John Dorsey: Trade compensation holding up Albert deal

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We heard earlier on Wednesday that the Chiefs and Dolphins are again talking about a trade involving tackle Branden Albert and now we’ve heard what the sticking point is to getting a deal done.

Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey spoke to Steve Wyche of the NFL Network on Wednesday afternoon and confirmed that the two teams are talking about a trade. He also revealed that the major hang-up to signing off on the trade is a disagreement over trade compensation. Dorsey didn’t say what the Chiefs were looking for, although several reports have them looking for at least a second-round pick. The Dolphins have two second-rounders — the 42nd and 54th picks — that could be used in a deal for Albert.

We may not know the particulars of what each team is proposing in terms of compensation, but it doesn’t take much of a leap to suggest this one is going to come down to one side or the other blinking first. Dorsey said that the Chiefs aren’t set on trading Albert no matter what, but it does seem like their preferred course of action with Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher looking like the likeliest choices with the first overall pick.

Even though the second round doesn’t get underway until Friday night, there’s some time pressure to get a deal done because Albert’s back injury from last season makes a physical one more step that needs to be taken for a trade to go down.

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  1. All I know is that if this trade gets done and they pay him the same amount as they would have to Jake Long, he better perform like an elite LT or it’s Ireland’s head.

  2. shmedly13 says: Apr 24, 2013 6:40 PM

    All I know is that if this trade gets done and they pay him the same amount as they would have to Jake Long, he better perform like an elite LT or it’s Ireland’s head.

    Pretty much this.

  3. Why wouldn’t they just package one of their second rounders with their first to move up the small amount it would take to land one of the 3 young, talented and inexpensive draft picks?

  4. this is exactly the opposite of what I heard on espn today when they said Miami wont make the deal unless they can get albert under contract and hes asking way too much just goes to show its like the weather in the south don’t like it wait a minute itll change just like nfl news 24 hrs b4 the draft

  5. Don’t do it Ireland! Save it for after the draft. There are plenty of guys that won’t cost a pick this year.

  6. As a Fin fan, I’m not for or against it. My feeling is that Ireland wants to give the Chiefs a 3rd and a later pick.
    If Albert stays with KC, there will be problems. I don’t think Reid wants that.
    Keep what we have, and get a sexy pick Jeff!

  7. Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey spoke to Steve Wyche of the NFL Network on Wednesday afternoon and confirmed that the two teams are talking about a trade. “Look, they’ve got a last-chance GM who’s trying to buy a Super Bowl, and we all know how that works, so why not soak this guy? I’m holding out for Cameron Wake and a number one.”

  8. If I’m Ireland, I see how tomorrow shakes out for tackles. I then let the Chiefs sweat it out until the third round, then offer my third.

    Martin’s perfectly serviceable at LT.

  9. Paying Albert ELITE tackle money is complete ignorance. He isn’t even a Top 10 tackle for crying out loud!!!!

  10. Typical Ireland. Instead of re-signing his own overrated injury prone left tackle he’s going to trade his 2nd round pick for another team’s overrated and injury prone left tackle

  11. The Bills drafted Glenn in round 2 last year and he should start for years…they can be found.. i wouldnt say the trade would be “stupid” but this is a team that is going all out on free agency and as a football fan id like to see them reload with some draft picks for the future..

    their best bet of the playoffs this year would be to win the division as there are far too many potential wildcard teams..indy, ne, houston, denver, baltimore, pitt, and of course there is always a surprise team… its a tight race this year…as always

  12. I can guarantee either Ireland will hold firm or the Chiefs will blink and take a 3rd for Albert. As much as everyone hates on Jeffrey, the guy rarely (Wallace, they did because A) Philbin wanted him badly and B) He was the top free agent and Miami had the space to spend) ever overpays for anything.

    Think about Orton, Flynn, Kolb, etc. and all of the other guys the “experts” were screaming about the Fins not signing as failures on Ireland’s part.

    And I don’t think we need Albert, but I’d prefer a reliable LT that you know what you are going to get over Jake Long who was an injury plagued power guy who got run around constantly by speed rushers.

  13. The Fins hold all of the cards. They can wait until day 1 of the draft is over to see if Fisher or Johnson falls to them. Either way, KC will be even more desparate to get rid of Albert on Friday once they have Joeckel in hand.

