Brian Hartline thinks Dolphins have a championship offense


The Dolphins have done plenty to change their offense this offseason and their maneuvering has at least one big fan.

Wide receiver Brian Hartline, whose new contract was also part of a busy couple of months in Miami, thinks the additions of wide receiver Mike Wallace and tight end Dustin Keller will do good things for the passing game. How good? Hartline said Tuesday that the Dolphins now have a “championship offense.”

“I think we got every move we needed to make,” Hartline said, via Chris Perkins of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We probably could add some depth at certain positions, but we’ve got all the pieces to the car, now we’ve just got to put it altogether.”

There’s no question that the Dolphins offense looks much improved on paper with the additions of Wallace, Keller and wide receiver Brandon Gibson. There’s a lot more for quarterback Ryan Tannehill to work with than there was in his rookie season and the results should be better.

That said, it’s a bit hyperbolic to bring championships into the discussion in April. The Dolphins still have a hole to fill at tackle and, as Hartline said, there’s plenty of work to do to make sure everything comes together once the games get started. If the same level of excitement about the offense remains in place six months from now, the we’ll know they’ve take all the necessary steps to give Hartline a chance of being proven right.

24 responses to “Brian Hartline thinks Dolphins have a championship offense

  1. Will take some time to develop chemistry with the new additions. But he’s not that far off… Besides, what is he supposed to say?

  2. Last year’s Eagles team once again proved that winning the offseason with flashy signings is not the road to success.

    It appears the Dolphins got better, but how much is unclear. They broke the bank for Wallace who’s coming off a terrible season statistically.

  3. They Definately improved. They still need a tackle however. I’m not sure Hartline is a #2 receiver but I hope I’m wrong.

  4. They need some help on the O line, lost starting left OT and both guard spots were a question to begin with and depth at RB is also a question. Plus Keller has had trouble staying healthy in recent years. Tannehill should be better this year, but they better address the big boys upfront.

  5. Hartline will be the #3 after the draft. After LT is filled by Albert we will draft a CB and Austin/Hopkins and tear the NFL a new one. GO FINS!

  6. While I am as big a Dolphin fan as they come I would err on the side of conservatism with “Championship” comments as it might be a little premature for that. Let’s see what happens when the season starts, win a few games,make it to the playoffs, win a playoff game before talk of Championships comes up. That said I am excited for the season, Go Fins!

  7. While I would disagree to his assessment of the team I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with his viewpoint. I want him focused on that Lombardi Trophy. I think it’s high time we stop automatically writing in NE as the clear cut winner of that division. Good for him.

  8. The offense should be much improved but the players should do their talking on the field. The key to the Dolphins season is the ability of the defense to create turnovers. That must improve.

  9. LMAO at those who compare the Fins offseason to last years Eagles. Maybe the 1995 Dolphins are the real comparison. Those of us who remember that debacle, knew well ahead what Philly was in for last year.

  10. i think tannehill can be good…but how good i am not sure yet…not sure we can judge him fairly based on last year….this year, with the new weapons will be telling….here is hoping he can be an above average qb for the dolphins…

    his play, in my opinion, will be the difference if the dolphins are playoff/championship caliber team or just another run of the mill team…

  11. To Flash1283, Obvisously you just went to some random football site and get stats before you made your comment. Also I’m sure you never watched a Dolphins game either. Becasue if you did you would know that Tannehill has the talent, arm and brains to be a great QB in this league. When you lack speed to open up or even a seam threating TE you have little to work with. A lot of the times Tannehill was forced to thow the ball in very small windows to make plays. Yes his WR helped him out at times but they also hurt him as well. Leganee (spelling?) comes to mind. You take away a few of the INT in the freak Houston game and his stats look alot better already. Also while you were reading the statsheet on him did you see that he was better in some categories than that of the 0ther 3 rookie QB’s who he’s been overshadowed by. (who all had either a better running game or wr as a whole) Downfield of 20 + I believe he ranked in the top 10, if I’m not mistaken. So before you go bashing a second yr QB how bout you give him a fair go at it and watch a few games instead of just making your opionions over statsheets.

  12. VBJackson: The biggest problem with the Eagles last year was the fact that they had an Offensive coach running they’re Defense. Also they didn’t play to alot of they’re FA players strenghts. As you can tell I’m not a Eagles fan but I have a feeling they will be a better team this year. I’m mean theres nowhere to go but up. JK! Eagles fans, no but seriously!!!!

  13. He never said “We are going to win a championship.” He said they have championship talent on the offense (he may have forgotten about that hole at tackle). I agree that if they all get on the same page, they will be pretty sick. However, if they don’t sign or draft a tackle that entire offseason is a loss cause Tannie will be running for his life.

  14. Ask the Eagles how that went well? Winning in free agency never translates to being dominant during the regular season. Championship offense huh????

  15. The only question on offense is how the offensive line stacks up. Hartline is a legit no. 1 receiver, with the addition of Wallace he will do that much better. As long as Tannenhill shows progress the Dolphins will be just fine.

  16. I don’t think Hartline is far off. The offense certainly looks like it has the pieces to be very competitive this year, especially with the WR and TE upgrades.

    I’d be worried about those tackles and the defensive revamp effecting chemistry, but otherwise it is a very positive future in Dolphin-land.

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