Carson Palmer says Arizona playbooks are “user-friendly”


Carson Palmer got the first chance to work with his new coaches and teammates on field Tuesday as part of the Arizona Cardinals voluntary mini-camp this week.

The NFL allows teams with new head coaches to get an extra voluntary mini-camp to help install their new playbooks and practice procedures. For Palmer, trying to digest head coach Bruce Arians playbook has actually been a pretty smooth process so far. According to John Marshall of the Associated Press, Palmer said Arians’ playbook is structured in a way that is really helpful for players to understand.

“It’s very, I guess user-friendly would be the right word,” Palmer said. “There’s a lot on film to watch, plenty of texts in the playbooks and diagrams, pictures. It is easy to learn. It’s not easy, but some systems you get in, it’s difficult to learn because there’s not a lot of history, but with this, there’s a ton of history with this offense and this offense being successful, so it is an easy offense to get used to.”

Palmer said the Cardinals have already installed close to 75-percent of the offensive playbook although they only ran about five-percent during the first practice of mini-camp on Tuesday.

“I’m getting my feet wet, but for being three weeks into a playbook and having a playbook to take home and film to watch what coach Arians did last year, it’s a phenomenal system,” Palmer said.

25 responses to “Carson Palmer says Arizona playbooks are “user-friendly”

  1. Anything would be easier than Greg Knapps cespool of plays. Ive watched Carson Palmer almost religiously the past two years with the Raiders and he is scared to expose his left knee when he steps up in the pocket. He can make any throw on the field but he is scared to step up in the pocket and he doesnt plant all the way. When he doesnt step up the ball sails, i watched this happen over and over again. He has Hall of Fame natural talent but hes mentally fragile.

  2. Of course. Throw to number 11. How complicated can that be?

    What’s the over/under on weeks this guy will take before screaming to be released or traded?

  3. They slap you on the back when you make a good play. Ruffle your hair, that sort of thing. Emit a clapping sound, or whistles of appreciation. Occasionally a trumpet blast for something really good. High fives are frequent, but sometimes they squeeze your thigh, or pat you on the butt, which can be a bit awkward….

  4. Carson Palmer is a professional NFL Quarterback. When he uses phrases such as “User Friendly” when refering to a playbook .. it means its sophmoric in nature .. (go back to “college” Vince Young to learn the definition of the phrase “Sophmoric”).

  5. Something tells me Big Ben isn’t exactly a scholar, and though Luck seems sharp, was a rookie. Maybe it’s user-friendly by necessity.

    Palmer’s a good fit though – his bad throws will complement Arians bad play calling. (an over-motivated, over-achieving Colts team didn’t change that – Steeler fans know what I’m talking about)

  6. Plenty of film and pictures is good for you Carson. Maybe they can make you a pop up playbook with Barney and the Care Bears to keep your attention up.

  7. “It was very user friendly. The print was real big and there was lots and lots of really big pictures.”

  8. How can anyone believe anything this guy says about anything? He is on yet another team that will finish last in the division…

  9. Arians will be fired in 3 years and Zona will still have a carousel of coaches. Larry Fitzgerald is wasting his youth there.


  10. Week 1 Game plan:

    Throw the ball to #11 while dodging the unabated defense left, right and center.

    Week 2-17

    Same as Week 1.

  11. Brees, Brady, and Manning are successful because of their user-friendly playbooks. Yeah, right. NFL QBs, who have taken at least one or two college courses, shouldn’t need a dumb-downed playbook.

  12. Think back to when Palmer had some form of a team around him and he played well. You know, Before Ocho Cinco… He could be an awfully good mix for a couple years with Fitz. This could be quite enjoyable to watch!!!

  13. Carson Palmer can throw heartbreaking interceptions in any offense from multiple formations regardless of the complexity of the play book. Some guys just have it.

  14. You Cards fans finally have yourselves a good QB, don’t listen to the butthurt Bunghole fans.

    Nobody in their right mind would want to play there.

  15. Let’s hope the offense and O-line is even remotely better than last year. They play the Ram’s in week 1 and last year they sacked Kolb 9 nine times in the first game and picked off Lindley 4 times (2 pick 6’s) in the 2nd.

  16. Palmer needs pictures in the playbook…because he certainly can’t read defenses.

    Have fun with all those pick-sixes Arizona fans!

  17. Fear not Cardinal fans, Carson Palmer said the same exact thing about The Raiders playbook from day one and right up to when he was asked to redo his contract.

    As a matter of fact, it was so easy that it allowed Carson to throw 35 touchdowns. Nevermind the 30 interceptions. He was so bad that the coahing staff would not allow him to throw a pass over 10 yards the last half of last season.

  18. ‘Me and the Cardinals are BFF!!!!!’

    Uh huh.


    Phoenix — Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer is seeking his third trade after his first season with the team. Though offered 12 million, Palmer says he would rather play somewhere else for less.

    *10th repost*

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