bills could trade down from No. 8 and get Nassib late in the first round, or even take Nassib with their second-round pick.

The problem, however, is that the Bills are worried that a team in their own division may quietly love Nassib just as much as they do.

That team is the Jets: According to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN, Buffalo believes the Jets are seriously interested in Nassib, and the Bills fear that if they don’t draft Nassib, they might end up facing him twice a year.

The Jets pick three times before the Bills’ second selection, No. 41 overall: The Jets own the No. 9 pick, the No. 13 pick and the No. 39 pick. So if the Jets do like Nassib, any hope the Bills have of taking him in the second round goes out the window.

We’ve also heard the Bills fear that the Jaguars are interested in taking Nassib with the first pick of the second round, No. 33 overall. So even if the Jets’ interest is a smokescreen, the Bills may not be able to wait until the second round to get their man.

In other words, if Buffalo really wants Nassib, it needs to spend the No. 8 overall pick on him. Or at least that’s what other teams want the Bills to think.

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  1. So the Bills have announced that they are afraid the J E T S may take Nassib? I missed that press release or was it an unnamed source who said this? Was the source a fan sitting on a barstool in Buffalo?

  2. If the Jets could sucker the Bills into using a top-10 pick on a second-round quarterback, it could be a sign that the dark cloud of the last two seasons is being lifted.

  3. Why all of a sudden is this qb so highly sought after? Other than the coach’s love for him, there’s no reason for him to go high at all!!

  4. Bills getting Jets to blow a high round pick on Nassib, while plotting to grab Landry Jones with their 3rd rounder… strengthen your own team while helping trash a division rival ~ beautifully played, Buffalo.

  5. If I was the Jets then I’d certainly do everything I could to make Buffalo believe that they wanted Nassib so that the Bills waste the 8th pick on him. If I’m Buffalo then I would call their bluff. Let them take Nassib in the first. Nassib probably won’t be that good, especially if he gets stuck in Buffalo and chances are the Bills will be drafting high again next year so they’ll be in a position to draft a better QB in 2014. So if I’m Buffalo and the Jets want Nassib then I say let them have him.

    Now if he falls to the 2nd round then I certainly have no problem with Buffalo drafting him there but please don’t tell me that the Bills are going to be dumb enough to fall for the obvious smokescreen that the Jets are making with the sole purpose of trying to get Buffalo to waste the 8th pick on Nassib.

  6. People are forgetting one thing. It was reported by Peter King that in 2001 the Bills liked Drew Brees. They traded down and selected Nate Clements.

    The decision was trade down get Clements and then trade up back into the end of the first round because they knew the Chargers liked him as well.

    The Bills couldn’t trade up and lost out on Brees.

    Rule of thumb is if you have a quarterback you like take him, because qbs are too important. If you miss people will be disappointed, but not mad cause it’s a quarterback, but if you hit it then you are a genius.

  7. Bills just need to leave it be. Down draft and stock up picks for next year. This is going to be a rebuilding year with a new coach. Get some good talent at lineman and we need a big time line backer. A good quarterback can be drafted later in the second or even third round. Russell anyone?

  8. Sal Pal with yet another Jets leak. Mike Pettine isn’t around to leak info, so can’t blame him anymore… who is it now?

  9. If the Bills pass on Nassib at 8, would that give the Jests any reason to pause and rethink? I mean who knows Nassib better than Marrone and his staff?

  10. Draft the BPA…and if they want Nassib that bad (or another QB), then try to package some picks back into the first round.

    Offer a 2014 first rounder and a 2013 third rounder may net you the Niners pick this year (or another club at then end).

  11. if he makes it out of the first round (which he probably will), and the jags don’t take him at 33, then buffalo can trade up to snag him in the second round if they want him that badly.

  12. Hilarious.

    This is exactly, exactly what I predicted yesterday, right here on this site, that the Bills would do.

    Spread a rumor about another team that is hot for Nassib to create justification for the new coach to bring in a QB he is comfortable with using a pick that is waaaay too high to justify otherwise.

    Let’s see if the second part of my prediction comes true: that the ever loyal Bills fans will swallow this nonsense hook line and sinker and once again refuse to hold their management accountable for a questionable decision.

  13. The Bills should trade up to nab Nassib. Unnamed sources have told me the Jets have a deal in place to leapfrog the Bills in the first round to get Nassib.

  14. Shouldn’t the headline be:

    “Ryan Nassib fears Jets will take Ryan Nassib”?

  15. “If Bills coach Doug Marrone loves his old Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib as much as everyone says, then it would make sense for Buffalo to pick Nassib with the No. 8 overall pick in the draft.”

