For Mathieu, the party’s over before it began

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Don’t bother to show up for Thursday night’s draft party for cornerback Tyrann Mathieu.

Mathieu has announced that the party has been canceled.

There will be no party for Tyrann Mathieu!!” the player formerly (and possibly still currently, based on the party invitation) known as the Honey Badger declared earlier today via Twitter.  The cancellation came after Mathieu tweeted an image of the invitation and later claimed that he didn’t approve the obvious reference in the invitation to Mathieu being a first-round draft pick.

It’s wise to cancel the party, for several reasons.  First, it’s presumptuous and unseemly to celebrate an ascension to the NFL that will come with a whimper, thanks to an inability to stay away from marijuana.  Second, the decision to schedule and publicize the party ultimately gives Mathieu less reason to party, because it only will hurt his draft stock.

Indeed, it’s been a rough week for Mathieu, whom many believe simply doesn’t get it and never will.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be drafted.  Surely, there’s a coach with the equity to take a flyer and the ego to think he can turn Mathieu around.  It nevertheless remains painfully obvious that Mathieu desperately needs to be turned around.

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  1. Too bad that he is a moron….I’m sure there are a bunch of teams that would love his ability to take a punt back to the house.

  2. Have blunt, will party.

    Draft me, or don’t draft me.

    I would have cared, but I got high

  3. It was a sloppy process of declaring that he didn’t approve part of the message and yet waiting until now to cancel the party. So it is a bit awkward for this to now be 3 media splashes for nothing other than a distraction. But it was the right call to scrap the whole party idea.

    It is better late than never to learn something and make the right decision in the end, so that is worth something positive here and the best decision he could make at this time. And some young person some day will benefit from this Twitter experience of his. That’s a good thing. Thanks Tyrann!

  4. Unfortunately you can already see this kids future, and it is not pretty.

    Within 10 years he will be dead or in prison

  5. One of the only reasons I read this blog is to see what Mr. Logical has to say about everything. And you sir are definitely not disappointing. Keep it coming haha.

  6. This really doesn’t seem fair to Mathieu. A club promoter offered him a couple thousand bucks to use his name and face for a promotion. Mathieu saw it, realized how bad it made him look, and backed out.

    Nightclubs do this kind of thing all the time and it’s a shame that someone had the poor sense to pull this stunt on a kid whose character is already being questioned.

    On the other hand, there’s no question in my mind that Mathieu didn’t know what the promotion looked like, and it reflects well on him that he had the presence of mind to put a stop to things as soon as he found out what was going on.

  7. I think you have nailed this right on. I am an LSU fan who loved watching this kid play, and knew there was something terribly wrong at the BCS Championship game. I will keep rooting for him but I think his ascension back up the draft ladder is the worst thing that could of happened. It appeared he was beginning to get it, and his actions the last 48 hours have caused big red flags! Why he even was asked to go to NYC is beyond me, and the scheduling after party on day one is crazy. As a true football fan watch the Cotton Bowl from his freshman year when he was #14. Hopefully he figures out what got him to NY the first time, and can leave his troubles behind, but I am not betting on it!

  8. It’s a shame when some of these kids with talent never learn and become their own worst enemy.

  9. Someone close to this guy needs to explain the millions marijuana has cost him already.

  10. If he is available in the sixth round, it would be crazy to not pick him…just based on his potential. if all he does is return kicks…and does well, maybe returns a couple…which might lead to a victory, then you would have to say he was worth it.

  11. Bring him to Philly so he can be unstoppable on defense……I remember a team that drafted a loner in the draft because of problems off the field………………..any takers………..?

  12. The majority of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized. Why is this still a big issue for athletes? I understand being worried that it indicates a level of stupidity, but if the kid can get high and still play at a Heisman level, why should we give a hoot about the pot? If winning is more important than DUIs, DUI-related manslaughter, domestic violence, alleged rapes, dogfighting, gambling, tax evasion, painkiller addiction, etc, why is smoking pot still considered a deal-breaker?

  13. He is too small to play in the defensive backfield in the NFL. Receivers are too big and too fast. I can just see him defending Gronkowski.

    He may run back punts but that job only lasts maybe 5 years or so if he stays healthy. I hope he got his college degree cause he’s not going to get rich from the NFL.

  14. tyrann just needs a team to draft him and put someone on him 24/7 just to make sure he is doing what he is supposed to and not saying or doing anything stupid. maybe in time he will start to figure things out, but that is the only way, for now, that it seems like he is going to survive as a professional athlete. we all have seen what he can do on the field. i hope that he can learn to respect his own talent.

  15. About the only chance this guy has of turning things around is if he were to get drafted late by the Cardinals. Patrick Peterson is one of the few guys tyrann respects and seeming gets through to him. But if this happened, the cardinals would have to double Peterson’s pay since he’d have to provide round the clock baby sitting service just to keep Tyrann from being Tyrann.

  16. Great PR move! Put something out there ridiculously stupid for the media to exploit. Next day do the sensible, reasonable, expected thing and be heralded!

    Who are his handlers?

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