Jaguars’ owner: We need a good player, not a sexy pick


Perhaps hinting that Jacksonville will take an offensive tackle with the No. 2 overall pick in Thursday night’s NFL draft, Jaguars owner Shad Khan says his team doesn’t need to draft a flashy player who will fire up the fans.

“What I’m worried about is that we make good choices that help us win,” Khan told the Florida Times-Union. “It’s not about sexy or unsexy. To me, we want to get the best player that is going to help us win. We have a nucleus of players. Who do we have to get to complement them and bring out the best in them? It’s as simple as that because when it’s all said and done football is a lot of fun and a lot of showbiz element. It’s just exhilarating and invigorating, but it’s about winning. Everything we’re going through is to get us to a stage where we will be a perennial contender. That’s where we want to be.”

Jaguars G.M. Dave Caldwell has said his team is down to two players it might pick at No. 2, and a consensus is starting to emerge that the Jaguars will take either Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher, whoever the Chiefs don’t take first overall.

In any event, Khan said he and the front office have to build the team the right way to turn around a moribund franchise.

“Winning. Winning. That’s what is left. That’s the most important thing,” he said. “I hope it’s quick, but as we know there are no shortcuts.”

And so it appears that the Jaguars will eschew a sexy pick and build the offensive line on Thursday night. Not to suggest that Joeckel and Fisher aren’t sexy.

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  1. My family is going to the Jags draft party. And we’ll have a toast after drafting D. Jordan!!! Never before under the last ownership/ trifecta was I this excited for the upcoming year. Khan has the team moving out from the dark ages and he’s going to build something special for the city.

  2. They NEED a good barber.
    They NEED to fire the person that came up with the new uniforms scheme.
    They NEED more than a few hundred fans.
    They NEED to get rid of the new helmet design.
    They NEED relevance.

  3. “We have a nucleus of players (inluding a left tackle). Who do we have to get to complement (and not replace a left tackle that we already have) and bring out the best in them (the left tackle we already have)?”

    Jags have very few quality players. One of our top players is our left tackle.

    And since about half of mock drafts have us taking Dion Jordan, I would say left tackle is far from consensus.

  4. Not sure how smart taking a RT at #2 is. Yeah they’re LTs but they’d play RT and they’ve hinted at wanting to extend Monroe, depending on the performance this year of course. But man… RT at #2? I know you gotta face J.J. Watt every year, and that makes some sense, but wow. Not sure how I’d feel about that. Just sign Winston, or Clabo. Or take Armstead in round two. Seems random to take a RT that high. Would be smarter to get an impact guy like Jordan or Mingo instead of one of the OTs.

  5. The Jaguars have finally realized that it takes good players to win football games.
    Now I understand why they have been pathetic for so long.
    I guess better late than never.

  6. It is going to take 3 yrs in a row of very good drafts to turn this team around…

    new uniforms, new logos, our games in London – oh I’m sorry – Mr. Kahn calls them our “international initiatives”….
    fan friendly crap….none of that is going to raise our talent levels.

    Until we do that – we will continue to be an embarrassment.

  7. Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne or anyone from this awful QB draft class isn’t going to create a buzz in Jax.

    The Jags & Tim Tebow need each other. All the Jags have to lose is a 7th Rd pick

  8. I agree with jcjaguar an OT is fine with me & will help us & we have a LONG way to go! With that being said I don’t think the jags can mess up this pick whether we go with a rush end (Dion Jordan), OT (Fisher), or DB (Milliner) which is unlikely. Regardless of the position we choose to go with at #2 bottom line is that it will help us cause that is how terrible we are facts are facts. We need help in so many areas that like I said I don’t think we can go wrong with any of these 3 positions & would be happy with any of them cause our o-line is bad, d-line is bad, & so is our secondary along with other positions as well. However I feel pretty good about Kahn & Bradley I think they are both winners & want to win & will do things the right way & get us moving back in the right direction again finally which is something we have been lacking lately in an owner & coach. Just my opinion.

  9. With the No. 2 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select OT, Texas A&M : Luke Joeckel. Welcome to Jacksonville, Luke.

  10. I think it’s Dion Jordan. Hes a guy that Gus Bradley can use in the Leo position. plus it would be a help to a team that had only 20 sacks last year. Then either QB or CB in 2nd and OT or QB in 3rd. Depending on who’s left on the board for QB. Go Jags!!

  11. They rebuilt the o-line several seasons ago with Eben Britton and Eugene Monroe, if I remember correctly. Then they got their QB in Gabbert. Last year they added their WR in Blackmon.


    Back to square one.

  12. Exactly what options are there as a “sexy” pick at #2? There’s no skill position players projected to go top 5, so going for a “sexy” pick would be very very dumb

  13. If they are really building, trade back!
    Plenty of non sexy picks in the second half of the draft and they need some help on defense. I’m not a fan of the team but like JonesDrew and Blackmon, that’s a solid combo of weapons if used properly.

  14. I don’t blame Khan for his postition here. He knows that the new regime has a lot of work. He wants to increase the Jag’s brand. He has increased exposure by entering the London games, and bold new uniforms. Now, he understands that none of this matters without winning. He could have forced the Tebow issue, when it was reported virtual certainty. He could force a “sexy” pick. Smartly, he isn’t doing that.