    A new NFL coach who falls in love with his college players is probably going to be a bad coach. Remember Pete Carroll and Taylor Mays? He talked Mays up, but when it came time to make the pick, he took Earl Thomas. The NFL is about business, not personal sentiment.

  16. “This is ridiculous…the Bills don’t need Nassib and can get one of the other QBs if they want.”

    Why would they settle for another qb when they clearly have nassib as the highest rated QB in the draft and they can get him at 8

  17. I could see it happening. The Jet’s are trying to acquire every horrible QB in the league. They have Akili Smith coming in for a physical, and are talking to the Vikings about trading for Ponder.

  18. This “story” was leaked by Nix himself so he can justify the 8th overall pick on 45th+ pick material. Steve Spurrier brought in his former college QBs when he coached the Redskins and that worked out perfectly. Oh wait…

  19. HaHaHa, the Patriots have the first and possibly second best QBs in the divisions (I like Tannehill) and the Jets and Bills are fighting over Nassib, a guy with a OK arm throwing in NJ or Buffalo in the winter…..these teams kill me

  20. This is like Spurrier under the genius Vinny Cerrato moving to acquire Danny Wuerffel and Shane Matthews. Disaster.

  21. If Nassib goes that high it just goes to show how much the league has changed and how screwed a team is that plays without a solid QB. I would have restructured with Fitzpatrick, built the pieces as best as possible all around him and then changed the QB instead of desperately reaching like this. Who would you rather be: Amscot or the guy paying his bills with Amscot checks?

  22. Haha. The right wing/ Conservative conspiracy theorists should stop desperately trying to invent conspiracies about the Sandy Hook slaughter of children and the Boston Marthon bombing and instead focus their energies on pre draft false flag wheelings and dealings. There’s a lot of subterfuge in the days leading up to the draft.

  23. Geez the bating on this is just horrible. Seriously? Part of the artistry of bating a party is verisimilitude….and this is just pathetic. NOBODY wants Nassib in the 1st round……to include his old college coach.

  24. Reality of the matter is that the Bills need a franchise QB & if they think Nassib is it, who cares where they take him ?

  25. I would love to see the Bills not take Nassib at #8 and then the Jets light a trail of fire to the podium for this guy….they’d have a fleet of underwhelming college QB’s.

    Living in Maine I’ve seen this guy quite a few times and every single game it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good….I never felt he was the reason they won. I don’t get a grade any higher than second round or reaching into the first cuz you want him and you think ONE other team MIGHT like him also. That’s crazy.

  26. I don’t see the Jets drafting a QB this year in what is considered a weak QB class. With Sanchez and Garrard, I think Idzik’s plan is to let his next HC draft his QB of the future in 2014.Doesn’t make sense to invest in a QB which is where Jax is with Gabbert and the new coaching staff.

    But the Patriots will be open for business at pick #29

  27. Yeah the Bills could fear the Jets taking Nassib or Sal Pal can just be wrong, AGAIN. Or Sal Pal can just be throwing mud on the wall hoping that it sticks AGAIN.

  28. As a Bills fan I don’t fear facing Tom Brady twice a year… so, I will not fear facing Ryan Nassib twice either… That being said, take best player available with the 8th pick (WR / LB) & grab a QB in round two…

  29. The Ravens will gladly take a 2 next year from Buffalo in order to let them move ahead to the Jags to get their man. With that scrub at the helm, the 2 next year will most likely be higher than numer 39 overall…

  30. Right, because the Jets need a fifth QB on the roster. This is not a good draft class to pick up a Sanchez replacement.

  31. Who cares? He either is or isn’t worth the #8 pick. If you trade back to a position where Nassib makes since, and the Jets take him early, then fine.

    You can’t let fear of looking stupid force you into making a stupid pick. Nassib is, at best, only marginally better than Geno or Barkley. One of the three will be available later in the 1st round and most likely you can get one at the top of the 2nd.

    That is unless the Jets take a QB with all three of their early picks. :0

  32. Does any team worry more about other teams than the Jets? Now they are playing mind games with the Bills. Compare and contrast the Jets headgames with the way Bill Belichick operates. Belichick always respected the Bills despite an outstanding record agaoinst them because the Bills play the Patriots tough. Still, Belichick gave the Bills Drew Bledsoe and Lawyer Malloy (two Patriots starters) because he worries more about his team than he does the other guy.

  33. If Nassib is the guy the Bills truly think will help their team the most, then get him in the first round. Who cares if the pundits will say it is reaching? It’s all a bunch of BS and has no impact on the field

  34. The Bills should seriously just draft a QB in each of the first 3 rounds. One of them has to hit!

  35. If this is true, this is just the Bills creating a story to justify taking him at #8. Beside last time I looked Nasbid was the only QB in the draft. After he is gone they aren’t any left. But is there??? There is still Charlie Loeb!!! He was Nasbid’s back up at Syracuse. The Bills could wait until the 3 or 4th round to gobble him up.

