Eagles focus on four players, unless they trade down and focus on more

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The best recent example of draft-week information overload came via reports (from the same reporter) that the Dolphins are both interested in trading up from No. 12 and down from No. 12.

Sources close to me tell me that the Dolphins also are interested in possibly using the 12th overall pick.  That should pretty much cover the entire universe of possibilities.

The Eagles provide another example of reports that eventually will cover the full range of possibilities.  According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, they have settled on four players.  Which is a convenient number, given that they pick fourth.

But the Eagles also reportedly are interested in trading down.  Which means that they’d better be ready to get interested in more players.

Sources close to me tell me that the Eagles also could become interested in trading up.  Which again should cover the entire universe of possibilities.

We realize that reporters are under constant pressure from above to break information, even when there really isn’t any information to break.  In those situation, it would be nice if the producers and editors would realize that the pressure they place on the reporters puts the reporters in positions where the reporters can look silly.  Since it’s never the producers or editors who have to look silly, the chances of the producers and editors backing off remain tucked somewhere between slim and none.

Actually, there’s a chance the producers and editors will apply less pressure.  And there’s a chance they will apply more pressure.  And there’s a chance they will apply the same amount of pressure.

Which yet again covers the entire universe of possibilities.

25 responses to “Eagles focus on four players, unless they trade down and focus on more

  1. Reporters are talking heads, pennies on the dollar for Producers and editors. They’re not worried about you or any other reporter Mike.

  2. I bet the producers and editors would back off if reporters actually wrote articles about something

  3. “That should pretty much cover the entire universe of possibilities.”

    Kind of like the Eagles looking at four players. Or they’ll trade down and look at more. Or how’s about they trade up and look at fewer.

  4. Why even report on this crap. But I don’t like mock draft either. I have no interest in what can possibly happen. When a 173rd round pick in Alfred Morris breaks the franchise single season rushing record in his rookie year behind the likes of John Riggins, Clinton Portis, and a couple other great running backs (George Rogers, Timmy Smith), then I can believe all is possible. It’s not when you pick, but how you pick in the draft. As an NFL fan for 35 years, I’ve learned any feat or record can be reached and broken on any given Sunday. But I’m sure ready for the draft to get here.

  5. There’s a chance I agree with this.

    There’s also a chance I disagree with this.

    Someone tell me there’s a chance I don’t care about this.

    That ought to cover the full range of possibilities.

  6. Eagles need Dion Jordan. Jags may be looking at him at 2 so hopefully the Eagles figure that out and do what they need to do to get him. How often do you have a 6’7″ 250lbs LB who excels at rushing the passer but also in coverage? He even played corner at oregon sometimes and caught the ball on offense. Kid is a beast and would be an immediate impact. How about Trent Cole and the #4 pick to the jags for the #2?

  7. Dion Jordans going to be a bust! No pure pass rushing ability,no swim move,no bull rush, no nothing just runs by the tackles. Cant do that in the pros.

  8. Breaking news:
    Eagles down to four players!
    Raiders down to three players!
    Jags down to two players!

    Maybe I should have gone into the journalism business after all.

  9. Chip Kelly is new. The Eagles are undecided. Has any team ever run out of time and missed their pick?

  10. The Eagles havent picked in the top 5 since 99. Andy Reid has tanked the talent on this team. You sorely need to stay put at 4, and pick a player that is a blue chip talent. I sure hope one of the tackles is there, because thats a long term need filled. You dont find them where the Eagles usually pick in the 20s.

    Its just ashame that the one year the Eagles FINALLY get up in the draft by having a bad season…the QB crop is the worst in my memory. Not 1 QB worthy of a top 10 pick, which is atrocious. It was finally our shot to get the franchise rebuilt with a new QB, and we were a year too late. Its the story of Andy Reids career in Philly…

  11. Kelly loves to create match up nightmares at every position. Every player Kelly drafts will have to be able to to keep up with a hyper pace of practice and games. Kelly’s unique style will eliminate certain types pf players on both sides of the ball. Because his philosophies differ then every other team I think the Eagles will trade down several times in this draft.

  12. What’s worse… the reporter who reports on nonsense or the analyst who analyzes and then writes about the reporter who reported on nonsense?

  13. Amen.. Roseman’s saying that he was set on his board but yet days between the draft allowed him to “reprioritize”.. Which the hell is it? Them being set on their board is hokey horse manure.

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