    KC is in a bad spot- if they draft an LT they could be stuck paying Albert $10m to play RT or sit on the bench. On the other hand, even if Miami misses out on an LT at #12 and the Albert deal falls through, they can still move Martin over, sign Winston, and draft a couple of developmental kids in rounds 2 and 3.

    If Ireland is smart he’s offering KC a 3rd rounder right now.

  14. Ya, the fins think they hold the cards, until they go into the season with some second rate LT. 2nd rounders are crap shoots anyway. If you get a good one great, if not, oh well it was just a 2nd rounder. A 2nd rounder for a starting LT is a given. Heck the lowly faiders gave a 1st rounder for a kicker. Now the problem is Albert and him thinking he’s worth 8-9 million a year. If the tag is only worth 10, what fairy tale land is he living in?

  15. 3rd rounder would be about right… he plays a premium position, but he is far from elite. shouldn’t even be an option.

  16. So the dolphins go for lane johnson in the first. If they miss the draft a corner and trade a 2nd for Albert on Friday. They hold all the cards

  17. Ok, so the hold up in a trade is what is being traded for – you know, the basis. Got it. Sounds like these execs don’t have much of anything right now aside from some moon eyes at each other.

    Why the Chiefs don’t just let Albert play a season at LT, play Joeckel/Fisher at RT, then re-assess at the end of the season is beyond me. You’d think Andy Reid would be a little more paranoid about having some good OL depth after last season (4 of 5 starters down).

  18. If this were a poker game KC would be forced to fold. Miami has options, Chiefs not so much. One way out for the Chiefs would be to keep Albert and draft a guy like Shariff Floyd. AR obviously doesn’t want to do that.

  19. Trade Albert for the dolphins second round pick. Draft Joekel/Fisher with first overall pick. Draft Menelik Watson with that extra second rounder if he is there.

  20. Ireland is an idiot and hopefully will be gone soon.

    He wont pay his left tackle 8-9 million a year because of injuries. But he will pay another left tackle 9 million a year who is coming of lower back injuries. Then has to throw draft picks in as well?

    This ranks right up there with trading 2 second round picks for marshall then sending him to the bears for 2 third round picks.

    Then WAY overpaying for a one trick pony receiver in wallace.

    I am beginning to suspect he is a patriot plant.

  21. Albert you are on borrowed time…. RT or bench for you this season if you do this trade.

    Personally, even though I like Bess, there are rumors of trading him to Cleveland. Package Bess and our #1 for Cleveland’s #1 and a late rounder. Grab one of the stud LTs with the new #1 and WR Swope in the 3rd and you have a late rounder to add depth.

    No big contract to an LT with back problems.
    Your slot receiver is making at least a $1.5 mil less.
    You get the new LT you want…and you pick up an extra pick this year or next!


  22. Your all idiots. Branden Albert got hurt 3 games left of the season never got hurt previously, actually passed his physical early this yr before signing the franchise tag. None of you people know anything you just believe everything the sports media feeds you just like the crap the media feeds the people about the American government. Only reason this guy is getting traded is because of his recent attitude & he doesn’t fit Andy Reid’s scheme or otherwise he’d be staying a chief.

  23. There is one pre draft trading partner for Albert, Miami. Nobody else in football is offering anything because of his crazy contract demands. Therefor why give up anything before the draft. If Miami has a half of brain let it play out until after the draft. Worse case scenario there will be good tackles to draft up until the early second round and you won’t be stuck paying a guy with back issues 9M a year for 4 years.

  24. If this deal gets done, which it will confirm what everyone knows, the league is shipping his fass to miami to prevent them from losing by 35 every week. What a joke. Miami and the league have become in lack of transparency. HTTR

  25. There is so much Jeff Ireland hate, and most of it from people who don’t pay attention to the Phins and have no idea what they’re talking about. How about you wait until after we see what he does with BA before blasting him?

