Longtime pro football writer Larry Felser passes away

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Larry Felser, a longtime pro football reporter and columnist for the Buffalo News, passed away on Wednesday at age 80, the publication reported.

Felser covered the Bills from 1960, when they were one of the charter members of the American Football League, through 2001, the News said. He also was sports editor of the News.

In a statement issued by the Bills, owner Ralph Wilson Jr. praised Felser’s work.

“Larry was there at the beginning of the American Football League and along with fellow reporters such as Will McDonough and others, played an important role in the growth of our league,” Wilson said. “He was the consummate professional — tough, but fair, and never one to shy away from clearly stating his opinion.

“I had tremendous respect for Larry and we developed a deep friendship that lasted throughout our lifetimes. We shared some great laughs over the years and that’s what I am remembering most today about Larry. I will truly miss him. My deepest sympathies and condolences go out to his lovely wife, Beverly, and their family.”

In 1984, Felser earned the Dick McCann Award, an honor voted upon by the Pro Football Writers of America and awarded by the Pro Football Hall of Fame for meritorious reporting on the sport.

For those wishing to read an example of Felser’s work, the Buffalo News recently republished a column he wrote after the Bills’ remarkable comeback against the Oilers in January 1993.

12 responses to “Longtime pro football writer Larry Felser passes away

  1. There is something fundamentally wrong with people who give “thumbs down” on the passing of Larry Felser. He was a LEGENDARY sports writer.

  2. “we shared some great laughs” – these are the best memories in the world. Probably can’t remember what you laughed about or why. But will never forget how it made you feel. Rest in peace my friend

  3. Real sad to read this news, one of the very best sports writers I ever read back in the day, like Ralph said, back in the 60’s Larry’s columns were great reading about the AFL and the Bills two championships

    My deepest condolences to his family, he will be truly missed

  4. Sad to say I’d never heard of him, being in the Midwest. However, the linked article was outstanding.

    Condolences to those in Buffalo, and to his friends and family.

  5. Felser was the consummate professional and a fine sportswriter. Unfortunately, the underlying precepts of his generation of writers–to be tough, fair, objective, candid, to make the readers understand that you are for your subject team’s success without being rah-rah, to report on the game itself–have long been superceded. Now we get the ESPN school of “sports journalism”, with its emphasis on predetermined storylines and rejection of anything that doesn’t fit the script, overt bias, agendas, subjectivity, preplanned spontaneity, reading from scripts, and winners decided by ratings.

    Rest in peace, Larry. You were the first reporter that my father ever pointed out as “d***ed good”, way back when we lived in Buffalo c. 1962. And my dad was right–you were d***ed good.

  6. Enjoyed seeing the comments from some who read Mr. Felser in the earlier stages of his career. Clearly he connected with his readers and left an important legacy. Thanks as always for your thoughts. — Mike

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