  15. If u think a RT is all we need to have a high scoring balanced offense then u take that man with no regrets but when Jordan is smothering your qb u just better hope that scoreboard is in the jags favor. best bet is to trade down and save yourself the headache of picking in the top 5.

  16. Maybe he’s not looking for a sexy pick but they still need a QB.

    They could draft Fisher/Joeckel at 2 and then use their second-round pick to go get Ryan Mallett from New England.

  17. That is not the proper attitude in the new gay friendly NFL. Don’t let your physical attraction to a player keep you from drafting him Jags!

  18. He’s right. Even if Geno Smith or whoever ends up being a great QB, you’ll never see it from any QB while he’s in Jacksonville if he can’t get 2 seconds to throw and his defense gives up 40 ppg.

    Going with a LT or a Dion Jordan are the logical picks, and the latter could end up being “sexy” anyways if he gets 10+ sacks a season. The big question will be if Khan can keep this sort of patience long term…many owners will go with the rebuilding thing for 2 years and then hit the panic button if they aren’t in the playoffs already.

  19. The sleeper pick to me at 2 is Rhodes. I would love to see them trade back though. There’s gotta be someone in love with one of the LTs.

  20. damn youse a sexy pick- a sexy pick
    trying to say don’t draft jordan without being disrespectful

  21. No one will trade up to no.2 in this draft – unless the player is a bonafide difference maker, people typically won’t move up. This draft really doesn’t have one.

  22. Muslims should not be allowed to own teams that pile 50,000 people into a finite space. In Boston, they maimed 200 people and killed 3 with a pressure cooker. This guy has the means, opportunity, and motive (Being Muslim) to do some horrific stuff.

  23. I’m not even interested in what the Jags are doing in the draft, I only clicked on the story to check out Khan’s stache pic.

  24. The Jags need protection up front. Getting either one of those LT’s would do wonders. The Jags haven’t had a dominant LT since the days of Boselli, and man do Jags fans ever long for those days!

    As for the second round, the Jags get the first pick, and there should be a high demand for that pick, should the Jags choose to drop back a few spots. My thinking is that the Jags need help in the secondary, especially at Corner. It’s doubtful that a premium pick is still available there, and if not, they could use another WR, since Robinson was cut.

  25. I like to poke fun at the Jags as much as the rest of the normal football fans, but Khan is right. They need to build their line to give some protection for Gabbert and open holes for the rightly paid MJD. I like the owner… so far.

    Also, as a former Oakland resident and presently an LA resident and football fan, I hope Khan keeps the Jags in Jax. There’s nothing worse than having a football team ripped out of your community due to a greedy and sleazeball owner.

  26. It’s going to take some time, but I’m glad Kahn hasn’t boughten into Tebow mania or else anything too drastic.

    Get who you believe are the right guys in place and give them a chance to build the team through the draft. It’s not the fastest way to win, but it is a way that will keep you winning. Just look at the 49ers, Patriots, and Packers.

    You can’t fault Kahn or the current coaching staff for Blaine Gabbert or most of the other draft picks that have been an utter failure on that team. So give it time, go to a few games with your kids, and just enjoy seeing those young guys develop.

  27. dspyank2k11 says:Apr 24, 2013 9:08 AM

    Im no Jags fan, but that mustache is the most incredible thing I have seen in decades.
    The shot of the night on Thursday would be while the Jags are on the clock Khan twirling his ‘stache with an evil grin.

  28. What is the problem with spending a really low draft pick on a proven winner, confidence and charisma filled, 6`3 230 lb read option master, good role model and ticket selling QB?? Tim Tebow gets all the hate because people think he’s fake. No, there really are Christian athletes that succeed. Not all successful athletes are in the jayz illuminati. Its understood his throwing motion is horrendous but so is Philip rivers. Tebow doesn’t complete passes national championship and fourth quarter comebacks by just luck, he actually works hard to be as accurate as he can. How many bad interceptions does he actually throw? More than rivers, palmer, and Vick?? Not really but they get chance after chance because they are the “prototypical” quarterback. He’s better then henne, better than gabbert, and better than manziel from a&m next year high draft pick quarterback who is oh that’s right a running quarterback with questionable throwing accuracy. And i know, i got to a&m and attend every game. Its a big reward low risk move by a franchise, my beloved team, that needs to happen. Read option with him and mjd while blackmon and shorts get open deep in play action bombs would be lethal. He’ll come cheap and he’ll come driven. Not because he’s a Florida boy, but because all he’s ever done is prove doubters wrong. Say what you will about his personality, i hope my soon grows to be like him everyday over someone like vick or rivers. Say what you want about his throwing, but Thomas didn’t throw it to himself in the playoffs game against pitt. He’s a dam good locker room presence and a dam blessing to this selfish me first drugs and arrests enriched league

  29. @hitfamily, that is the most ignorant and stereotyping view If I’ve ever read one. Do you know Kahn or his story? no respect for people like yourself, just don’t speak.
    @thestrategyexpert, gabbert was drafted by the previous GM and owner so your comment is moot.
    @joetoronto, he has opened his pocket book, upgrading the facilities, jerseys coaches, gm etc. I’d rather he do that then blow money on free agents that amount to nothing during a re build.
    Kahn is proving to be a smart owner and is getting the team in the right direction, even if it takes a while to make up for the previous errors that’s ok, the arrow is pointing up. Haters keep hating.

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