Idzik expects Jets to have “substantive talks” on trading down


No team is better situated to make a splash on Thursday night than the Jets, who own the ninth and thirteenth picks in the first round. But Jets General Manager John Idzik sounds like a man who would prefer to add a lot of substance in the middle of the draft, rather than a little flash early.

Idzik told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that the Jets fielded calls on Wednesday from teams that want to trade up, and he expects more calls on Thursday.

I think the real substantive talks will come tomorrow,” he said. “I think we’re in a position at No. 9 and No. 13 in the first round to get two really good players, but it also opens up the gates for potential alternatives, potentially trading down and picking up more players. We’ll be open minded about it. This is a very deep draft.”

Where ever the Jets end up picking, at No. 9 and No. 13 or later, the big question is whether they will draft a quarterback like Ryan Nassib or Geno Smith. That would be the clearest sign yet that Idzik wants to move on from the quarterback he inherited, Mark Sanchez. All Idzik would say on that front is that he’s open to picking any player, at any position, including quarterback.

If the Jets trade down and the top quarterback on their board is still available late in the first round, Idzik may not be able to pass up the chance to draft Sanchez’s successor.

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  1. If everyone wants to trade down, who is trading up? The only teams I can think of that have hinted they might move up are the Falcons and Ravens and it’s a looooong way from 30 or 32 all the way up to 9 or 13.

  2. worst draft ever amd very deep being tossed aroumd more tham tebow on espn. we won’t know the truth for years. please jerry don’t take the bait…we only have 6 picks and need all six or more

  3. Idzik will gain a lot of fans if he drafts a new QB, whether or not it’s the right choice for the franchise to draft another average signal caller.

  4. Jets trade down. Sounds like what has happened to the roster of the franchise over the past two seasons.

  5. I may be in the minority but I don’t think Sanchez is a lost cause. The two years that he was surrounded by a modicum of talent, he took the team pretty far. All he needs is playmakers and a bit of stability.

    Drafting any one of these scrubby, overrated QBs will only set that team back another 5+ years. They should stay away from Nassib and Smith and see what Sanchez can do with a decent WR or two. If they tank, better QB prospects are available next year. Draft Cordoroy Patterson and Austin and split them out with Santonio Holmes and Hill.

  6. I don’t understand people saying “worst draft ever” this n that. This years draft wont be graded out til at least 3 years from now, so that is just hater talk.

  7. Here’s an interesting 3 way trade if they can sucker TEN into wanting to inch up for the last high profile OL available:

    #9 and #13
    #10 and #11

    And TEN (#10) pays SD (#12) for the right to move up 1 while SD slides back two.

  8. Everyone makes these calls to see how much it will cost to trade up or what they will get to trade down depending on who is on the board!

    Doesn’t mean anyone actually wants to trade up or down it’s just GM’s being prepared.

    Hey you might find a trade partner but in a draft draft where the experts say there are only 14-15 real first round picks I can’t see all that much demand.

  9. Hey you might find a trade partner but in a draft draft where the experts say there are only 14-15 real first round picks


    In fairness, they say that every year.

  10. I don’t think this says anything about Idzik’s confidence in Sanchez but he just got a tattoo of Ryan Nassib.

  11. Potential trade-up teams:

    49ers – When you have 14 draft picks and a loaded roster you know all 14 picks are not going to make the roster. So maybe trade-up and get one elite guy for the price of 4. Quality over quantity.

    Seahawks – Ditto the reasons for the 49ers, just a few less picks. 10 total.

    Miami – Well because they are Miami. They want a new stadium. They got a new QB. They need a RB badly. And a spalsh would be good for PR.

    Redskins – Well because they are Dan Synder and Shanahan. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Atlanta – Because their window of opportunity is begining to close (slowly). THey sacrificed a draft for Julio and it went pretty well. Maybe do it again and pick up an elite DE or the next Tony G.

    Patriots – I know, I know. It doesn’t fit their “style”. But I think we’ve seen that start to change recently and Bill may be starting to grasp that Brady’s future is much shorter than it is long. Bill might be figuring he’ll end up retiring about the same time Brady does. So why not trade the future for a couple more strong runs at another title before the disaster of the Mallet era hits?

  12. I’ve never heard so many teams wishing to trade “down” – normally its the other way around. I am sure SF will trade “UP”, Atlanta, and Seattle may try whatever it can to trade “UP” – quality over quantity for those teams. Both SF and Atlanta have pressing DB needs – so they will be gong for the same thing.

    Since Sanchez gets paid no matter what, you might as well keep him for a backup – get rid of everyone else and draft the future QB.

  13. Way to go Idsik, you control the draft. Don’t panic and take the player you covet, if not there, just trade back and slot yourself for your pick.

  14. At least this Idzik appears to be a sensible guy and not a clown. Rex must know he’s a gonner next year, no way this guy is going to keep him hanging around. Gotta cut off more of the infected meat to go forward.

  15. Idzik and the Jets will find a way to screw up in the draft, just like they manage to screw up everything.

  16. He already fleeced Tampa….who wouldn’t want to do it again?

    Seriously though, 9ers a likely partner. 1/2 their picks may not make the roster.

  17. I would not be surprised if the sleeper team for a trade would be the Saints. Trading the #15 and Ivory for the #9 to take the top DT or if by some miracle 1 of the top 3 OT is still on the board IE Lane from OK.

  18. canadianbucsfan says:Apr 24, 2013 8:22 PM

    Idzik and the Jets will find a way to screw up in the draft, just like they manage to screw up everything.

    Brilliant post! A true and knowledgeable football fan, eh?
    Stick to ginger ale.

  19. Enough Sanchez, enough Tebow. To get the Jets fans semi-interested, draft Geno and cut them both and be (finally) done with it. It’s gone on long enough.

  20. wludford says:Apr 24, 2013 6:37 PM

    Jets trade their #13 for the 49ers #31 & #34. Book it.
    I said this exact quote two days ago; with “book it” attached, and have it in my mock for nearly three… just saying you need to pass credit where it’s due.

  21. Stupid to draft a qb now. wait till next year to see who comes out of college. The jets will have without a doubt a top ten pick anyways

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