John Dorsey says he’s received calls regarding first overall pick


While the Kansas City Chiefs appear to be zeroing in on one of the two top offensive tackles in the draft for the No. 1 overall pick when the draft kicks off Thursday night, other teams may be looking to press their way into the conversation for Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher.

According to Steve Wyche of the NFL Network, Chiefs general manager John Dorsey said teams have called to express interest in moving up to the first pick.

With Joeckel and Fisher considered to be the class of the draft and many teams in need of help at the tackle position, it isn’t a surprise teams are seeing if they can find a way to get their hands on one of them. However, the Chiefs are also in need of a tackle and it would seem unlikely they’d be willing to move down and lose out on either Joeckel or Fisher without significant compensation.

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  1. John Dorsey is manipulating and outsmarting all the simpleton GM’s to shrewdly own this draft.
    KC will end up with the drafts best haul after he moves up and down to snag each few remaining pieces to the dynasty team he has almost completed crafting.

    Dont be surprised when the Chiefs Way is being emulated by teams across the league once Andy Reid takes his dominate team to multiple Super Bowls. In the future Mr. John Dorsey will be remembered as the greatest GM to grace the HOF, and be rightfully referred to as “The True Genius”, unlike the fraud on the east Coast with tainted titles

  2. “Yeah, I’ve had a few calls”, said John offhandedly, “but you know, the most important thing for me is finding the right home for that pick. I’ve turned down offers you wouldn’t believe, waiting for that team that really appreciates the pick to call me.”.

  3. Mr. Dorsey may not let certain teams participate at all in the Chiefs draft without proper permission and compensation.

    KC and Seattle completely OWNED the offseason, and now the Chiefs will OWN the draft.

    Chiefs Nation at Arrowhead will be a Rockin and a Tomahawk Choppin on the way to mutiple titles.

    The road to see the Seahawks/Chiefs Super Bowl(s) in the next few years WILL go thru One Arrowhead Drive

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