  26. Its hella dumb to trade a player who’s pretth good even better then jake long who’s been injured the past two years and you plan on trading him for a second rounder and some what a stupid idea luke jokel or eric fisher hasn’t played a single snap why would you even do this keep him and draft another pass rusher or draft one of those two tackels and have a potential boss line

  27. Rather than simply proclaim who holds all the cards here, let’s look at not making the trade would effect both teams:
    KC’s options:
    1) Draft Joekel or Fisher @ #1, move either him or Albert to RT, keep their two high-round drafted OTs from last year (Allan in the 2nd and Stephenson in the 3rd) on the bench, basically making them wasted picks, hope that Albert isn’t so disgruntled that he becomes a locker room cancer, either re-franchise him next season or watch him walk and get nothing for him
    2) Trade Albert to another team, except there aren’t that many teams who have as much cap space and as many high picks as the ‘Phins. Furthermore, any potential trading partner would probably be one of the teams who are picking ahead of the ‘Phins and targeting already targeting a LT, which means such a trade would increase the chances that a LT falls to Miami at the 12 spot.
    3) Draft a player at a different position than LT this year, let Albert play out his contract and watch him walk after the season for no compensation, but then target LT in next year’s draft. Probably a better option than the other two, but still not as good as trading him. And like before, the likelihood of one of the three LTs slipping to Miami’s 12 spot increases.

    Miami’s options:
    1) Hope Martin is bulked up enough to hold down the LT position, draft RT- probably with the same pick they refused to trade to KC. Admittedly, this could backfire if they’re wrong about Martin, but all their “interest” in a drafting/trading for a LT could be nothing more than a smokescreen to disguise their real target.
    2) Even if they aren’t confident in Martin’s ability, they can still trade up to snatch Johnson or maybe even whichever of Joekel or Fisher that KC passes on or even see Johnson drop to them if KC chooses either option 2 or 3 above. At worse, it would probably cost them a draft pick or two more than trading for Albert, but this is somewhat balanced by getting an OT who is both younger and cheaper than him.
    Breakdown: KC’s first option is so disastrous as to be almost a non-option and I could see them following through with it only out of pure spite. In the other two, there’s a very good chance that the ‘Phins end up a younger, cheaper, and possibly better player than Albert. So basically all the ‘Phins have to do is hope KC is sensible enough not to be self-destructive and they get one of the OTs they want.

  28. Option 1 isn’t nearly as disastrous for the Chiefs as you think. Jeff Allen was a college tackle but he’s a guard in the NFL. Stephenson was a 3rd round project tackle who struggled last year in spot duty. I’m not worried about him getting another year in the league just doing spot duty.

    If Albert plays well and gets his contract when he walks the Chiefs will likely recoup a 4th or 5th round compensation pick. Why trade him for a 3rd now? This is what I think will end up happening because I think the cost is too high for the Phins to give a 2nd and pay Albert.

    Then again, Ireland’s the one who is going to get fired if his young QB can’t develop this year

  29. say it ain’t so…a trade is being held up because the two sides can’t agree on what the compensation for the trade is. don’t think i’ve seen that before…

  30. I don’t understand why the Fins let Long go, only to give away draft picks for the same money that they could have resigned Long. I also don’t understand why the Chiefs want to take a gamble that a rookie can come in and play right away. Really a strange dance going on here?

  31. I hope the Dolphins stand pat on no more than a third. You can do a lot of damage with three picks in the first round and one less need. Most of all, the contractual end of the deal is what bothers me. Why trade a second-round pick and then throw a ton of money at a guy who is still a bit of a hit or miss player? I can understand not re-signing Long because of the injury issues, but at least Long had some track record of brilliance. Albert doesn’t have that.

  32. This story is all over the place. Martin looks bigger than last year and with a full off season workout program should be able to man the LT spot.

    Pick up a RT in rounds 2-3- and call it a day. Tannehill is mobile and with better receivers that can, you know, get open you don’t need to waste money on a Long type LT.


  33. @federali: Giving up a 3rd, possibly 4th rounder this year (and get rid of a potential locker room problem) just so you might get a 5th or 6th rounder two years? Hardly a mark of genius. And that’s assuming the ‘Phins really want Albert and just weren’t kicking the tires to see how desperate KC was to get rid of him and he was to get out of KC and/or using them (and the belief they were looking for an OT) as a giant smoke screen to hide their true target (one Dion Jordan), while secretly believing that Martin can man the LT.

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