  36. The Jets are playing the Bills and their new one-dimentional head coach like a cat would toy with a mouse. They know the Bills are desperate to draft this kid, so why not have a division rival blow a couple extra draft picks on a player they know will be a bust in two or three years?

    The Bills management or so stupid, it almost unfair – like shooting fish in a barrell.

  37. Ej may still be around, the jets are the team to watch in the first 3 rounds. They can instantly be a force drafting 2 stud defensive players and either nassib or EJ Manuel with their 2nd round pick. The jets will be scary in this years draft.

  38. God please let this be a Jedi mind trick to make the Jets actually want Nassib. If the Bills take him it’ll be 3 years of hell followed by another 3 rebuilding years etc etc.

  39. I think the source was misquoted. They really said “Bills HOPE Jets will take Ryan Nassib” so no one criticizes Buffalo for taking a pass on him, and Jets fans will start to be Bills fans in frustration.

    Nassib is not a 1st round pick. Unlike Wilson, everyone knows who he is and what he can do – he is on the radar screen and thats not good.

  40. Because the kid went to a NY school, doesn’t mean a NY team should covet him. Don’t get caught up in that nonsense. Buzz and attendance is great in the NFL and doesn’t require a gimmick, like teams such as Jacksonville.

  41. If the Bills fall for this, they are truly the most idiotic franchise in the NFL.

    This level of paranoia is tantamount to those people who believe in the false flag policy in regards to 911.

  42. I’ll laugh if the pats pick him in the early rounds just to keep him from the jets and the bills lol kinda like when they snatched mallett from the dolphins in rd 6

  43. Haha,

    louiebills doesn’t fear playing against Tom Brady twice a year? Guess the statement is based on the success the Bills have had playing against New England this past DECADE.

  44. Nassib is NOT worth a 1st round selection. If you’re afraid to face Nassib twice a year on the Jets, are you gonna forfeit your two games against Tom Brady? Seriously?

  45. What do you think Gruden would do? There are some that believe Nassib is the real deal. Profootball Weekly voted Nassib 1st Team All American over Johnny Football, Bridgewater and the others in this draft class.

    He is not a household name and some fans just don’t see the full picture.

  46. therealpittbull says:
    Apr 24, 2013 12:04 PM
    Because the kid went to a NY school, doesn’t mean a NY team should covet him. Don’t get caught up in that nonsense. Buzz and attendance is great in the NFL and doesn’t require a gimmick, like teams such as Jacksonville.

    Umm…..I don’t think anyone thinks the Bills covet him because they are a New York team and he played for a New York school.

    I am imagining it has something to do with the fact that the Bills head coach and offensive coordinator coached him in college.

    Not saying, just saying.

  47. As a Patriots fan.. Nassib looks like a young Brady. Yea, I know big shoes to fill and the nightmare at the Senior Bowl.. but watch some of his tape.

    Takes a moment to read the defense, plays mainly out of the shotgun, goes through his reads without problem, steps-up into the pocket when pressured and will take the check-down receiver. The key is that Nassib reads defenses and looks off safeties. Mechanical stuff can be refined and polished for better deep-ball accuracy but it is near impossible to teach a quarterback to recognize what he is looking at, from a defense, if he doesn’t have that instinct.

    Nassib is a system quarterback. If he lands on a team that runs a system to his strengths.. similar to Brady in New England, he could be a bright star.

    It makes me wonder if New England might grab him at the bottom of the first and then move Mallet to Cleveland for a first next year.

  48. jpaq68 says:
    Apr 24, 2013 11:52 AM
    The Jets are playing the Bills and their new one-dimentional head coach like a cat would toy with a mouse.

    The Bills management or so stupid, it almost unfair – like shooting fish in a barrell


    A Jets fan calling another team’s management stupid? Priceless.

  49. The Jets will trade down their #13 with the 49ers for their #31 and #34. They’ll draft a QB with one of those picks.

    So, the Bills either need to trade down their 1st round pick or trade up with their 2nd rounder ahead of the Jets if they want Nassib.

    Absolutely no value in taking him in the top half of the first round.

  50. News fodder, why would the Jets select or be interested in Nassib when they already guaranteed Sanchez 8 mill this year.

  51. This wreaks of a media smoke-screen to drudge up fodder from both the Jets and the Bills …

    Who do they really want? … & when/where do they value the pick?

    The Jets have 3 picks sandwiched between the Bills #1 (8) & #2 (41) … it’s interesting, but all poker/smoke-screens!

