Jarvis Jones “hearing a lot of buzz” about Jets


After seeing himself sculpted out of sandwich parts earlier in the day, Jarvis Jones said he could easily see himself as part of the hash that has become the Jets.

The Georgia linebacker told our Erik Kuselias in an interview which will air on this afternoon’s Pro Football Talk (5 p.m., NBC Sports Network) he’s heard that he could be drafted anywhere in a broad range, but that the team picking ninth and 13th makes a lot of sense.

“Pittsburgh, Houston, Buffalo, New Orleans, Indianapolis,” Jones mentioned. “Haven’t really talked to the Jets but I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz. I think that everybody that I come across that’s an NFL football fan, that’s all they keep talking about, is the Jets.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan worked him out at the Georgia pro day, and Jones’ pass-rush skills would be a fit for a defense in dire need of pass-rush. His slow-40 knock also makes him similar in background to Terrell Suggs, one of Ryan’s favorites. The Steelers are another worth watching closely, as his style seems a like-for-like replacement for James Harrison.

Jones is an intriguing player, simply because he made so many plays in college. The 4.92 40-yard dash is worth noting, but not enough on its own to make him fall far, and perhaps not past 13th.