  52. Yeah, all the top teams watch the Jets to see what QB moves these masterminds make. Then they do the opposite.

  53. If Rex the Human Jumbotron gets his hooks into Nassib, we’ll next hear of him as a free agent looking for a team in two years. Desperate to get out of the Jersey Swamps, he’ll sign as a back-up in AZ or Tennessee.

  54. For once, I agree with Ampats- Jets will not take a QB early. Garrard probably ends up starting, Jets may take a QB in 3 or 4 if someone good is left.
    Reminder- Garrard’s career stats almost identical to Joe Flacco on a losing team in JAX with very few weapons. The guy can still play.

  55. waynefontes says:
    Apr 24, 2013 1:20 PM


    A Jets fan calling another team’s management stupid? Priceless.

    Oh, I’m not a Jets fan, or a Bills fan. I just see Buffalo going with Nassib at number eight as the most telegraphed pick of this years draft.

    The Bills plucked their new head coach Doug Marrone practically out of their own back yard. I guess a coach with a .500 winning percentage looks like a stellar improvemnt if you’re the Bills, but, the fact that he hired most of his former coaches from Syracuse to fill similar roles with the Bills says volumes about how unimaginative and one dimensional this guy really is.

    He’s of the mindset that what worked in college at Syracuse will work in the pros at Buffalo and he’s dead wrong. Sprurrier tried that in Washington and it blew up in his face. Let’s face it – Spurrier is a far superior coach than Marrone could ever hope to be and the talent he had to work with was light years better than what Marrone has.

  56. I heard just yesterday that the Jets coveted Geno Smith. If that’s true then the Bills should give the Jets the 8th pick for the 9th and 13th and they could still get Nassib if they want him. My gut feeling however, is that the bills will take Smith.

  57. With the 1st pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select QB Ryan Nassib !!!

    Thus destroying all the plans of both the Bills & the Jets. The Chiefs then announce they have cut career bust, QB Alex Smith.

    Thus freeing up the Jets or Bills to sign Smith and be in position to draft first overall in next year’s draft. Could happen.

  58. Tannehill is CLEARLY the 2nd best QB in only his 2nd year. As for the rest….pfft.

    MS. Brady isn’t getting younger and expect the gap to close before too much longer.

  59. Ahh give it up Jets, you are ridiculous that your play is so bad on the field you resort to smoke screens and distractions in hopes to scoop players and deceive teams. Proably the scummiest team in the league holding up the common perception of you and your island. (Sorry long islanders, about Sandy and that comment). I would hope my team’s management is not gullable enough and that scared of Rex Ryan that they will fold and take Nassib.

    As a bills fan I do not want to bring a mediocre (.500) college team in a 7th ranked college conference to the NFL level and cheer for them. I say you pass on any QB in the first round this year, play with the FA(Kolb), get an additional 1st rounder for next years draft.

    If we go for a QB, take Barkley.

  60. Reminder- Garrard’s career stats almost identical to Joe Flacco on a losing team in JAX with very few weapons. The guy can still play.?

    Dude, he hurt himself watching his kid play in the pool last year. He may be able to play but can he hold up?

  61. The only QB the bills are interested in with 8th overall is Geno. If he is gone they likely will take the best o-lineman still available to replace Levetri, or best available wr or lb. Then likely take whomever is left at qb in the second. Bills are looking for a strong armed qb.

  62. @fosteraustralianforTDs

    You pretty much have to take the best player available at that position, otherwise you are wasting potentially extra draft picks (Trade down) or pretty much took a penalty for finishing with a good record or made the playoffs. Nonetheless I completely agree with you, we just released WR’s, our TE is getting old and it would be nice to have another. Definitely could use a could at least 2 LBs.

    If its not a good year for the QB, give it up. That’s why you made moves and picked up Kevin Kolb. I am not going to go out and buy his jersey by any means, but at least he could produce what we’ve done the past 13 years(land us a top 5 pick please) while we wait for a good QB out of college. I just don’t want to force a mediocre QB to start for us right away and be deemed franchise QB, look what it did for Minnesota, Jacksonville, Arizona, Cleveland, Tenesee Titans, They are all struggling teams and the bills fall right in their list. (Not to take anything away from their QB’s, some of them may have decent futures.)

  63. I hope Nassib gets used to this if he gets drafted by the Jets: “Flip right, double-X jet, 36 counter, naked waggle, X-7, X-quarter”…with the OC over there in NY, get used to seeing this called CONSTANTLY and after the first few pick sixes, hopefully he can settle in for a solid mediocre rookie season.

  64. Wow…can’t believe the Internet is blowing the Jets cover, you would think the circus atmosphere would keep everyone distracted enough for Jets to grab there future QB.

  65. Sounds like somebody’s about to get Holmgrened. The question is, who’s Holmgrening who?

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